Octavius Challenges TRI

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis


(Octavius Core) In a joint press conference, Octavius Emperors Clements IV, Septus, and Cineon announced a drastic departure from the status quo both within the Empire of Octavia, and within TRI itself.

“Given the actions, or inactions, of TRI and its bureaucracy, the Empire of Octavius faces a great threat from the Conflux. For years, TRI has told us that we have nothing to fear, that they are in control of the situation. Then the conflux attack our stations and they present station-shielding technology as a solution. While the Solrain and Quantar governments may have no quarrel with TRI, and their near endless controls and monitors inherent to the shield design, supposedly for monitoring of the conflux, we have great issue with this oversight. We are an autonomous Empire willing to work with TRI for the betterment of our Faction, and of TRI. We cannot continue to offer our support, be it political, financial, or moral, to a bloated and inefficient beast.

Emperor Septus, Emperor Cineon, and myself have signed an official decree that will create within the Ministry of War the Division of Conflux Science and Defense. Our staff, and personnel within the Ministry of War are commissioned to immediately begin action to find a suitable candidate to head this new department. We will do what TRI has been unable to accomplish. We will study the conflux, we will learn their intent, we will learn their habits, and we will destroy them. The time for bureaucracy is at an end.”

The Emperors took no questions after reading their statement. There has been no immediate response from TRI officials.

DragonEyE Receives Foundation of the Trust

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

(Solrain Core) At a hastily assembled press conference, an ebullient Cristofore Parce, the Solrain Premier, announced that the pilots of the squad DragonEye will be awarded Solrain’s highest honor, the Foundation of the Trust. “The pilots of DragonEye have never wavered in their work on behalf of Solrain, nor in her defense. The latest series of Conflux attacks have more than demonstrated this. The attacks, which brought the Thrice Seven Xeiathel to Solrain space, were quickly repelled by the pilots of DragonEye, in a show of both superior ability and tactic. They are representative of the model Solrain, and should be celebrated throughout the Commonwealth.”

TRI Bootleg ’04 Final Results

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

(TRI-RMD) The first running of the TRI BOOTLEG ’04 was completed on 104.9.25, and good times were had by all. With a prize pool of over 90 million credits, it was a profitable event as well. The runners of the BOOTLEG ’04 were Radi, Ambrosius, vulture83, Firestorm, CoC, and Dr-McManus. The Smokies were midi1, hostage, KiaDevil, RaiderOne, Ghostwolf, and punknads. The runners were to start at Wake station, and travel to Great Pillars, Quantar Core, and then Solrain Core station, with a combination of Oct Lite, Sol Stout, and Quanus Ice. The smokies were trying to either down the runners, or steal their wares. The station brokers for the event were Tensity, VALEN, and 8ohms. The TRI BOOTLEG ’04 was organized by Tensity and biteme, and they have promised another one.

Radi finished first for the runners, followed by Ambrosius and vulture83 finished third. For the smokies, midi1 and hostage led their division with 2 kills each, followed by KiaDevil and RaiderOne with one each.

Pilot Radi, for winning the Runner portion, is awarded the All Nations Flag. Smokies midi1 and hostage, each with 2 kills, are awarded Sarath’s Rage, and event organizers Tensity and biteme are awarded the Echoes Of Hope.

Thrice Seven Return, Calatorius Responds

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ) The Thrice Seven sentient knows as Xeiathel made it’s first appearance in over two years on 104.9.24, to the surprise of TRI and her pilots. From all appearances, most pilots have become complacent with the recent attacks of the Conflux, since there have been little in a threat offered. Dr. Calatorius offered these thoughts:

“Despite the claims to the contrary, TRI-CSD personnel are gravely concerned with the current development of the Conflux. We are more concerned at the lack of force that was shown to the T7 Xeiathel. This shows incredible weakness on our behalf, and could set the stage for an increase in the size and strength of coming attacks. Perhaps Mr. Serus’ faith in our pilots is misplaced. I remain confident that we will win this war, but I fear the costs will be astronomical.

To respond to my critics, I would offer that we are doing all that we can to further our evolution, if you will, in the face of an increasingly hostile enemy. We have sent probes toward the Conflux planets, with no success. It seems the Conflux are able to destroy our scouts, as we can destroy theirs. We have also studied the scans and logs of pilots who have encountered the Conflux Hive, as we are calling it, in Canis 9502. We have contacted the Bureau of Stellar Cartography and they are updating all pilot flight databases with this name, to ensure we are all looking at the same event. In an effort to gather intelligence and hopefully insight to the Conflux, TRI-CSD will be sending a team to investigate and run deep scans of the “Hive” in Canis 9502. This will take place on 104.10.1 at 2100Ekoos. Our team will depart from Solrain Core station. We will require as many pilots to fly escort as possible, as the magnitude of the thread in Canis sector is severe. We would also hope to have a few Bomber class ships in case the gates become infested. This could prove to be the most important mission we have ever taken.”

