Research Board Project A Success

From the TRINN archives

Fortune appears to have smiled upon the trouble ridden Research Board at last. Plagued by faulty ships, still missing lead scientist Aeolsah, incomplete leads in his search, unexplained happenings, and occasional death threats, it seemed the ineffective Research Board would likely fall under the wrath known as TRI “budget cuts” next quarter if things didn’t start to change. However, Dr. Q’son and Dr. Mithis led a large group from GBS to Saron’s Shoulder to test a new scanner on some Conflux with great success.

We convinced Dr. Q’son and Dr. Mithis to take a small break in tabulating results to explain the rationale behind this bizarre approach to data collection.

“We do not see this sort of process as “bizarre”. Certainly it may look a bit odd to some, but in fact great strides in science have come about by taking risks. Our data indicated a large presence of sentient conflux were observed moving through the areas of GBS, Saron’s Shoulder and Pulsar on Monday. As many have observed in previous conflicts, sentient conflux tend to be numbered, thus making them easier to track. These two factors led to our spontaneous decision to try out Dr. Mithis’ new prototype scanner. I went along to stay at the station and provide information to incoming pilots during the activity and to compile information as it came in. While I was unable to get any data about the Conflux during the process, the pilots who held an small celebratory party at GBS were helpful in sharing their observations afterwards, including speed and weaponry employed by the sentients. In addition and on a completely unrelated note I was able to collect some data discs from pilot September for analysis.”

The scientists explained the process, which is duplicated below for informational purposes:

  • When hit, sentient conflux appear to become confused on occasion. This tendency leads to observed crashes into stations, asteroids, and jumpgates. Conflux had to be brought down to no shields, but not entirely killed. It has been proven now this will confuse them long enough to be scanned.
  • Live conflux appear to provide better data than dead conflux. This prototype scanner is not effective on dead conflux, thus, we had to ensure we had live samples to scan.

Dr. Q’son further indicated the plans for the scanner were first drafted by still-missing scientist , but it was thanks to Dr. Mithis’ technical expertise that allowed for the construction of it. With the prototype scanner on board, Dr. Mithis led the group out to Saron’s Shoulder where it took approximately a half hour to round up three conflux for scanning. While at first many were content to shoot whatever conflux appeared, a cooperative spirit eventually took hold as the group banded together to help the Research Board.

“JC_Sabre, divala, Arenor, Azrael, BlacKnight and Reif proved to be exceptional help to the Research Board and deserve special mention for their conflux catching efforts,” remarked Dr. Mithis. “I was able to collect a great deal of useful information for us to analyze.”

JC_Sabre merits additional mention for his ability to keep a conflux alive for an extended period of time, providing the scientists with an extensive and previously unavailable set of data for use.

The Research Board also wishes to thank:
Axiom, backspace, Blk_Dragon, Celmoriak, Chimera, Chlorman, Drizzt321, Dulin, Duster, E.Coli, Greenfleas, jpspiderma, Liet, Manaani, Migg, Mindfrag, MISkuGUN, Oberon, punknads, random, Ramiv, Sheriff89, Vagabond, VeX, and many other pilots who came out to GBS to assist Monday night.

The results are expected to be announced later this week.

Missions Deemed Failure in Scientist Search

From the TRINN archives


QUANTAR CORE/SOLRAIN CORE (TRI-FP) – Shockwaves rippled through stations yesterday as governments were forced to shut down efforts in the search for Aeolsah, marking these missions as a failure. Unknown to pilots, the Ministry of Defense had placed a statute of limitations upon these missions, to expire sometime Monday morning. After a long night of fact gathering, we bring you this report. What does this mean? Is Aeolsah dead? Are they calling off the search? Should we just go back to our daily routines?

First we talked to the Research Board. Dr. Q’son, accompanied by an unidentified member of the Research board, took a few minutes and granted us a short interview late last night.

