Rismore Found Dead

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  TRI-SEC is reporting that remains found and reported to them by a pilot on 120.4.27 have been confirmed to be those of Berl Rismore, who famously ran for Mayor of Barnard (and lost) in 118.  The remains were found in the access port of the MagnesiumBerl Nanoproducer in Hyperial Station sector

Although Rismore was last heard from just two months ago, promoting a Hyperial Faction mission, TRI’s forensics experts insist that based on their study of the remains, he has been dead for at least twelve months.  Rismore, age 33, was also a member of The Directorate.

TRI-SEC has turned the case over to Hyperial Station Security (HSS) for further investigation

The Catastrophe, Remembered

By Yaz Shanndar

Most pilots remember exactly where they were when it was happened.  Listenting to JPR . . . fighting Conflux . . . tuning beacons . . . mining . . .

Then everything went dark.

The following is the 115.4.30 recording of the speech by Sarath V on the third Anniversary of The Catastrophe (he died just six months later).

This week, on 120.4.30, we mark the eighth anniversary of The Catastrophe.  And as with every year since 114 when Founders Day was officially moved, this anniversary overlaps with the Solrain holiday.

Solrain has planned no space-based Founders’ Day celebrations this year.

Dockmaster Convicted of Accepting Favors

UUNN Newswire

hyp flight deck

(Hyperial Station)
  Sources on Hyperial Station indicate that Assistant Dockmaster Lev Rinrhys was found guilty of taking bribes in the form of “personal favors” in exchange for accepting, and paying-for, contraband Quantar Equipment.  His execution by HSS has been scheduled for 120.5.2 at 03:00 UTC.

Explosions and Confusion Lead to Escape from Octavius Core

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) The recently-detained “Gent clones” escaped while being escorted by a TRI-SEC team under contract with Governor Carto.  The team was escorting the detainees from the hangar deck on Octavius Core to an off-station Inquisition facility when,

oct core hangar deck

Octavius Core, main hangar deck

according to witnesses, there were multiple explosions on the hangar deck. When the thick smoke cleared and order was restored Gent, -Gent- and _Gent_ had disappeared.  Their ships, which had been disarmed and disabled, were somehow launched.  It is unknown whether they were also rearmed.

“This was a well-coordinated plan,” said Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI Security.  “We had those ships disabled and locked down so there was inside help.  We’ll be reviewing hangar logs and surveillance to determine how this happened.”

In order to better track the fugitives, TRI-SEC has arranged with Solrain and Quantar for minimal bounties to be assigned. Continue reading

The Curious Case of the “Gents”

by Ares Kiden

(Octavius Core Station) Two days ago there was some strange news that came out of Hasdrubar Carto’s Office on Octavius Core. They were calling for the pilot Gent to turn himself in, but they never indicated why. Not even a trumped-up fake-news kind of charge. He had a -6 PR with Oct, but we’ve all been there at some point.  Didn’t seem to be worth all of the fuss.

Then yesterday, this same pilot started broadcasting gibberish on F5:

gent-f5 120.4.23

Some suggested that these are some kind of distress calls and I don’t think they’re wrong.  I contacted the Security Office on Oct Core to ask whether he had turned himself in yet, but they did not respond. Continue reading

Carto Calls for Gent to Surrender

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The following statement was released by the Office of Governor Hasdrubar Carto:


Governor Hasdrubar Carto is calling for the surrender of the pilot going by the callsign ‘Gent.’  He is to cease all piloting activities and should present himself at Octavius Core. Gent is guaranteed safe conduct, but only if he surrenders himself within 48 hours. Anyone who interferes with the successful surrender will be dealt with severely.

No additional information was provided and the office of Governor Carto declined to comment further.  Pilot Gent is Solrain Specialist with a slightly negative (-6) political status with Octavius.  It is unclear why the Governor would call for his surrender.  Additional details will be provided as they become available.

GVB Gate Declared “Unstable”

UUNN Newswire


(Klatsches Hold)  TRI Corporation has declared the Great Venure Belt (GVB)/Hyperion Gate jumpgate to be unstable and has warned all pilots to avoid using it until further notice.

GVB“We were alerted to this situation by pilot Barcala,” said senior gate engineer A. Lettort.”He jumped the GVB/Hyperion Gate but ended up at the Outer Storm anomaly with an eel bearing down on him.  Fortunately his LifePod(tm) didn’t malfunction after the misdirected jump.”

Lettort also said that pilots should stay at least 4.1k away from the GVB/Hyperion Gate  jumpgate to avoid its expanding gravity well.  “These gates are getting old and infestations really take a toll on them.  I’m surprised this kind of thing hasn’t happened sooner,” she said.