Amananth Station Scan Planned

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Prof. Athena ShaiDen has announced a plan to do a comprehensive scan of Amananth station.  The effort will begin at 15:00 UTC on Saturday 116.3.5.

“To achieve the objective, we need at least six pilots to participate,” said ShaiDen.  “Pilots must have a scanner and an Insight equipped.  We will meet at Evening’s End where I’ll provide each participant additional instructions, and then we’ll head to Amananth.  The actual scanning should take no more than half an hour.  I believe this will be much more effective than the high-res photographs being collected by Hyperial.”

Prof. ShaiDen recently took a sabbatical from her position at Sutonia University.  When asked about whether this mission is connected to her sabbatical, she declined comment.

Library Re-Opens Storyteller Contest

UUNN Newswire

FROM:  Sarath V Memorial Library

The Board of Trustees of the Sarath V. Memorial Library have moved to re-open the Storyteller Contest, that was first announced during last year’s Festival! holiday.

To enter, submit your own original story about jump-space.  It can be serious or  humorous.  It can be standalone or part of a planned serial.  Submissions should be at least 4,000 words.  Each submission will be read and judged — and one entry will be selected as the winner.  All submitted stories will be added to the Sarath V Memorial Newtron Literary Award (the "Newt")Library’s collection, and the winner of the Storyteller Contest will receive the Newtron Literary Award (“The Newt”).

Submissions should be sent to  and must be received by 116.3.31 to be considered for the award.

Conflux Specialist Takes Sabbatical

UUNN Newswire

(Sutonia, Amanra) Sutonia University has revealed that Professor Athena ShaiDen, the Chair of its Xenobiology Department, is going on sabbatical effective today.  No details were released by the university and it is unclear why she has decided to take a sabbatical on such short notice.

Athena ShaiDen bio.

GBS Pub Owner Yearns for ISU Glory Days

by Kedra Brenari

(GBS Station) Torn Danton has seen many things during his sixteen-year tenure as the owner and principal bartender at The SpaceBar pub in GBS Station, but these days all he sees is empty stools and red ink.

“There were days when I would work fourteen or sixteen hours straight and there would be no lulls in the business.  We’d have new beer shipments coming in daily.  Now I have to severely limit our draft offerings to make sure the beer stays fresh.  I just had to toss three kegs of Solrain Stoudt the other day,” said Danton.  “But now I do maybe four hours and my kid does another four … and we mostly just sit there and try to stay awake.  I have a link to the docking bay that sounds an alert any time someone docks, so we’re always up and ready for any visitors.” Continue reading

Solrain Offers Expertise to Recover DSS Data

by Kedra Brenari

(The Wake Station) The STCC today offered the services of Solrain engineers to help in the recovery and decryption of DSS found during a pilot-sponsored event in sector Canis 9501 in Amananth space.

“We recognize and applaud the efforts of individuals in recovering and decrypting DSS data but it’s a very big job,” said STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth, “Although we don’t endorse the recent Amananth-mania, and we actively discourage pilots from the kind of intrusive behavior currently being sponsored by Hyperial, I have been authorized to offer the services of the STCC to help with the recovery and decryption of the many DSS recently collected in an effort sponsored by pilot Clanlord.”

Garreth went on to say that while ancient history is interesting, it is more important for pilots to focus on maintaining the vitality of the current economy, as well as to help ensure the recent uptick in pirate sightings is “appropriately dealt-with.”

Fourteen-Year-Old DSS: Shocking Contents!

by Fence

(UUNN HQ) A recently-retrieved DSS has yielded an entirely new kind of data — an image.  As with other DSS, this one was made up on long strings of characters.  In some cases, these are indecipherable … in other cases, once decrypted, they yield various types of information in text form.  But a DSS-1 “Rare” found in Lesser Locks four months ago, turned out to be an image in encoded form.115.9.4D1B-0

The document dated AT 102.3.15 appears to be an internal memo from the TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC) welcoming new members to its ranks.  There is some data missing from corruption of the data, but some things are fairly clear:  that becoming a member of the TEC was a lifetime commitment; that the TEC was involved with research that involved conflux genetics–not surprising since it was widely suspected that the TEC was the organization behind the Conflux Containment Center; and most shockingly, that the TEC supported human experimentation and denial of freedoms.

In 102AT, the TEC was tied to the attempted assassination of Dr. Holly Q’son and the disappearance of TRINN Reporter Zoe Vexel … among many other things rumored but never substantiated such as the attempted assassination Dr. Nevin Yrral (then Director of TRI Research) and the successful assassination of Zhilaa Katdinal (then Director of TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography).

While the TEC was a part of TRI during The Reconstruction period, it was not part of the reorganization into TRI Corporation in 105AT.  There has never been any information on the TEC membership roster.


Hyperial Joins the Hunt for Amananth Info

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station)  In a surprising move, Hyperial has officially joined the fray in finding out more information about Amananth — but in a quite different way.  Hyperial is sponsoring a research mission requiring pilots to take high-resolution photographs of Amananth station.  The mission announcement states:

It is time to shed some light on Amananth’s secrets. Data discs are a start, but a good close examination of that station may give us some clues as well.

Pilot Alleges TRI Enforcer Attack

by Thane Carios

(TRI HQ) TRI Corporation announced today that it has received a report that a pilot had been attacked by a TRI Enforcer around midnight GMT on 116.2.9.

TRI EnforcerA statement was taken today by TRI-SEC from pilot Spitmcgee, who had made public claims of being attacked by a TRI Enforcer-class ship.

“Spitmcgee was very cooperative,” said TRI-SEC Commandant, Solder Ronin.  “He met with one of our officers on Great Pillars station and was very forthcoming in answering all of our questions.

“But the fact remains that we had no TRI-SEC ships in-flight at or near the time of the alleged attack.  We have just two Enforcers in out fleet, so it’s not very hard to account for them — and rather obvious if one is missing.”