Launch Systems Debacle Causes TRI Corp Shakeup

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) TRI Corporation today announced several organizational changes within its TRI Industries Division.

“In order to better align with our new strategic initiatives, we have decided to make a few changes to the Leadership Team in TRI Industries,” said TRI Corp. CEO Garth Taren.  “Effective immediately, Dorakk Thol is taking over the reins of the TRI Industries, reporting directly to me.  Alwyn Pinguar has elected to take early retirement, and we wish him well with his new life.

“Sagrith Hubri who has spent many years as one of Dorakk’s key advisors, will be stepping up as Director of the Manufacturing, Mercantile and Economics Group.

“We have also elected to make changes within the Station Systems and Maintenance Group where Yelda Mossad will take over as Director.  Yelda joins us from Aristio Conglomerated, where she successfully led the Propulsion Systems Division for 12 years.  As a result, Director Silvaar Ivyx will be leaving TRI Corp after 22 years.  We thank him for his many years of dedicated service.”

Although not noted in the TRI announcement, it is clear that the shakeup is a direct result of the ongoing launch-systems debacle that has shut down all traffic to and from all stations.  Economic impact from this has been estimated in the tens of millions — and counting, since there is still no word when systems will be restored.


Venurian Relocation Plans Revealed in Decrypted DSS

by Thane Carios

(Corridor Station) A recently-decrypted DSS has turned out to be an internal Venurian Prospecting memo that outlines it’s “Project Exodus” – a plans to relocate its headquarters and major production and R&D facilities from Quantar Corridor Station to GBS sector.

The DSS containing this information was discovered in Hook of Roh by pilot Hammer-BS; data was recovered by pilot Jalil; and the recovered data was decrypted by pilot Hammer-BS.  The full decrypted text of the memo follows:

Project: Exodus
Distribution: Select Board Members; General Partners

Investigations are under way to move manufacturing of advanced mining products from Corridor station to GBS Sector where we plan on building a brand new production facility. The new facility will initially be producing an improved ML-Amp. We are hoping to begin the mission to move all required construction components to GBS Station by Q0.12.1.

Although the initial moving and launching costs will be high, we foresee significant long-term tax savings and much wider distribution opportunity. Additionally, by having an operation outside Quantar purview, we create an opportunity to pursue more aggressive and unfettered R&D.

Although we know the sitting members of the Fa’hil Memta will strongly oppose this move, we have a highly placed, powerful ally within Quantar, and our ally has approached QSSP, one of the largest, most influential squads and hopes to gain their support for our effort in exchange for our support of their new base of operations in GBS.

We will keep you fully apprised as Phase I efforts continue.

While the memo has a date of October 7, the year is missing.  The memo does mention that squad QSSP has a “new base of operations in GBS”  and QSSP has been largely inactive for quite some time.

Requests for an interview at Venurian Prospecting have gone unanswered.   Anyone with information regarding roughly when QSSP was basing its operation at GBS should contact


Pilot Threatens Duelist Destruction

UUNN Newswire

Yesterday, UUNN received an anonymous, untraceable submission that pilot snake173 intended to destroy every duelist in “the game.”  It is unclear whether “The Game” is a player-owned station, or some other veiled reference.

snake Duelist

TRI-SEC pilot Thadeus “Ace” Adder said, “Yeah, we received reports about this guy.  I scrambled to see what was going on and he seemed to be just ranting.  Probably just had more than his fill of Quanus Ice and was overdue to hit the bunk.  So I just gave him a warning.”

snake Duelist 2

Official TRI Security sources reiterated that intentional destruction of equipment could result in significant penalties to PR and/or flight privileges.

Quantar Furious Over Oct FM

by Kedra Brenari

(Petrios, Quanus) Quantar leaders are outraged over the Octavius decision to create a Faction Mission that calls for Magnesium, just a day after Quantar finished its own Faction Mission to mine ice – in order to refine Magnesium.

“Pilots mined relentlessly during our faction mission to create just a small inventory of Magnesiusm – and now … now Octavius decides it needs to run its own mission to make explosives? There are already over 1700 units of explosives available around space – 45% of which are in Oct stations!” said Quantar Vazir (Speaker) A’Quina Meniokee.

“This is not about need – it’s about hoarding!” she added.

Lexxor Denies Morningstar Modifications

UUNN Newswire

Lexxor Intelligence has released the following statement regarding the theft of modified Morningstar missiles from Hyperial.

Lexxor Intelligence takes great pride in our Morningstar missile system. We believe pilots have found the Morningstar to be a premium missile and had not authorized any modifications or enhancements to that system — nor do we plan to in the future.

We are investigating who may have initiated the rumors regarding the modified missiles and will be pursuing legal avenues available to us, to ensure that the individual or individuals responsible for these fabrications are punished to the fullest extent.

Biomass Mission becoming Biomass Mystery?

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) With Conflux Biomass in short supply and nuclear missile inventories dwindling, TRI Corporation sponsored an all-faction mission that began on 115.3.1 — a mission to collect biomass. But while this mission has progressed, any biomass collected has been disappearing from the markets.

“It’s hard enough trying to collect that damned stuff,” said one pilot who asked to remain anonymous. “If TRI or someone else is just hoarding the stuff we deliver, what’s the point? We need it to be producing nukes and that ain’t happening.”

A brief state from TRI Economics Spokesperson Sagrith Hubri simply said: “TRI Corporation is investigating the question of Biomass inventories.”