Explosions Rock Hyperial Sector During Rauder Remembrance

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station)  Several explosions rocked Hyperial Station today on a day when all Hyperials remember former president Dr. Kelvin Rauder.  Initial reports indicate that the explosions came from the already-damaged Phosphorous factory that Hyperial had allegedly converted into a GenMod Laboratory.

It is not yet know what caused the explosions, but pilots are advised to exercise extreme caution until more is known.

 *** UPDATED 119.3.1 ***

Additional explosions have been recorded at this facility.  Hyperial authorities have made no comment, but TRI-SEC sources say high levels of radiation have been measured.  Pilots should avoid getting near this structure.

Hyperial Remembers Rauder

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) The people of Hyperial today once more will remember former President Kelvin Rauder on his birthday, with all businesses and comm networks shutting down from 12:00 – 12:15 UTC.

Kelvin Rauder was born on 058.2.28;  he was elected President on 098.4.1;  and he was assassinated on 109.11.5.

The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 4 – by Ares Kiden

Septus Autopsy Yields Shocking Results

Although there has been no official report, I have heard from trustworthy sources that an autopsy was performed on the recently-deceased Emperor, and the results were pretty shocking.  It appears that Septus has been kept alive for some time with the aid of illegal Prosthetics and other dangerous drugs.  Some have suggested that, if this is true, then Septus technically lost his legitimacy to rule when his natural organs (allegedly) began being replaced.

DSS Data Raises Questions

An individual going by the name R. Cain has been asking questions about DSS and has put some interesting (but not conclusive) data together.  What he has found is that most of the DSS that have been recovered and deciphered are not pre-collapse artifacts.  In fact, only 35% of them (at most) are pre-collapse.  Given that fact, he goes on to question whether other artifacts may also be of more recent origin … which would then open of a whole new set of questions.

I had hoped to get Jalil Aq’tamm’s opinions on this, but he has not responded to my questions. Continue reading

Dorator Announces Production Plans

by Yaz Shanndar

(Octavius Outpost)  Dorator Technologies R&D has announced its new manufacturing and distribution strategy in the wake of the recent acquisition the manufacturing rights Dorator Logofor several pieces of TRI Corp equipment.

“We have decided to focus most of our production and distribution from two locations,” said Malkev Dorator II,  Sr. Vice President of Operations.  “We will be focusing our weapons production at Octavius Outpost station.  It will be the sole manufacturing outlet now for the Barrak, Cobra and the Flail.  The only exception will be the Hammer, which will continue to be manufactured in Solrain at Wake station.”

“Regarding the new acquisitions,” said Dorator, “the Nightwatchman radar, TRIC-1 Capacitor, TRIP-1 power plant, Vector engine and Warden shield will now be manufactured exclusively at our Hyperial Manufacturing facility.”

“We are also very excited to announce that we will be testing the first non-faction manufacturing operation at Klatsches Hold where we will be making the Drop Tank refueling system.”

According to Dorator, the Drop Tank test facility is now operational.  Other manufacturing changes should be moving forward over the next two weeks.

Riots Break Out on Ares Prime

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core Station) Massive rioting and a number of sporadic rioter conflicts have been seen across all of the major cities on Ares Prime, with the largest and most severe ones being in Trivera and Eiro — where groups promoting all-out war against Martius have clashed Oct riots 119.2with protesters calling for an end to Imperial rule.  More than 50 fatalities have been reported so far, with over seven hundred injuries.

Other smaller groups have had more peaceful protests centering around issues such as the recent skyrocketing price of Baby Bitz(tm) and the long-running complaints about the ‘Nix hitbox.



Epidemic in Trivera; Emperor Evacuated

UUNN Newswire

(Ares Prime) An unknown type of deadly hemorrhagic fever virus has swept like a wave over the capital city and it’s population of 11.9 million.  The Imperial Health Ministry has now declared it to be an epidemic, with more than five hundred fatalities reported.

Reports are that Emperor Venticus and his retinue have been evacuated to an unknown location.  All transportation in or out of the city has been shut down.

Additional detail will be provided once it becomes available.

Dorator Purchases Equipment Rights from TRI for 4.2 Billion

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core)  In a surprising move, Dorator R&D has purchased the rights to several pieces of equipment from TRI Corporation.  They released the following joint statement:

TRI Corporation has agreed to sell all rights to its non-M.O.D.x. equipment lines to Dorator Technologies R&D effective today.  This includes the DropTank refueling system, NightWatchman radar, TRIC-1 capacitor, TRIP-1 power plant, Vector engine and Warden shield.

The sale includes the intellectual property, manufacturing rights, certain manufacturing equipment and current unsold inventory.

Dorator will be coming up with a manufacturing and distribution strategy for its new equipment lines over the next 30 days.

Although the sale price was not part of the release, sources have indicated that it was approximately 4.2 billion credits.  It is also believed that Sorian Bancorp provided significant financing for the purchase.