Serus and Calatorius Discuss Recent Conflux Events

TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-Defense HQ) In a private meeting, Dr. Calatorius of TRI-CSD and Dominic Serus of TRI-Defense answered the questions posed by  Zoe Vexel of TRINN in regards to recent Conflux activity, and the pictures that were supposedly taken planetside and were leaked by the UUNN.

ZV: Gentlemen, I thank you for your time this afternoon. You have both seen the picture that was taken planetside by a Quantar Monk and leaked by the UUNN. What say you of the claims of Conflux probing the planets?

AC: I don’t hold much stock in them. For one thing, they are very blurred and nearly impossible to make out any detail. Some say they are Conflux, I say they are asteroid fragments. There is more evidence to support my theory than theirs.

DS: It is simply illogical to think that the Conflux would suddenly decide to start investigating planets when they have only shown interest in our spaceside operations. They gain nothing planetside. We know they are unable to exist in an atmosphere, so that blur simply cannot be alien in nature.

ZV: That is an interesting statement Mr. Serus. Many people would likely consider your casting off the Conflux threat as foolish. There are many, many notations of major changes in the Conflux. It would appear to the uninitiated that they are learning more each day, and are, in a word, evolving.

AC: It is true; we know the Conflux are capable of evolving. We have seen it many times in our history. What I believe Mr. Serus is saying is there are not sufficient environmental changes for the Conflux to effect this sort of an evolutionary change. In order for evolutionary change to take place, it requires a shift of environment that would require the body to adjust its ability to exist.

ZV: So what you are saying Doctor is that there must be a change of environment in order for something to evolve?

AC: In a nutshell, yes.

DS: Let me also offer that we often receive these types of photos. We have been getting them from before we even entered space. There have always been a logical, rational explanation for them, and this time I am sure there is one as well. The thing that many people that are planetside do not realize is that we run regular shuttles to our planetary stations, and we have as much research and development going on planetside as we do spaceside. The bulk of these images are simply failed, though sometimes successful, tests of this R&D work.

ZV: So, what is your response to those who would claim that you are trying to bury the truth? Many say that these are some variant of Conflux that is capable of flying just beyond the atmosphere, and are gathering reconnaissance. Take the Conflux referred to as “Lemmings.” They were a suicide force.

DS: That is patently absurd. What does TRI, or anyone for that matter, stand to gain by not addressing any and all threats the Conflux pose? We have the finest scientists from all the factions of TRI, as well as representatives from Hyperial’s esteemed scientific community that study the Conflux, and all their changes and adaptations. They all agree that this simply cannot be Conflux. The spaceside pilots are the ones who will bear the brunt of Conflux aggression. They are the front line, and we are confident of their skill and ability.

ZV: Doctor Calatorius, what comment do you have on what has been described as a hive being built by the Conflux in Canis 9502?

AC: We are currently studying preliminary information that was retrieved from pilot logs and sensors. We are curious to its development, as we have not seen this sort of behavior from the Conflux before. We intend to assemble a research team to go and investigate the phenomena that has been witnessed in Canis.

ZV: There are many pilots that are seriously concerned at the developments of late. The Conflux have changed their strategies and tactics. They have used decoys and diversions to separate our response crews, and the drone spawn level in Canis has shown a marked increase. What is TRI doing to respond to these developments?

DS: We have been successful in linking the sector beacons with the CLAWS array that will enable any tuned beacon to transmit Conflux information. We have worked to secure our communications and research facilities. Please keep in mind as well that we have the finest pilots ever to set foot in a ship. There is simply no way the Conflux can win.

AC: I agree. We have
never seen an attack that was not repelled. Our pilots, in combination with the tracking we now have, have proven far superior to the Conflux. Remember, every time they have evolved, we have risen and met the new challenge. We have evolved, if you will, as well.

ZV: That is true, but some would offer that the Conflux are simply playing with us. That they have much more ability than we have seen. How do you respond?

DS: That is simply foolish thinking. I didn’t realize that TRINN engaged in the propagation of rumors and conjecture. I think we are done here.

Artifact CP Auction Rescheduled

TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis

(TRI-MSD)  TRI-Material Science Division (TRI-MSD) today released the date of the rescheduled public auction of the Artifact Custom Producer. For those of you who may not be aware, the Arti CP, as it is known, is the pet project of Professor Vandagriff of TRI-MSD. Using technology unlocked through research on various artifacts, TRI-MSD has the ability to take existing items and improve them. While the current list is somewhat limited, TRI-MSD is continually working on additional recipes. The current producible artifacts are: PCP-2, PCP-4, PCE-2 PCE-3, PCE-5, PCS-1, PCS-3, PCS-4, PCM-AB3, PCM-AB4, PCM-CM3, PCM-CM4, PCM-EB2, and PCM-EB3.

