New Light Shed on Aeolsah Infestation

From the TRINN archives


AMANANTH(TRI-FP) – Following the destruction of Aeolsah, Solrain scientist turned sentient conflux, the question of “how could this happen to a human?” has been asked more than once. While her office insists that she is still unavailable for direct interview, Dr. Q’son of TRI-CSD did release this information to TRINN regarding this pressing question:

“Conflux have some means of infesting a station or gate (and people as well). Through data collected by pilots during the Conflux’s first attempt on Amananth station, it has been determined the Conflux do so by implanting a nanotechnological ‘virus’ into the appropriate medium. This is done by landing on a station or jumpgate. After a short period, a complete infestation appears. If left unchecked, it is likely assimilation will follow shortly thereafter. Assimilation is complete and total as we have been able to tell from Aeolsah.”