Dr. Q’son? Any comments on the situation?
“While it is unusual the Ministry of Defense chose to handle the matter in this fashion, we certainly thank them for what data we were able to retrieve. Pilots scanning the Gyre were able to pick up energy fluctuations within the clouds. Many companies such as Aristio Conglomerated and Cromforge Enterprises have been in touch with us already. The data is woefully incomplete. It wasn’t a total failure, I’d like to think…

We have not given up looking for Aeolsah, though the situation looks painfully grim. We have received news from Wake as you know, horrid news indeed.

Yes, we heard about that. It’s okay, Dr. Q’son, take your time.
I’m, I’m fine.

What about the badge reported found in Wake?
It is authentic, indeed, but what of the body? There was no sign of a body anywhere. We simply must not give up hope! Another odd thing is that for security reasons, we changed all our badges towards the beginning of February.

Yes I noticed that, very sharp, these new badges.
Why thank you Miss Nolynn. But the badge found in the Wake was current until the end of January. It is his…

Are you saying this badge is a diversion?
(Dr. Q’son held up a brand new badge, belonging to Aeolsah, and matching the ones currently sported by Research Board members.)

It was on Aeolsah‘s desk. He’s a bit absentminded sometimes. Still doesn’t explain Wake.

No, you’re right, it doesn’t. I see… Now we do have several pilots wondering about what happened with the Ministry of Defense and the abrupt enforcement of the expiration of those missions. Any comment?
We are much obliged to the help of the Ministry of Defense, no matter how paltry or incomplete. We raised high objections over the requirements placed upon pilots undertaking them, and the rewards just weren’t adequate. While the Research Board isn’t rich by any standards, we are willing to continue this search with our funds only because we believe in the strides made by Aeolsah regarding the Conflux. We are encouraged by the results we received, and are hopeful the continuing work in Amananth will lead us to Aeolsah‘s location.

What sort of project was he working on? I mean, why was he out there?
Aeolsah tends to take things a bit too literal at times. I’m not certain why he felt he needed to actually go out there, but the key is, he did, and we’d really prefer to get him back, you know? There are things about the Conflux locked in his head at the moment that we feel are critical to development in our never-ending struggle with the Conflux.

Do you believe the clouds are related to the appearance of the newest form of sentient conflux?
Not personally, but there is much disagreement in our department about this.

What about the disappearing pilots from several months ago? Is this related to the clouds as well? What about your own disappearance and reappearance at Amananth?
I think it’d be unwise to comment further on those topics until we’ve got the data from Amamanth.

Why isn’t this a TRI-wide mission? Clearly you’ve got the ear of each of the individual governments.
TRI’s got… plans. (Dr. Q’son shrugs.) I’ve got my contacts who are willing to work with us, as you can see.

What’s next?
We are diversifying our goals and picking up the pace a bit. Ships aren’t designed to be away from stations for quite so long. As we have not heard from any stations other than Wake, we’re not exactly at a dead end, rather a see what’s next.


After this, we followed up with the companies mentioned by Dr. Q’son.

A representative from Aristio Conglomerated commented, “We are very excited about new opportunities this may present to our work and continued quality products to pilots!”

Cromforge Enterprises had this to say. “Fascinating. Pilots can be assured we are looking into the possibilities presented at Amananth.”

We also contacted RMD Director Tetsab for her views.

Director Tetsab, many are curious why the search for new TRI RMD locations has taken precedence over the continued search for Aeolsah.

“Clearly it isn’t about one being necessarily more important than the other. Our mission was planned way before the disappearance of Aeolsah, and regret if its coincidental timing in appearance makes our department look cruel and insensitive. However, it certainly isn’t fair to pilots to require every single resource of TRI to be devoted to such a search, no matter how important is. Odd as it may strike the readers of TRINN, some people just don’t care about the search at all. I of course, wish them the best, and you can be certain agents of RMD will be around as support for all our pilots involved in the search as well, should they need it.”