The auction for the Artifact Custom Producer will take place at the TRI-MSD offices at Solrain Core station at 2100Ekoos on 104.9.21. “We realize that some people may have an aversion to making their bid known, and we are sympathetic to that”, offered Professor Vandagriff. “We will permit a broker to function as a third-party bidder, provided that they are properly certified. That will require a secure message from the squad leader stating they have procured the services of said broker. Also, a note of intent will be needed from the broker to insure there is no possibility of abuse.” The duration of the contract is listed at thirty days, with 50% of the bid required on Day 1 and 50% on Day 30. The Artifact Custom Producer will then be rebid.

Subspace Transceiver Checks Out

TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ)  Last week, the Subspace Transceiver was subject to a bizarre attack. A C-0S Jelly appeared to attach itself to the Subspace Transceiver in Octavian Shore and was able to transmit a message over the KTRI frequency. “This is a very troubling development,” said Dr. Calatorius of TRI-CSD. “The Conflux have never displayed this level of understanding of our systems and operations before. This could serve as a dangerous precedent in which we have seriously underestimated their ability to infiltrate our systems.”

Noelle Escoe, Assistant Director of Computer Information Science Division offered the following statement:

“We sent out a TRI-Defense inspection team to the Subspace Transceiver in Octavian Shore to see if there was any system damage. Based on our scans and inspection, the Subspace Transceiver has not been damaged or compromised. It appears that the Conflux simply hacked the system to insert their message into the network. We have found no traces of any residual code. As a precaution, we have reformatted our systems, and run full internal network checks to ensure complete system integrity. After a full reset of Transceiver systems, we have seen no anomalous readings. It is our opinion that this was a psychological attack against the pilots rather than an attempt to damage our communication systems.

We would also like to offer our most sincere appreciation to pilot shanieth, for providing cover for our inspection craft. We have forwarded to TRI-RMD a request to award Keval’s Thanks for this admirable service.”

CLAWS Array Release – 104.09.12



From: Tache Uzelin, Director Defensive Operations, TRI

The CLAWS arrays, located in Pulsar and Aman Leap, are detecting what we consider an increase in activity deep within Conflux space. Based on historical observations, and computer modeling, we are anticipating a marked increase in Sentient and Drone Conflux activity in the next 72-96 hours. There is conflicting data as to the strength of the activity, but we are confident that we will see Conflux activity in the coming days, so we are increasing the TRIDefCon to Level 3.

All pilots are advised to use extreme caution when in space. Conflux have shown a great deal of interest in our Custom Producers and Subspace Transceivers. Pilots should use caution in sectors containing these buildings. Pilots are advised to restrict their travel in Unregulated space, as there is a historical trend of greater attack and infestation probability there. If you must travel in Unregulated space, pilots should travel in groups to maximize their defense capabilities.

This warning will expire on unless extended or cancelled prior.

CLAWS Reactivated!!!

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ)  Today at 0800 Ekoo, TRI-CSD personnel were finally successful in restoring complete functionality to the two CLAWS arrays located in Pulsar and Aman Leap. After repeated delays and technical pitfalls, it appears that the problems wrought during the C-10S sentient attack on the arrays, that also cost the lives of Repair team Alpha, have been remedied. Dr. Calatorius offered these remarks at this morning’s press conference:

“Today we take fire our first shot across the bow of the recent Conflux attacks. For the last weeks, the Conflux had the luxury of stealth when they succeeded it forcing the shutdown of our CLAWS arrays. This morning, at 0800 Ekoo, the Pulsar array was successfully brought online, with full system function. At 0817, the Aman Leap array was also reactivated. While we continue to work the data received from the attacks on the arrays, we have successfully reworked the operations of the arrays so that they will not be victim of attacks at we have seen. We have increased the internal electromagnetic insulation of the arrays, and we have installed a system that will actually allow us to recharge the arrays from such attacks in the future.

On a more troubling note, we are reviewing preliminary reports from pilot’s on-scene during last night’s attacks that the Conflux were able to utilize our KTRI band for message transmission. This is an unforeseen, and exceptionally troubling development. While we know that the Conflux are able to interact with some structures, we did not think they had the capacity for something of this nature. I would ask all pilots of TRI to step up their patrols, and ensure that the various subspace transceivers and Custom Producers we rely on for communications and security are not under siege. While our CLAWS array will provide us early warning, it will not protect us from what is coming, only preface it. We will be sending an investigation team to the array tomorrow at 1300 Ekoo to inspect the subspace transceiver in Octavian Shore. I have received a preliminary scan from pilot FS_Vexel, TRINN, TRI-CSD, Calatorius, CLAWSPanther that is encouraging. There seems to be no damage to the transceiver, only that it was compromised. I am sure our investigation tomorrow will provide more data. Any pilots available for flux coverage or to aid in the scanning are encouraged to meet our team at Octavius Core station at 1300 Ekoo tomorrow. “