Quantar Celebrates Drone Destruction

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  While Hyperial has remained stone-silent, Quantar has been openly celebrating the destruction of the Rauder-1 drone jump-ship.  The Holy Office of the Tahirs has just released the following statement:

Farishaba ‘at Hamalzah!  Today we honor Valmagier, a highly-decorated Solrain Optimus, who successfully destroyed the Hyperial drone jump-ship Rauder-1 in Inner Cloud.  Admittedly he struggled with the decision whether to destroy this ship or to report its location to our enemy.  But Hamalzah was good and led our brother Hammer-BS to the location as well — which crystallized the decision for Valmagier.

For his efforts, Valmagier will receive the highest award we give to otherworlders — Quantar’s Flame.  We hope he wears this as proudly as he wears his many other Qyuantar's Flamecommendations.  In addition, Valmagier will received the promised rewards of 20 millions credits and a CM-4 . . . as well as out most sincere thanks and deepest blessings.

And we would be remiss if we did not recognize Hammer-BS for his part in this as well.  He is a loyal brother who works tirelessly for the good of Quantar … and for all.  It was his presence that was ultimately the catalyst for the destruction of Rauder-1.  Therefore, we are honored to present him with the Quantar’s Flame medal as well.  Shalim, Brother!


Quantar Calls for Drone Destruction

UUNN Newswire

(Quanus) The Holy Office of the Tahirs has released the following statement regarding the Hyperial Rauder-1 drone ship that has gone missing for about a week.

The Hyperial Government has been pursuing an obviously-secretive agenda since before the beginning of the year.  There have been Faction Missions with no explanation for their purpose.  Then suddenly they announce they have developed a drone jump-ship.  History has demonstrated that no good could possibly come of this.

Now Hyperial has asked everyone to help search for their drone and has offered a reward for assistance.  Quantar, too will as for assistance — both from its own pilot population and any others who would want to join.  We call for the destruction of the Rauder-1 drone, and will happily offer:

  • 20 million credits
  • an artifact of your choice from the following:  PCS-2, PCS-3 or CM-4
  • the Quantar’s Flame medal

In order to receive this award, you must send a screen shot of the kill message to:  quantar@tri-subspace.net

Based on the Hyperial search request, you should focus your efforts in the following sectors:  Main Gate, Inner Cloud and The Reaches.

Hamalzah ‘ab!

Amananth Station Scan Planned

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Prof. Athena ShaiDen has announced a plan to do a comprehensive scan of Amananth station.  The effort will begin at 15:00 UTC on Saturday 116.3.5.

“To achieve the objective, we need at least six pilots to participate,” said ShaiDen.  “Pilots must have a scanner and an Insight equipped.  We will meet at Evening’s End where I’ll provide each participant additional instructions, and then we’ll head to Amananth.  The actual scanning should take no more than half an hour.  I believe this will be much more effective than the high-res photographs being collected by Hyperial.”

Prof. ShaiDen recently took a sabbatical from her position at Sutonia University.  When asked about whether this mission is connected to her sabbatical, she declined comment.

Hyperial Offers Needed Chemicals

From TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – In an unusual move, the Hyperial government has released a large quantity of critically needed chemicals onto the station markets.

“With the upcoming Weekend of War V, we have observed that stocks of critical chemicals, especially phosphorous, have been running low, stated President Kelvin Rauder. “Hyperial is pleased to take a proactive step to assist the pilots of TRI by releasing limited quantities from our own strategic supply. for too long have Hyperial and TRI been at odds – it is time for us to work together for the betterment of all.”

It is anticipated that the released chemicals and minerals will be quickly hauled away by pilots eager to manufacture items such as Amananth’s FlashFire.

Fa’hil Memta Confirms “Letifer Virus”

From the TRINN Archive
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor Station (TRI-FP) – The existence of a previously unseen, genetically engineered virus on Perasca was confirmed last night by Quantar officials reviewing the demand made by Letifer agent Courier earlier this week.

“This is just something we have not seen before,” stated Tahir Penija Neamru. “Our best medical and science teams are working around the clock to identify a cure, and we have requested assistance from TRI. Right now, we are managing to stabilize patients, and create quarantine zones to try and mitigate the rapid spread. Fortunately, there have been no fatalities as yet, however this virus does threaten the economy of Perasca, as hard working citizens productivity drops due to the virus’ symptoms.

“Letifer’s demand for the release of Septio is futile – it is not the policy of the Fa’hil Memta to negotiate with terrorists.”

