Speakers Squabble over DSS

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  A dispute has apparently now broken out between the STCC Speakers regarding the disposition of the enormous collection of DSS found on Cornea Station in Storage Hold 25.  Earlier today, Speaker Demeter Garreth announced that the DSS were being turned over to Dorator R&D for data recovery and decryption, but Speakers Imogen Hugin (Hellion) and Cassia Verhal (Amanra) have called an emergency session of the STCC to decide on disposition of the DSS.

“It’s not up to Garreth what is done with those DSS,” said Verhal.  “She has over-stepped once again.  These DSS are Solrain property and I don’t want them in the hands of some multifactional Corporation with questionable loyalties.  Solrain needs to have direct oversight and control of this treasure.”

Garreth Makes Statement on DSS Trove

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core)  Speaker Demeter Garreth made a statement today outside her Solrain Core offices, regarding the nearly 300 DSS and other artifacts recently found in Cornea Station Storage Hold 25.

Storage Hold 25

“I’m not sure what the fuss is about here.  We held a contest and people found and turned in lots of DSS and UC components.  I asked an assistant to put them in Storage Hold 25 because we had so damn many!  I did not ask him to hide or hoard them.  These are NOT AB-4s, ok?  And this was before the two Quants started the recent ‘DSS Mania.’  I assumed he would take care of getting them to the right people without my hand-holding.

“If there are additional questions about that, ask Troiga — because he’s her problem, not mine.

“At this point, we’re finishing up inventorying the contents of the storage hold and are then turning the stuff over to Dorator Technologies for data recovery and decryption.”

“That’s all, folks.”

Sol DSS Hoard Discovered

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Cornea)  As the result of a malfunctioning security alarm system, a small storage hold on Cornea Station was found to contain nearly 300 Data Storage Systems (DSS) — all Artifact - DSSapparently untouched.  Included in the find were 64 DSS-1, 70 DSS-2, 71 DSS-3 and 79 DSS-4.  The space was registered to Tmolus Shaen, the Assistant to Pilot Liaison Troiga del Babon — the niece of Cornea Governor Elia del Babon.  The warehouse also contained a number of artifact “UC” components as well.

“Ummm, those were from a holiday contest a couple of years ago, Mr. Garius” said Shaen when we caught up with him at the lower-decks commissary on Cornea.

When we asked why the DSS were not turned over to the proper people for research and data recovery, Shaen said, “I don’t know.  Ms. Garr. . . I mean Speaker Garreth, told me to put them there.”

Based on Shaen’s comments, it appears that the DSS were from the Reconstruction Days 114 “The Search for Arcane Knowledge” event which happened on 114.7.5.  With the recent number of finds being made by a couple of private pilots over the past year or so, it is puzzling why Solrain, given its technological resources, is passing up the opportunity for discovery.

Speaker Garreth’s office was not immediately available for comment.

Quantar Announces the Miners’ Days Schedule

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  A very  busy three-day festival schedule has been released by the Office of the Third Tahir:

Day 1 – 116.9.2

  • Commencement of the Quantar Faction Mining Mission
  • 12:00 UTC — A recorded reading of The Parable of Kardaron will be available on UUNN)
  • 19:00 UTCOpening Remarks from Third Tahir, Dr. Silas Tashawar (Quantar Core).  The opening remarks will be followed by:
    • Blessing for the Shovels — This is a brief ceremony at Quantar Core where ships congregate outside the station for the “blessing.”
    • Quantar Green — a “mission” to tune every beacon in Holy Quantar Space. All participants will receive the Captain’s Commendation badge.
  • 20:00 UTCUncovering our History — Jalil Aq’tamm will release three datasets from DSS recovered in Quantar space.  The datasets for the three DSS will be published on UUNN on 116.9.2 at 20:00 UTC.  Pilots may submit a decryption entry (only one per pilot).  The FIRST pilot to successfully decrypt each dataset will win a Seeker of Knowledge award and an EB3.  Every entrant will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