Finally, we contacted the Ministry of Defense, who issued a cryptic statement, relayed via a secretary:
“The Ministry of Defense stands by its decision, and thanks you for your continued interest. Future inquires on this topic may be addressed to the Research Board.”

That’s the latest from around TRI, and we’ll keep everyone updated as news develops.

Scientist Search Meets Violent Opposition

From the TRINN archives

The search for Aeolsah took a disastrous turn Friday night, as the joint operation of the Ministry of Defense and the Research board ended with no new clues. Approximately mid-evening, Dr. Q’son and Captain Estin made their way to Amananth’s launching pads, where they were greeted by several pilots already waiting and eager to assist. Spirits were relatively optimistic by all parties, but visible tension was displayed between Dr. Q’son and Captain Estin, with not so subtle comments being made about this being a Defense operation only, and the Defense department’s slow nature at handling the matter. Despite this, the route was given, and the pilots launched.

The Research Board’s bad luck continues, as Dr. Q’son rapidly petaled in the Gyre on the way to Aman Hook. With some coaxing by pilot Shogon, Dr. Q’son was on the way again. Somewhere near Last Parsec and the Stith, the group was viciously attacked. After multiple hits to the TRI vessel, Dr. Q’son escaped and arrived minutes later at Amananth. Upon arrival, Dr. Q’son claimed confusion at being back in Amananth, and told of a strange gas filling the cockpit of the ship causing the pilot to blackout and possibly suffer a small blow to the head. After being scanned for injuries at Amananth and none being found, Dr. Q’son remained at the station until Captain Estin’s return. Dr. Q’son was joined by several pilots at this time, and was visibly upset about the apparent tampering of the TRI ship issued for use, launching a series of wild accusations towards the Octavian faction, Captain Estin, and the Defense department.

In the meantime, the other pilots proceeded with Captain Estin to Wake. After several battles, the party veered off course to allow escorts to refuel and re-arm. It was at this point bandits launched a final assult upon Captain Estin’s ship. Captain Estin arrived in Amananth station shortly after, with mild injuries.

In a rare sign of cooperation between the two officials, the collection of reported evidence from Wake was determined a failure, and they would “wait for Wake officials to turn over what they have in a timely fashion”. No word from Wake officials.

A statement published Saturday by the Research Board states, “The Research Board wishes to apologize on behalf of Dr. Q’son for statements made towards members of Octavius last evening. The Research Board is comprised of members from all factions, and we do not condone such narrow minded assumptions, even when visibly made under mild injury and extreme stress. Of course we will be looking into the matter further, as well as the odd occurrence of ships issued to the Research Board members being defective. We do commend Dr. Q’son’s level head in refusing to head after Captain Estin. We have found direct evidence of the vessel being tampered with, including, but not limited to faulty jumping mechanisms. We have recalled all ships under our department for immediate inspection, and expect to continue our search efforts for our colleague when this is complete. We look forward to Wake officials’ assistance.”

Not to be outdone, the Ministry of Defense has come out with comments of their own surrounding last night’s shooting of Captain Estin:

“It would be highly irresponsible of us to place a bounty upon any parties involved in last night’s attack at this time. Indeed, we have also found evidence of the Captain’s vessel logging devices having been tampered with, causing our data of this event to be incomplete. We wish the Research Board well in their continued efforts, but due to the appalling and unfounded accusations launched by Dr. Q’son towards Captain Estin, we must respectfully withdraw from the search and instead focus our attention on other matters for TRI.”

A pilot named CobraMac was involved in last night’s attack, and eye witnesses report IHS ships in the area. Several pilots invaded the communication channel set up for pilots on the way to Wake, shouting “down with TRI”, causing speculation about the security of communication channels, and the possibility of a conspiracy between multiple organizations to divert attention from Wake.

So the search continues.

