STCC Says Hall of Fame Induction Stands

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(UUNN HQ)  The STCC today voted overwhelmingly to leave pilot GrimGriz’s induction in-place — nullifying the executive order of Premier Demeter GarrethArbin Mallow, the Solrain Hall of FameSpeaker for Soria said, “We understand why Premier Garreth did what she did, but in this case GrimGriz was voted into the Hall of Fame by the people — and Premier Garreth, as an appointed official — does not have the power to circumvent the will of the people.”

“But this is a bitter pill to swallow,” added Mallow.  “The recent actions and political tendencies of pilot GrimGriz is certainly not consistent with our expectations of a hall-of-famer.”


STCC Votes to Extend Terms

by Thane Carios

(Wake Station)  The STCC voted today to extend the terms of Speakers from 3 years to 6 years.  “For many years there was tremendous year-over-year stability in the Speakers’ Chairs,” said one STCC member. “But recenly, challengers have been scoring surprising victories.  We want the people to have a strong voice but three years is just not long enough to get political traction.”

The terms will increase gradually, with the next election for Soria coming in 122 (a 4-year term); the election for Hellion being in 124 (a 4-year term); and then completing the cycle with the next election for Amanra being in 126 — the full 6-year term.

“I think this is a win for Solrain,” said Premier-Emeritus Cristofore Parce.  “We need to give these fine Speakers enough time to get their agendas in place and their programs running.  The Premier may be the ‘face’ of our great Commonwealth.  But the Speakers …  they are the ones who can really get things done.  They are the heart and soul of our government.”

Duvazaco Scores Shocking Upset

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(Cornea Station) In the most shocking election in recent history, Vivian Duvazaco has ousted the single-term incumbent Lylian Whyte to become Speaker for Amanra garnering an amazing seventy-five percent of the vote.

Duvazaco is a Tens & Piney “lifer” most recently holding a senior  strategy position.  Whyte, on the other hand,  is a long-time STCC member and a close personal friend and ally of Premier Demeter Garreth. Her political views were extremely conservative and her fiscal positions were considered “traditional.”

Some feel that voters were making a statement that Amanra, long seen as a political “follower,” needs to take a more dynamic role in Solrain politics.

Polls Open for Amanra Speaker Election

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sol(UUNN HQ)  The polls are now open for Citizens of Solrain to elect a new Speaker for the planet Amanra.

election 120

The incumbent, Lylian Whyte, was an upset winner when she defeated five-term Speaker Cassia Verhall in a run-off.  She now faces challengers Sagrith Hubri, TRI Corp Director of Manufacturing, Mercantile & Economics; and Vivian Duvazaco who has held a number of senior leadership roles at Tens & Piney and is currently T&P’s Alignment-Leveraging Strategy Czar. Both experienced, well-known corporate power-brokers.

Only citizens of Solrain may vote and you may vote just once.  Polls close at the end of the day on 120.7.5.

Zagabe Dead at 97

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(UUNN HQ) Cinatus Consul Nestro Zagabe died this morning in his home as Octavius begins is most sacred holiday — Feast of the Fallen — exactly 56 years after he was named Consul by Emperor Quincitius II.

Neither Emperor Cineon nor the Consul’s son Namtaro (of Thrice Seven fame) were available for comment.

Rismore Found Dead

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(UUNN HQ)  TRI-SEC is reporting that remains found and reported to them by a pilot on 120.4.27 have been confirmed to be those of Berl Rismore, who famously ran for Mayor of Barnard (and lost) in 118.  The remains were found in the access port of the MagnesiumBerl Nanoproducer in Hyperial Station sector

Although Rismore was last heard from just two months ago, promoting a Hyperial Faction mission, TRI’s forensics experts insist that based on their study of the remains, he has been dead for at least twelve months.  Rismore, age 33, was also a member of The Directorate.

TRI-SEC has turned the case over to Hyperial Station Security (HSS) for further investigation

Fablemi Out, Talut In – as Hyperial Chief Justice

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(Hypsos, Hyperial)  In a shocking turn of event, The Directorate has named Graham Talut to the post of Chief Justice, replacing the two-term incumbent Sandrich Fablemi effective 120.4.1.

“Prince” Fablemi was thought to be a heavy favorite to retain the position, but he has always been known for his erratic behavior and his claims to be from an ancient royal bloodline. Some believe this caused him to lose credibility and fall from favor with many members of The Directorate.  Fablemi’s rise to fame and power started as a jump-pilot known as “DT,” flying for Solrain — but he quickly became a personal agent for President Kelvin Rauder, who was responsible for his quick political rise.

The 69-year-old Talut served four terms as Governor of Hyperial Station from 95, until 111 when he retired and was replaced by Commander H.A. Nelson.

Hyperial Offers Bounty

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(Barnard, Hypsos)  The office of Chief Justice Sandrich Fablemi  has released the following statement:

In the declaration of our recent Faction Mission, we made it clear that it was not open to Quantar pilots.  It appears that we need to reinforce this matter.  Effective immediately, I am authorizing a 2 million credit bounty for confirmed kills of any Quantar pilot in Hyperial space. Confirmation should include images of the kill message and the kill marker on the map.  It should be submitted to:


Polls Open for Hellion Speaker Election

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(UUNN HQ)  The polls are now open for Citizens of Solrain to elect a new Speaker for the planet Hellion.

speaker 119

The incumbent, Imogen Hugin, is the only current speaker with more than one term.  She is finishing up her seventh term and was initially elected in 098.  Engus Ryall is the CFO for Tens & Piney Systems.  He ran in 116 was was narrowly defeated by Hugin.  This is the first election for Kinn Torsky, who is Director of R&D at T&P.

The poll will remain open through 119.6.30.