New Leader Emerges on Martius

UUNN Newswire

(Danubia, Martius)  After two days of silence and uncertainty, Iulia (pronounced: eye-OOO-lee-ah) Atreus has emerged as the leader of the coup that displaced Atticus Aqilus, the interim Consul on Martius.  Although there has been no official statement, she is allegedly taking the title “Empress “ based on her direct relationship to Marcelus I (Marcelus Atreus) – the last “non-Atticus” emperor of Martius who was executed in 45BT when Atticus VI took the united thrones of Octavius.

At age 27 Iulia is the same age as Emperor Venticus when he took the throne on Ares Prime in 115.  Etruscera is still locked-down and it is unknown how she gained control of the Imperial Guard.  There has been no official word from either Ares Prime or Cinatus endorsing or denouncing the coup.


Blackout in Etruscera

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars) After initial reports of a widespread power outage in Etruscera, the capital city of Martius, we now understand that there has also been a complete lock-down and news blackout in the city.  Although there have been rumours that the virus released on Ares Prime by former-Emperor Septus is the cause of the current lock-down, nothing has been confirmed.

We will provide updates on this story as soon as they become available.

Civ-Rip Penalties Abolished! Pilots Urged to Seek Escorts

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  All three major factions agreed today to abolish the antiquated tag system that has been in place for over a decade.  The most significant fallout from this decision is that civilians will no longer be protected by the threat of penalties against those who would shoot them down.

“The factions decided that it’s time everyone puts their big-girl pants on,” said Apreel Amadán, the Official Arbitrator overseeing the agreement.  “The only ‘tags’ left in place are the ‘Rookie Tags’ — which will now only cover pilots up to level 3.”

To help offset the added danger, the Factions will be buying TRI Corporation’s new Defense Drone Mk.III, which is much faster and stronger — and has a one-jump range — so it will hunt bounties in sectors one jump away from station sectors.

Protester Dies in QC Explosion

UUNN Newswire

 * * * * * BREAKING NEWS * * * * *

(UUNN HQ) In the midst of the controversy over the growing nuclear missile stockpiles, an explosion was reported in Quantar Core sector causing panic and a brief lock-down on the station.

Station Governor Delphia Neamru released the following statement:

Today at approximately 19:00 UTC, there was an explosion outside Quantar Core Station.  The reports are that one of the individuals protesting nuclear stockpiles apparently rented an orbital shuttle and loaded four nuclear missiles into its cargo.  Shortly after launch, the missiles detonated.  It is unclear whether this was intentional or an accident.  Unfortunately, orbital shuttles do not have LifePod(tm) escape pods.

Other than the unfortunate death of the shuttle pilot, the only other damage was to the Chinook Naval Yard.  The damage is slight and should be repaired shortly

Rumours Tie Nuke Buildup to Conflux Plot

by Thane Carios

(Quantar Core Station)  Allegedly started by KTRI News Announcements, rumours ran wild across space today suggesting that the current buildup of the nuclear arsenals at all stations was actually driven by a Conflux-backed plot to simultaneously detonate the nuke inventories, inflicting horrific damage and casualties at all stations.

sabreglaivemaulProtests on Quantar Core called for the immediate removal of all nuclear missiles to off-station storage facilities and a temporary end to all production.  Quantar Qashish Nost’avor, leader of the Hamalzah’din Path said, “I call on the Tahirs to address this threat immediately.  There are currently over 1,000 nuclear missiles on four Quantar stations.  There is just no need for that kind of concentration of weapons of mass destruction.  I’m all for stockpiling the supplies for when we need to build them.  Just produce them as we need them.  And we don’t need thousands.” Continue reading

TRI Reports System Problems

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) TRI Information Systems (TRIIS) has reported that some of its databases have been corrupted:

tri_logoYesterday (119.3.22) at about 15:50 UTC, we experienced a significant failure in our reporting systems databases. Systems Engineers are currently working to rectify the problem, but due to the extent of the issues it may take 24 to 48 hours before this is corrected.  We need to restore backups and determine the source of the failure before systems can be fully brought back online.

This failure impacts only our our Flight Duty Reporting and Market systems.  All station, launch and jumpgate systems are operating nominally.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

 ***** UPDATE *****

This issue has been corrected but pilots are asked to monitor the Beacons Held and Pure Asteroid Mined counters.  Please report any irregularities to

Explosions Rock Hyperial Sector During Rauder Remembrance

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station)  Several explosions rocked Hyperial Station today on a day when all Hyperials remember former president Dr. Kelvin Rauder.  Initial reports indicate that the explosions came from the already-damaged Phosphorous factory that Hyperial had allegedly converted into a GenMod Laboratory.

It is not yet know what caused the explosions, but pilots are advised to exercise extreme caution until more is known.

 *** UPDATED 119.3.1 ***

Additional explosions have been recorded at this facility.  Hyperial authorities have made no comment, but TRI-SEC sources say high levels of radiation have been measured.  Pilots should avoid getting near this structure.