STCC Opens Final Runoff Election

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(Cornea Station)
 The STCC has opened the voting for the final runoff election for the Speaker for Amanra.  The voting will be open until 117.6.30, and the final election results will be announced during the upcoming Founders Day holiday which runs from 117.7.7 through 117.7.9.

Solrain citizens are encouraged to register their votes here
(Only votes from Solrain Citizens will be registered)

The finalist candidates for this triennial election are council members:

  • Daneel Ruyden – Ruyden is a fairly new council member and this is his first runoff.  Ruyden’s voting record is usually moderate with regard to foreign affairs and conservative when it comes to fiscal matters.
  • Cassia Verhal – Verhal has been Speaker for 15 years and is generally considered as the most progressive of the speakers.  She has sometimes found herself allied with Hellion’s Imogen Hugin against the powerful veteran Demeter Garreth
  • Lylian Whyte – A 30-year veteran of the Council, ‘Lyl’ Whyte has tried to unseat Verhal three times without success.  She is a long-time member of the council and close personal friend of Demeter Garreth.  Her political views are extremely conservative and her financial.

Funding Denied for ShaiDen Project

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core)  In a surprising outcome, the funding applied-for by Conflux expert Professor Athena ShaiDen of Sutonia University was denied by Sorian Bank.  The loan, which most expected to be granted, was to help mass-produce a special kind of narrow-beam scanner ShaiDen had developed.  The scanner was used to take readings from Conflux infestations — with the goal of finding better ways to destroy — of even deter them.

Professor ShaiDen was unavailable for comment, but Carlo Adiar, TRI Corporation’s Director of Conflux Studies spoke out, “This is just incredible.  Professor ShaiDen and I do not always see eye to eye, but this was a no-brainer.  And the 500 million credits she was looking for is just a drop in the bucket for Sorian.  Her reputation alone should have been plenty of collateral — but she had a working prototype!  I don’t get it.” Continue reading

Sol Pilots are Missing KTRI

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core Station) Solrain Pilots have been reporting that there is a problem with their KTRI broadcasts while other factions’ pilots have reported no problems whatsoever.

“Well this was expected,” said Tristan Kamihira, TRI Corp. Director of Sector Assets.  “We had the problem a few weeks ago with gibberish being broadcast across the entire KTRI network.  The root of the problem was traced to the damaged Subspace Transceiver in the Narrow Canal.  Until that is repaired, Solrain pilots will not be able to receive KTRI broadcasts.”

TRI Corporation has put out a request that pilots — especially Solrain pilots — help with this repair effort.

Solrain Site Quarantined

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(UUNN HQ) The STCC Public Health Ministry has announced that the ancient landmark on Soria known as The Henge has been quarantined and that all access to the area within one mile of the site is completely off limits to the public.

The quarantine is due to the fact the pharmacology tests on the members of The Solarian Apostolate found dead at the site last week came up negative.  Authorities are now looking for a possible biological/bio-hazardous cause for their deaths.


Solrain Engineers Baffled by DSS Collection

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(Wake Station)  The Solrain Engineering & Technology Group (ETG) has reported that it has been unable to make any inroads with data recovery for the 284 DSS that were uncovered in a Cornea Station storage hold just under two weeks ago.

According to a source within the ETG , they have had absolutely no success in recovering data from these DSS so far, and have asked Jalil Aq’tamm to provide some consulting services.

Neither Solrain nor the ETG have confirmed this.

STCC Votes for DSS Return

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(Solrain Core)  An emergency meeting of the STCC called by Speakers Hugin and Verhal Sol-1has resolved that the DSS found on Cornea Station in Storage Hold 25 must be returned to Solrain for data recovery and decryption.

Dorator Technologies R&D has released the following statement:

We are disappointed with the decision of the STCC.  We believe that Dorator Tech could have provided excellent data recovery results in a minimum of time and at very reasonable cost.  Nonetheless we will certainly comply with the resolution.  We plan to ship all DSS to the Wake Station from our facilities in Hyperial today at approximately 20:00 UTC, where we will deliver them to the Solrain Engineering and Technology Group.  We will also be happy to provide assistance at any point during the ongoing DSS recovery and decryption process should the STCC require it.

Speakers Squabble over DSS

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  A dispute has apparently now broken out between the STCC Speakers regarding the disposition of the enormous collection of DSS found on Cornea Station in Storage Hold 25.  Earlier today, Speaker Demeter Garreth announced that the DSS were being turned over to Dorator R&D for data recovery and decryption, but Speakers Imogen Hugin (Hellion) and Cassia Verhal (Amanra) have called an emergency session of the STCC to decide on disposition of the DSS.

“It’s not up to Garreth what is done with those DSS,” said Verhal.  “She has over-stepped once again.  These DSS are Solrain property and I don’t want them in the hands of some multifactional Corporation with questionable loyalties.  Solrain needs to have direct oversight and control of this treasure.”