Sentient Attacks on the Rise; Scientist Search Contains New Information

From the TRINN archives

Sentient attacks are on the rise, increasing in deadliness, new tactics, and frequency. Last night, among other activity, a sentient interrupted a matter farm convoy. This solo sentient managed to take out a tow, took several others down to bare armor, and destroyed two fighter escorts in its deadly path. While their numbers appear to be small, their determination is unmatched, as many sectors last night report a deadly duo of sentients appeared first in one place, then another far away.

Defense Department officials have announced they will be conducting their search for Aeolsah leaving this evening from the Amananth station. Details will be given over TRI broadcasts approximately one half hour before departure. The Defense Department representative, Captain Estin has also indicated the department search will possibly be joined by Dr. Q’son, a Quantar colleague of Aeoslah’s from the Research Board.

A new development has formed over the search for Aeolsah. On Thursday at Wake station, trails of blood where discovered leading from slot 23-B-489 towards door EX-56 by local station reporter Arnash Galwar. Arnash reports he saw the door close as he was approaching the area. Door EX-56 leads to Wake Station’s most secure area with restriction level D.

Arnash alerted Wake Security Force right away but before they arrived he found a security card right by slot 23-B-489. The security card was heavily damaged but the name inscription was still visible on the card. The inscription was “Senior Professor”. In light of this evidence, Wake Security Forces have sealed off the area for further investigation.

Captain Estin commented, “In light of these facts, our destination must obviously include seeking data at Wake station, and of course, to verify the nature of this ‘evidence’. We appreciate any additional information Wake officials can provide.”

(TRINN wishes to thank Gwanda Salhin for extensive contributions to this report, especially the news from Wake.)

Ministry of Defense Holds Early Morning Press Conference

From the TRINN archives


The below are direct quotes taken from the press conference held by Tache Uzelin, Divisional Leader of the Ministry of Defense. It was a lengthy conference, announced only an hour before its occurrence, and lasted an hour and a half.


Regarding recent requests of Hyperial:

“Although we have received a copy of a request from “Hyperial royalty” to TRI to formally be added into the space program, TRI cannot honor this request at this time.

TRI does not recognize the so-called authority of Prince Sandrich “DF” Fablemi as leader of Hyperial, and believes he has overstepped the boundries of the government of Hyperial (royalty or not) through this request. While TRI is delighted by the enthusiasm and motives behind the request, we cannot honor it for this reason.”

President Rauder was not present, nor could be reached for comment.


On the topic of the scientist Aeolsah:

“TRI is distressed at the lack of motivation shown on behalf of the pilots, and resents the calls to bribe officials for further incentives. Aeolsah has shown unusual potential during his tenure as assistant to Dr. Yrral, and TRI does not wish to leave any employees in undue danger. The longer Aeolsah is left out in space, the less likely his safe return is ensured.

With this in mind, Defense department officials will be launching a search of its own early Friday evening.

The Defense Department has no wish to reward pilots for their lack of heroics and compassion. If pilots are unwilling to complete these missions, then we must proceed in a different direction. Again.

A shame, truly.”


Of the petition to release of TRI exploration data:

 “TRI is encouraged by the data collected by our pilots and expects to act upon them shortly, but for security reasons cannot declassify the information gleaned from these flights at this time to individual factions.”


About the conflux:

“The conflux have exhibited the following new capacities:

  • Increased sentient activity.
  • Odd, self-destructive behavior. Pilots have reported conflux crashing into stations, and flying directly at them.
  • Conflux continue to send no transmissions whatsoever to TRI pilots. They are a silent, deadly force.
  • The C-11 has no official title yet. The “Chameleon” has been adopted as a working title, for lack of a better term.
  • The Conflux have been seen jumping through gates between sectors. Pink, foglike weather around Amananth and the sectors the Sea of Solrain, Omni V, The Dark Fork, the Gyre appeared during the first raid in months. The clouds around Amananth still linger, as do the conflux attacks. The other three sectors have reported a decrease in attacks and the disappearance of the pink clouds.
  • The Defense Department is concerned with the small scale attacks, and have evidence to believe these are serving as “warm ups” and “trial runs” for the Conflux. The Conflux have exhibited new battle tactics, and pilots are advised to report any other odd behavior to TRI.
  • Many wild rumors may be spread by malicious pilots. TRI will continue to issue periodic, offical updates on information gained through the Conflux.
  • The Conflux’s relentless attacks are interrupting our trade routes and endangering our plans for continued expansion, and thank the dedication of our pilots for efforts to contain this menace.”


