Zagabe Dead at 97

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Cinatus Consul Nestro Zagabe died this morning in his home as Octavius begins is most sacred holiday — Feast of the Fallen — exactly 56 years after he was named Consul by Emperor Quincitius II.

Neither Emperor Cineon nor the Consul’s son Namtaro (of Thrice Seven fame) were available for comment.

Octavius Feast of the Fallen Begins on 120.5.22

UUNN Newswire

(Cinatus) Cinatus will once again host this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday, which runs from 120.5.22 through 120.5.24.  Although this year’s space-based activities will be  limited, Emperor Cineon will lead the Recitation of Heroes in Outpost Station sector once again.

Day of Remembering – 120.5.22

At 16:00 UTC Emperor Cineon will lead the Recitation of Heroes  outside Oupost Station where the name of an Octavius warrior or hero from the past is called out aloud and the hero’s accomplishments and victories are recalled. Cineon has asked the citizens of Octavius to submit their own remembrances for him to announce publicly.

Day of Battle – 120.5.23

The Bleeding Skies — All Octavius is called upon to tune beacons RED across Octavius — and throughout all space — for the entire day.

Members of the lesser factions are welcome to challenge those actions.

Day of Feasting – 120.5.24

All are urged to enjoy to good company of family and friends to celebrate Heroes past, present, and future.

Phalera MaximaCitizens of Octavius are also URGED to cast their vote for the Phalera Maxima — to recognize and award our heroes.

E.R.I. Announces Event for 120.5.6

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Edgar Reece Industries (E.R.I.) has released the following announcement:


Edgar Reece Industries, the Amanra biomedical giant, has expanded star-side in a big way!  We are proud to announce that E.R.I. has re-purposed The Dark sector in Aman Space as a Factional Competition Arena. Having completed initial testing with its Grand Opening Event, “Shuttles in the Dark” on 120.5.3, The Dark is ready and the Lil Fighters are coming!

Our next tournament, “Lil Fighters in The Dark” will take place on Wednesday 120.5.6 at 24:00 (midnight) midnight UTC.

“Lil Fighters in The Dark” is a factional competition between Rank 9 light fighter ships, and competitors will be /homed at the designated Factional Stations within the sector. When the round begins, pilots will full-contact-compete for kills, flux kills and Sensor Array Beacon control for the following point values:

  • Pilot Kill 50 points
  • Flux Kill 100 points
  • Beacon Control at KTRI announcement 200 points

The first factional team to 1,000 points wins the round. The first factional team to win two (2) rounds, wins the Event.

All members of the winning faction will receive a Cesium Medal.  All other participants in “Lil Fighters in The Dark” will receive the Captain’s Commendation.  Pilots MUST be flying a Light Fighter (Rank 9) and MUST be Mercenary-Tagged in order participate.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the event.

REMEMBER: if you are Military-tagged and want to participate, you must complete your tour of duty and switch to Mercenary

Explosions and Confusion Lead to Escape from Octavius Core

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) The recently-detained “Gent clones” escaped while being escorted by a TRI-SEC team under contract with Governor Carto.  The team was escorting the detainees from the hangar deck on Octavius Core to an off-station Inquisition facility when,

oct core hangar deck

Octavius Core, main hangar deck

according to witnesses, there were multiple explosions on the hangar deck. When the thick smoke cleared and order was restored Gent, -Gent- and _Gent_ had disappeared.  Their ships, which had been disarmed and disabled, were somehow launched.  It is unknown whether they were also rearmed.

“This was a well-coordinated plan,” said Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI Security.  “We had those ships disabled and locked down so there was inside help.  We’ll be reviewing hangar logs and surveillance to determine how this happened.”

In order to better track the fugitives, TRI-SEC has arranged with Solrain and Quantar for minimal bounties to be assigned. Continue reading

Carto Calls for Gent to Surrender

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The following statement was released by the Office of Governor Hasdrubar Carto:


Governor Hasdrubar Carto is calling for the surrender of the pilot going by the callsign ‘Gent.’  He is to cease all piloting activities and should present himself at Octavius Core. Gent is guaranteed safe conduct, but only if he surrenders himself within 48 hours. Anyone who interferes with the successful surrender will be dealt with severely.

No additional information was provided and the office of Governor Carto declined to comment further.  Pilot Gent is Solrain Specialist with a slightly negative (-6) political status with Octavius.  It is unclear why the Governor would call for his surrender.  Additional details will be provided as they become available.

GVB Gate Declared “Unstable”

UUNN Newswire


(Klatsches Hold)  TRI Corporation has declared the Great Venure Belt (GVB)/Hyperion Gate jumpgate to be unstable and has warned all pilots to avoid using it until further notice.

GVB“We were alerted to this situation by pilot Barcala,” said senior gate engineer A. Lettort.”He jumped the GVB/Hyperion Gate but ended up at the Outer Storm anomaly with an eel bearing down on him.  Fortunately his LifePod(tm) didn’t malfunction after the misdirected jump.”

Lettort also said that pilots should stay at least 4.1k away from the GVB/Hyperion Gate  jumpgate to avoid its expanding gravity well.  “These gates are getting old and infestations really take a toll on them.  I’m surprised this kind of thing hasn’t happened sooner,” she said.

Hyperial Unveils New Food Production Facility

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) Hyperial revealed today that its recent Faction Mission succeeded in the completion of a next-gen food manufacturing facility.  “There is no need for hunger manfoodany more,” announced Dr. Viggio Ragne, Special Representative for the Office of the President.  “Our manufacturing facility is completely scalable and will be able to meet even the highest of demands.  And all of the raw materials needed will be available right here.”

“Our Bioscience Engineers have developed the advanced cloning and hydroponics technologies necessary for this manufacturing wonder.  We invite all to make great use of it.”

It is unclear at this point how the Hyperial manufacturing facility differs from the one on Wake Station, which has been in operation for decades.

Infestation Epidemic!

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  With nine known infestations, some are saying this is the largest infestation event ever.  Acting with unexpected speed and coordination, Conflux infester drones have successfully cut off all access to unregulated space in just a matter of hours.  TRI-SEC has requested that pilots report any new infestations or sentient sightings.

infest epidemic

More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Jammer Prices Crash

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core Station)  In the wake of yesterdays accusations by STCC Speaker, Arbin Mallow, Jammer prices have crashed, falling over 80%, and and production was temporarily shut down.

Lexxor Intelligence released the following statement from its CEO, Dr. Danson Da’Mayo:

In the wake of yesterday’s allegations, Lexxor decided to immediately shut down production of the Jammer ECM.  We are in the business of marketing excellent Jammertechnology and would not want our reputation or our products reputations marred by criminal misuse.

While we have once again opened the production facilities, we are carefully evaluating the future of the Jammer — especially now that its prices has fallen to levels where we would lose money on each item produced.

Continue reading