Day 2 – 116.9.3

  • 00:00 – 24:00 UTC (i.e. all day) Pure Mining Contest  — the pilots, Quantar or gefir, who mine-out the most pure asteroids during this 24-hour period will win the following:
    • 1st Place – the Spade of Karadron award, and a CM4
    • 2nd Place – Keval’s Thanks award and a CM3
    • 3rd place – Keval’s Thanks award and a CM2
    • Anyone mining 5 or more pure asteroids during the day will receive a Captain’s Commendation badge.
  • 14:00 UTCQuantar Mining Trivia  Tahir Tashawar will ask a series of mining-related trivia questions on the F5 CHAT channel.  Pilots will submit their answers to quantar@tri-subspace.net.  Pilots who answer all five correctly will get a Spade of Karadron; those answering 1 to 4 correctly will receive Keval’s Thanks award; and everyone submitting an answer will receive a Captain’s Commendation.
  • 17:00 UTC – FLASHCast Miners Days Special – DJ Flash takes over at Jumpgate Pirate Radio, with some spacey music and comedy.  The show runs from approximately 17:00 to 19:50 UTC.  Tune in at http://www.jumpgatepirateradio.com.
  • 18:00 UTC – Quantar GreenER — a “mission” to tune every beacon in Holy Quantar Space. All participants will receive the Captain’s Commendation badge.
  • 20:00 UTC – Searching for our History – Hammer-BS will lead an artifact hunt in Hook of Roh to search for DSS.  Pilots will meet in Quantar Depot Station.  Your ship must be able to mount a Nubbler or NightWatchman radar.  An Antiflux is strongly recommended.  Any pilot turning in a DSS found during the hunt will receive the Aeolsah’s Spirit award plus 500,000 credits for each DSS submitted.  ALL participants will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

Day 3 – 116.9.4

  • 17:00 UTC – Quantar GreenEST — a “mission” to tune every beacon in Holy Quantar Space. All participants will receive the Captain’s Commendation badge.
  • 19:00 UTC – Short Track Race  – The rules are as follows:
    • Location: Ekoos Stop
    • Ships: PremiaXL vs Albatross vs Gust
    • No artifacts. Yes FF.
    • Albatross needs 1 unit of Machined Parts in cargo
    • PremiaXL needs Mitoria engines and 1 unit of Cesium in cargo
    • Gust needs Mitoria engines
    • The track for the race is as follows:
      • Start in Omni V gate (jump out, back in).
      • Fly through the beacon (no BCU required).
      • Fly through the large hollow common roid near the beacon (into any of its 3 entrances and out of another one).
      • Fly through the docking tube of the Docking Computer CP and stop.Note that this CP is out of radar range from the beacon, it lies between the Ring View and Quantar Gate jumpgates (both of which you can target).
      • Dock at the Finish Line POS which is public and near the Docking Computer CP.

The awards are: 1st – Cesium Medal and 1 million credits; 2nd – Platrinum Medal and 500k credits; 3rd – Antimony Medal and 250k credits. All race participants will be awarded the Captains Commendation.

  • Immediately following the raceAwards and Closing Ceremonies, hosted by Third Tahir Dr. Silas Tashawar.
  • 19:00 UTC – FLASHCast Miners Days Special (REPLAY) – DJ Flash takes over at Jumpgate Pirate Radio, with some spacey music and comedy.  The show runs from approximately 19:00 UTC to 21:50 UTC.  Tune in at http://www.jumpgatepirateradio.com.

Not sure how to determine the time in your time zone?  Try THIS TOOL.

Sol Historian Discusses Recent DSS Find

By Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core)  We asked Solrain Historian and retired jump pilot ZeroZ95 (now better known as Professor D Karr of the University of Soria at Sol Core), to shed some lights on the recent DSS find that involved a topic very near and dear to him, and he agreed to a brief interview. We caught up with Professor Karr at a quiet cafe near the History corridor of USSC.

UUNN:  First of all, thank you for taking some time to discuss this recent DSS find.  Given the topic, you were certainly the best person to talk to on this.

Karr:  You’re welcome.  It’s a fascinating find.

UUNN:  Professor Karr, do you prefer to be referred to by your old callsign or your real name?  In fact I don’t think I know your full name.

Karr:  “Professor Karr” works for me.  “ZeroZ95…” my squaddies used to call me Z, except the ones from rural Martius who called me “Zed”…wow that feels like a lifetime ago.