About numerous other odd sightings:

 “TRI Defense does not even merit these as serious enough to comment upon each of them individually, other than as always, we advise pilots who may be suffering from hallucinations, a sign of emotional and physical exhaustion, to please consult their local station physician. Stations running low on medical supplies are requested to contact TRI. While our operations have been successful in gaining new recruits, the continued health and happiness of our current pilots is vital to the success of our collective efforts.”


Concerning Pilot Aewl:

 “TRI Defense apologizes for the delay in the return of your data disk. A courier will be at your home station this afternoon with its return. We thank you for your cooperation in helping the Defense Department. In light of data from your ship, we felt it necessary to request pilots to investigate the connection between the appearance of sentient conflux and the weather at Amananth, in hopes it will lead to further decryption of the data we have gained from your disappearance. Given the facts we have already learned regarding ‘s disappearance, TRI now has reason to believe they may be connected to earlier disappearances of pilots in Amananth sectors. In the meantime, we do not advise you or pilots to deliberately jump into anomalies in an attempt to recreate this bizarre circumstance.”


Regarding the reported move of squads to Amananth:

 “TRI advises pilots who wish to study Amananth space to be respectful of the operators of Amananth station and not to overstep any bounds that may cause undue political tension between them and TRI. Amananth has been most generous in providing technology for our use, and TRI appreciates their continued cooperation and knowledge.”

Galaxy Gossip

From the TRINN archives

by Terces Keeper

ALL STATIONS (TRI-FP) – What a busy week this has been, pilots, and I’m here to bring you the round up. Keep in mind the opinions here are mine all mine, and not TRINN’s. (My boss makes me say this, even if he might actually agree.) First up, we’ve had sentient attacks, no big news to everyone. Right? Then pilots have had to endure the appearance of clouds and heavy fog at the same time. Now the Conflux have quieted down, but the clouds haven’t disappeared. Some folks are calling the purple cloud outside Amananth a nebula. What will people think up next?
The reported rash of window thefts has decreased, since a precautionary notice tacked on to the end of the latest storm advisory.

Calls are being made for exploration data to be released by TRI.

The Confederation has come up with some steep fines regarding misuse of communication channels. Lesser affluent pilots within the Confederate should keep this in mind, and the Senate may considering using these fines to purchase a hose to cool down the flames.

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TRI Changes Direction in Scientist Search

As many are aware, TRI Scientist Aeolsah disappeared from the Amananth sector on his way to scan lingering weather formations after sentient attacks earlier this week.

Late yesterday, new missions by Tache Uzelin were made available to Solrain and Quantar pilots to continue the work of the scientist while TRI planned their next move. Hours after the release of these missions, however, they were revised, focusing not upon the destinations of the missing scientist, but the area surrounding his disappearance.

“Our sympathies and warm thoughts go out to Aeolsah’s family during this stressful time. The research board has implored TRI to shift energies into finding our missing collegue, and thankfully, they’ve listened. Anyone with information or sightings should please contact us,” commented Nevin Yrral. “We also are aware pilots have been lost in sectors before and request data on that if it is available. We are not saying this is what has happened, but we cannot rule out the possibility yet.”

TRI Scientist Disappears Outside Amananth

From the TRINN archives
AMANANTH (TRI-FP) – Reports are trickling in confirming the disappearance of Solrain scientist Aeolsah last night outside of Amananth. Not just a half hour beforehand, the scientist put out a request for interested pilots with the assistance of KTRI.