“While tensions between Hyperial and Quantar are always present, it is not Hyperial’s wish to see the innocent citizens of Quantar suffer unnecessarily,” commented President Kelvin Rauder. “Hyperial has the best equipped medical labs known, and the most talented staff running them. As an olive branch towards Quantar, I offer these facilities to assist in identifying a cure.”

Symptoms of the virus include high fever, loss of appetite, confusion, extreme lethargy and large boils.

The Fourth Tribe Resurfaces, Names Hrafn “9th Brother”


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 6


In a surprise announcement, Hrafn, former leader of the Quantar zealot group Mujahedin, was named a “ninth-level” brother of The Fourth Tribe — the purported Quantar “lost tribe” that tuned up on Hyperial. As the Ninth Brother, Hrafn will take over duties as spokesman for The Fourth Tribe and has also formed a “pilot wing” for the formerly planet-bound group.

Charlov, Eighth Brother of The Fourth Tribe, released the following statement through Fence and the UUNN:

Influenced in no small part by the Amber Fist’s predecessor organization, the Hyperial government declined to join The Reconstruction Initiative in 40AT. Therefore, Hyperial has no space force, and we of the Fourth Tribe have been forced to rely on the assistance of pro-Quantar groups such as JITW, BH, and DDZ in the past. We wish to continue good relations with Quantar squads, however, we would also like a presence and a voice in space of our own.

To this end, pilot Hrafn of Quantar has been formally adopted into our order as a Ninth Level Brother of the Fourth Tribe of Quantar. His newly formed TRI squad Fourth Tribe is fully endorsed and authorized. Likewise, any pilots he sees fit to recruit will be granted a position in the Tenth Level regardless of TRI ranking or internal squad rankings Brother Hrafn sees fit to organize.

My roll in the public eye will hereafter diminish. Hrafn’s voice, infused with the fire of Orus the Lion, now carries the full authority of the Fourth Tribe to TRI pilots as our duly appointed representative. May Hamalzah smile brightly upon you, Brother Hrafn, and upon those who will follow in your wake. Reunification of our people is a most worthy goal; may these be the first steps in toward that end.

Hrafn immediately called for “reunification” of The Fourth Tribe with Quantar and began alliance negotiations with other Quantar groups.

The legend of The Fourth Tribe asserts that 4 colony ships left Quanus (Quantar Core sector). One settled Perasca (Corridor sector), one settled Kapenja (TriPoint sector), one settled Hypsos (Hyperial), and one was lost. The lost colony ship would be the 5th tribe of Quantar, counting Quanus as the primary.

The group of which Hrafn is the official spokesperson, calling themselves the Fourth Tribe of Quantar claim to be descended (ideologically at least) from original the Quantar that colonized Hyperial. They stayed loyal to Hamalzah when the majority of Hyperial rebelled.

“Courier” Escapes from TriPoint


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 5


Mystery and controversy surrounds a recent escape of a Quantar pilot known only as “Courier” who had been detained in Tripoint station. Another pilot, Septio was suspected of aiding the escape and Quantar authorities are looking to question him.

On the evening of 104.11.16, Courier escaped from a secure detention area on TriPoint. The escape was allegedly aided by the Septio and was further facilitated by the fact that nearby beacons had not been properly maintained and were not online with Quantar central computers.

After the escape was made public, The Brotherhood announced that it was establishing a “detection network:”

“In response to the threat presented by the recent escape of the pilot code-named “Courier” from a TriPoint detention facility, The Brotherhood will immediately begin establishing a broad detection net to capture this fugitive. The net will also be tuned to detect pilot Septio, who is wanted for questioning in relation to the escape.”

According to Quantar authorities, Courier was being held for allegedly hacking into the market pricing system. There has been no background provided on Septio, although his name suggests he is of Octavian descent. Both pilots are listed in the TRI database as “Classified,” adding further to the confusion and mystery.

Just days after Queliar Neamru II announced that both of the fugitives had apparently escaped from Quantar space, Brotherhood Seneschal Spork tracked Septio, who was flying a Typhoon, from The Gurge all the way down to Hyperial station where he apparently destroyed Septio’s ship . . .


Yet even though TRI recorded the kill, Septio ended up safe at Hyperial station. Either the TRI network erroneously recorded the kill or homing transducer on Septio’s ship was tuned to Hyperial station.

“It does not surprise me a bit that Hyperial is involved with this,” said The Brotherhood’s leader Ambrosius. “If something nefarious is going on, the path usually leads there.”

As yet, there has been no report of any sightings of Courier.