UUNN:  OK . . . well . . . let’s start with the audio file itself.  Was there anything about it that you found surprising or particularly interesting? Continue reading

Pre-Collapse Distress Call Found on DSS

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  The latest DSS data recovery and decryption by the Jalil/Hammer-BS team contains an audio distress call from Commander Drayvn of the ship Argent.

After reviewing the badly corrupted recording a number of times at reduced speed, UUNN believes the following is a very close transcript of the recording:

This is Commander Drayvn of the Sol[???] Ship Argent.  We have apparently been exposed to an undocumented virus.  None of our antivirals have been effective. Two members of the crew [??????] very serious condition and all but one of us [???????] symptoms, including fever, facial swelling, muscle fatigue, and bleeding from the nose and eyes.  We [?????] least 44 days from arrival – just about 28 days for us adjusting for ELD (estimated light-speed dilation).  We begin deceleration in 25 days.  I do not know if we will survive.  This ship must be quarantined upon arrival and anyone coming aboard must be air-tight.  I will continue to broadcast crew status and ETA daily for as long as I can.  Please notify [????????????? . . . the end of the recording is complete static.]

Drayvn was one of the seven pre-collapase Solrains who were originally found drifting in space by Quantar but they were quickly lost again in the fog of the Second GVB Wars as described in The Solidarity Story.  It was not until 106 that the STCC acknowledged that Drayvn and several members of his crew had actually survived and been successfully revived.

The revelation caused grave concern that the existence of pre-collapse Solrains could mean that Solrain had access to information about pre-collapse technologies — which could given Solrain great advantages and upset the precarious factional balance of power.  Ultimately, fears were calmed when it was also revealed that the revived pre-collapse Sols had very little memory of their pre-collapse lives and no useful technological information due either to the effects of the virus, their long-cryosleep, damage to their cryosleep capsules during the transfer to Solrain in 101 AT . . . or oven a combination of these issues.

(See UUNN’s TRINN Archive for the story from 106.2)

Drayvn went on to found the Solrain Factionalist Squad, Solidarity.

Conflux Assault Continues

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Conflux incursions continued on two fronts today, with a Conflux C8S defending Ring View infestations with a host of drone support . .  and a separate Conflux infester (type unknown) completely infesting Dark gateway.

“They are going for choke-points,” said TRI Corp Conflux expert Carlo Adiar.  “They are clearly attempting to disrupt trade and it has to be stopped now.  Pilots who are on furlough should report immediately to take on this threat.”

Triune Meeting Adjourns

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) After a tumultuous five days which saw feasting, arguments, explosions, spying and a war declaration, the historic Octavius Triune meeting has come to an end. Because of the blanket of secrecy around the meeting from start to finish, it is unknown exactly what was resolved or accomplished.

When asked what he thought about the meeting and the accompanying incidents, Octavius Military Leader Petillius Lucanus said, simply, “We live in interesting times.”

Hammer-BS Receives Keval’s Thanks

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  STCC Minister of Citizenry, Aljia Keval, broadcast a speech today announcing medal111today that the STCC is awarding the Keval’s Thanks medal to pilot Hammer-BS, for his work in completing the recent Solrain Faction Mission to rebuild the Sabre Missile Factory in Cornea sector:

On 116.6.28 we initiated a Faction Mission to rebuild our nuclear missile production facility.  A facility that had been destroyed by Conflux attacks.  It took twenty four days to complete this mission.  This rebuilding effort required 4,000 units of Aluminum; 400 units of Gold; 3,000 units of Machined Parts;  3,000 units of Construction Materials;  2,000 units of Fiber Optics ;  500 units of CPUs; 2,000 units of Manufactured Food;  and 5,000 units of Water.

It was a BIG mission.

In fact, it was the biggest mission we have initiated in over a decade.  It required just under 20,000 units of commodity to complete.

It took us a while to tabulate the figures, and when we saw the results, we had to go back and re-do all of the calculations, because clearly there had to be an error.

But when we re-counted, the result were the same. 18,680 units of the commodities required for this mission were delivered by a SINGLE PILOT!

Well I’m here today to tell you that the pilot’s name is Hammer-BS, and for his absolutely extraordinary effort, the STCC is awarding him a medal that was given my name name, many years ago — and so it give me a very special honor to present Hammer-BS with the Keval’s Thanks award.