Although several expressed concern for the scientist’s safety before departure, the mood was one of confidence as the small contingent left Amananth. Very shortly thereafter, the group of escorts were fired upon by several sentient conflux, and rogue pilots determined to cut short the efforts of TRI’s valuable research.

No stations have reported any sign of the scientist arriving safely, nor have any transmissions been received confirming his death. In light of these recent developments, Tache Uzelin, Divisional Leader of the TRI Ministry of Defense, has released a new mission available to Solrain and Quantar pilots to continue the work of the scientist. No statements have been issued. Quantar pilots are requested to assist in this matter, due to their proximity to Amananth. Octavian pilots with further information are also requested to contact TRI, as transmissions indicate ‘s destination last night was the Dark Fork, an Octavian sector.

An Interview with Aeolsah, Solrain Scientist

From the TRINN archives


by Jezaret Nolynn

AMANANTH (TRI-FP) – Aeolsah, a Solrain science officer and assistant to TRI Research Board member Nevin Yrral, led an excursion Tuesday night from Solrain Core to help uncover the reasons behind the unorthodox behavior of these sentient Conflux. Around mid-evening, Aeolsah requested the help of Solrain pilots to help escort him to Amananth. We caught up with Aeolsah and he graciously answered a few questions for us at the station.

TRINN: Greetings, Aeolsah! We are glad to see you got here safely, got a minute for a couple questions?
Aeolsah: Um, sure.

TRINN: Can you tell us about your mission?
Aeolsah: I’m headed out and the boss says to me, “Aeo, I want that report on the weather patterns surrounding Amananth, and I want them before you consider yourself off duty! Get yourself out to Amananth today and get me some more data. And don’t forget your daily report, either.” Needless to say, I pulled a late shift and off I went, I was planning to do this later in the week when the weather had cleared a bit around Solrain Core. Now there I go, I launched my ship but crashed into the station trying to turn around. It was then I realized I needed help and called for pilot assistance before I headed out again.

TRINN: Everything went all right getting here, then?
Aeolsah: I really need to get out of the lab more and actually fly the ships I’m working on. Can I mention the pilots that helped chart the path and pilot me from Solrain Core to Amananth? They were so helpful.

TRINN: Go right ahead! I am certain our readers would love to know the names of such valued and trustable pilots.
Aeolsah: Thank you. I wanted to mention Akito, ORyan, Isurus, Isamu, DrVooDoo, Mr_Bones.. if there’s any other pilots that should be on that list, and I don’t think so, it was terribly hard to write your name down in the fog and I thank you as well.

TRINN: I’m sure they’ll appreciate the nod regardless.
Aeolsah: (simply nods)

TRINN: Were you able to obtain the information you needed?
Aeolsah: More research is needed before I feel comfortable in making any definitive conclusions. I will be requesting pilots to assist by escorting and guarding me to areas affected by the storms tonight and possibly tomorrow, depending on how things go.

TRINN: We (TRINN) have been referring to the sentient flux as having breeds, can you speculate on the nature of the Conflux for us and illuminate some of the different breeds for us?
Aeolsah: We scientists refer to Conflux by “class”, you may wish to do the same. Although the Conflux exhibit unusual patterns and new behaviors on occasion, sophisticated AI can perform this task with ease. Just because the Conflux show they can behave in an intelligent fashion, does not mean they are in possession of a life. We cannot presume that all things that show life also possess intelligence, either.

TRINN: What about the new bre.. class, sorry of sentient ships referred to as the C-11 ‘Chameleon’? The ships do appear to be Solrain Premias…leading some to speculate there are connections with the Solrain. Any comment?
Aeolsah: What are you trying to suggest? As a Solrain, I am appalled you would say such things about them in my presence. I have no further comments.

TRINN: Our apologies, and good luck in your research efforts, Aeolsah. Thank you for your time!