GateKey Production To Be Scrapped

From the TRINN archives

By Zoe Vexel
Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – TRI announced in a press release today that a formal request had been sent to Amananth to cease production of GateKey MODx for TRI ships.
GateKeys are required to pass the specially-tuned gates leading into Conflux space. Per the release, TRIR-CSD will be simultaneously decommissioning the generators that prevent normal jump access.

“The GateKeys have been a drain on resources,” commented Spiro Wengat, an aide to Sagrith Hubri. “It’s high time the CPUs and other valuable components used to produce them were diverted to more important needs. The defensive merit of the existing system has been limited.”

Dr. Aulus Calatorius, representing the Division of Conflux Science and Defense, was less reserved in his comments. “The TRI GateKey project was a poorly-considered travesty,” Calatorius remarked. “The frequency shifts on the transfer gates never have done a [deleted] thing to keep Conflux swarms out of our space. TRI’s distortion wave generators should have been removed long ago, so that our forces could take the fight to the Conflux unhindered.”

No representatives of TRI-R CSD were available for comment, although pilots are advised to return surplus GateKeys to stations for recycling.

TRI-RMD Issues Awards

From the TRINN archives

By Alexa A’vros
TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following the recommendations of Cromforge Enterprises, TRI-RMD has recognized several pilots for their assistance towards Quantar over recent weeks.
Hamalzah’s Divine Grace
MadCat, GreenDrazi, sarah-mari, CaptainCow

The Mane of Hamalzah
MadCat, GreenDrazi, Gnome, Corn, Ambrosius, spork

Quantar’s Flame
Obelisk, Hrafn, Nowhereman, ickerous, Baius, feldman, biteme, Tensity, InterOrka

“The efforts of these distinguished pilots on behalf of Perasca, Cromforge, and Quantar in general deserve to be recognized,” stated Cila Rotup’uh. “Without their dedicated assistance and hard work, the project to build the pilot production facility would have surely failed. We still have a long way to go to enable full scale production of a cure, but recent events are a major step in the right direction.”

Anonymous sources within TRI-RMD indicate that nominations from OPL and T&P are also being actively reviewed.