Solrain Hall of Fame Poll Opens

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core) After skipping a year, The Premier’s Office has announced the opening of of a poll for another Solrain Hall of Fame inductee.  This poll will remain open through the end of the day (UTC) on Saturday 120.7.11.

All Citizens of Solrain are encouraged to vote ***HERE***

More Weird Times

by Ares Kiden

On 120.6.19, pilots reported unusual spawns in GVB . . .


. . . and then an GBS-gate infestation disappeared in front of them without them launching a missle!

There were suggestions that Lithium could be involved . . . so who knows . . . but my medal1004sources say Aeghwhyn and DUBERANGER will be receiving Flux Buster patches for scaring-off an infestation with their mere presence.


The Hopestead Herald 1.2

the news . . . reconsidered
by 11yana

While the Cerulean Clouds Ore Depot cries out to KTRI of its chilling contents as a result of Edgar Reece Industries’ (E.R.I.) latest community outreach endeavor, Mining Madness Mondays, Octavius Core bulges with biomass from the economic gauntlet thrown down by Optimus clanlord.

I managed to get a candid interview with one of clanlord’s underlings, the mining drone of -=DSRG=- assigned to Octavius Core, who revealed their operating territory and methods:


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Gent Clone #1 Captured

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  According to TRI-SEC, one of the three “Gent clones” has been captured and remanded to Oct Core Security.  The ship was downed by pilot Aion with assistance from KeflaAion will be receiving 1mm credits for the capture and pilot GrimGriz will be receiving 500k credits for information he provided to the bounty hunters.

TRI-SEC also said it is currently negotiation to have medals awarded for those responsible for capturing the clones.

Dockmaster Convicted of Accepting Favors

UUNN Newswire

hyp flight deck

(Hyperial Station)
  Sources on Hyperial Station indicate that Assistant Dockmaster Lev Rinrhys was found guilty of taking bribes in the form of “personal favors” in exchange for accepting, and paying-for, contraband Quantar Equipment.  His execution by HSS has been scheduled for 120.5.2 at 03:00 UTC.

Rismore Promotes Faction Mission

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Berl Rismore, who has not been heard from since his unsuccessful Berlcampaign to become Mayor of Barnard in early 118, today surfaced to promote the completion of the current Hyperial Faction Mission, releasing this statement:

I think most people know me as one who doesn’t simply follow the “party line.”  I speak out on what I think is right and what I think is wrong.  And right now, I think the clear conspiracy to deny Hyperial and its people of being able to benefit from a Faction Mission squarely falls into the “wrong” category.

I do not disagree with Dr. Yrral’s position that pilots should not use up all of the Biomass gathered to make nuclear missiles.  But why isn’t someone gathering more for this mission?  I urge pilots to ignore the political babblers and conspirators on all sides.  Just do what is fair.

Let’s get this FM completed!


Yrral Urges “Partial” Hyp Mission Boycott

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  In a rare public statement, Dr. Nevin Yrall, Vice President of TRI Research (TRI-R) has called for pilots to boycott parts of the current Hyperial Faction Mission.

“It’s really unbelievable,” said Yrral.  “We just completed a long and difficult mission to Hyp FMincrease Conflux Biomass inventories. We are in the midst of an historic infestation even that it putting a big dent in nuclear missile supplies.  And now Hyperial want pilots to take nukes to Hyperial for its ‘projects?'”

The Hyperial mission began yesterday on 120.2.14 calling for ‘several important commodities for its projects’ . . . saying ‘Speedy completion of this mission is critical.’

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Adiar Calls for All-Out War on Conflux

by Ares Kiden

(Solrain Core Station) After yesterday’s massive infestation event and the independent analysis done by Xenobiology expert Prof. Athena ShaiDen, TRI-DEF’s Conflux-guy, Carlo Adiar spoke out with a very different view.

“This was a punch in the face,” said an agitated Adiar.  “And we need to respond.  With force.  If we don’t it’ll be a sign of weakness . . . blood in the water.  And then, god help us.”

Adiar’s recommendation:  all-out war.  “I say we ‘brute force’ those remaining infestations.  We have plenty of nukes in stock.  I don’t see what the issue is,” said Adiar in response to ShaiDen’s recent analysis.  “But we should not stop there.  We need to send out a call for all pilots to go on the offensive.  Take conflux missions.  Harvest Conflux biomass.  Destroy Conflux hives.  Wipe out Conflux swarms.”

“These primitive space-fish are more instinctive than intelligent.  Let’s let them know we don’t [edited] around.  Watch them tuck-tail and sulk.”