Hyperial Security Increased, Construction Begins

From the TRINN Archives
by Jezaret Nolynn

HYPERIAL (TRI-FP) РIn a bold move, President Rauder promoted veteran Pilot Lau Bade to Commander of Hyperial Station Securities (CHSS). The position was specifically designed by Rauder to ensure (in his own words) the smooth and uninterrupted quality of life the citizens have come to depend upon.

Commander Bade has enjoyed a long and illustrious career with Hyperial. He is one of the few remaining who served during the Second Faith War. Until recently Bade had retired from service until summoned out of retirement by President Rauder. Bade had this to say. “I thank the President for his vote of confidence and I wish to reassure the citizens and Royalty that I will do everything in my power to protect the prosperity of Hyperial.”

Neither Rauder, nor Bade would comment on Quantar delegates or the Hyperial Embargo.

In other news, Hyperial has begun work on a subspace receiver. Dorator Technology representatives had this to say, “We are delighted to provide key elements towards the construction of this building. As you can see, Hyperial’s economy is headed one direction: Up!”

Further Illumination Over Amananth Research

AMANANTH (TRI-FP) – While we were out at Amananth yesterday talking to the Research Board, Dr. Mithis and Dr. Q’son spent some time to further elaborate on the statements made by both them and Divisional Chief Katdinal.

First of all, congratulations on the recent discoveries.
Dr. Mithis: Thank you, however, we’re definitely not the ones who need to accept all the credit for this work. It truly was a team effort between the Research Board and the hard working pilots here in Amananth.
Dr. Q’son: Number crunching is our specialty on occasion.

Is there a connection between appearance of sentient conflux, the weather at Amananth, and the disappearance of Aeolsah and other pilots? That was the point of this mission, after all.
Dr. Q’son: We were successful in gathering an abundant amount of data, and feel we have only scratched the surface of the true potential of these results.
Dr. Mithis: Actually yes. We now have data that proves all three of these things are tied together, just not in a way we initially thought. The Research Board is not one to waste efforts, it may have appeared with the enthusiasm of new sectors being discovered that this was all we had managed to find. That could not be further from the truth.

What took this mission so long? It took a long time to complete.
Dr. Q’son: The reasons behind that are simple, but we recognize it has been a frustrating experience. When the Ministry of Defense allowed the missions to expire and elected not to renew them, naturally our efforts were slowed down considerably. Not being afforded the grace and advantages certain other TRI departments hold currently, we had to rely on the good nature of faction governments to help us in our efforts.
Dr. Mithis:Additionally, we were able to verify hackers successfully made their way into the computers and were siphoning off information. We still don’t have all the information we could have from this mission, but what we do have will allow us to proceed nonetheless.

It also took nearly a week before announcing the results. What was the cause of this delay?
Dr. Q’son: At the behest of the Bureau of Stellar Cartography, we held off until we were able to announce all of these findings at once. This was but a small favor to ask, and we spent the additional time formulating plans to proceed forward.

Tell us a bit more about the weather in Amananth, and how this relates to the Sentient conflux.
Dr. Mithis: The storms apparently seem to disrupt the conflux gravitic emissions, leading to increased intercepts.

What you are saying then is this weather is actually a good thing?
Dr. Q’son: The weather certainly has not hurt our efforts in learning about the conflux.
Dr. Mithis: I agree, the weather is irritating to navigate in, but we should take advantage of it while it is present.

What about the new sector referred to yesterday?
Dr. Q’son: The new sector as announced yesterday by Director Katdinal¬†was quite along the lines of a “bonus find”. Between the dark hopelessness of the task of searching for at times, we have bits of light shining upon us. A bit Hamalzah’s grace at work.
Dr. Mithis: (teasing) Not very scientific of you, Doctor.
Dr. Q’son: Science tends to be a blend of faith and fact on occasion. This would be one of those occasions.

Thank you both for your time! We can’t wait to see what’s next from the Research Board and have great faith it will prove to lead to interesting facts about the Conflux and our galaxy at large.

Amananth Studies Remain Undaunted by Sentient Conflux

From the TRINN archives


AMANANTH (TRI-FP) – Despite vicious attempts of the sentient Conflux last night in Amananth sectors, many brave squads successfully banded together to drive the force back. With rally cries such as “Kill them all and let god sort them out” (Sniper59), it has been reported that indeed, all the sentients that appeared last night were killed. No reports from various temples around TRI have been filed about the sorting, however.

Many pilots expressed surprise at the increased skill and visible tactics of the sentients over previous attacks last month, and everyone was eager to share their findings and observations with others.

“Noted also was the use of anti-missile defense systems, or PWD’s, by both C7 Mantas and C10 Eels. Such systems were used effectively and were based on strategic usage. Also to be considered was the use of sentient single pilot targeting, as opposed to targeting those that placed the last hit, as seen by common Conflux. Instead of being drawn to those that were attacking it, Sentients tonight exhibited decisive maneuvers and targeting of what seemed to be those they considered the largest threats to their squadron. Sentients once targeting a pilot would only target another pilot if it so chose to do so, instead of chasing after the last person to strike a hit,” commented Scientific Advisor Garian Armastice, Head of Conflux Studies for DDZ (also known as pilot GrimFalcon) after the attacks.
The conflux attacks have been sporadic out in Amananth, however, reports were coming in last night of an extremely large force of Conflux out in Aman Hook. Casualties were also reported during that particular skirmish, and for a short time, the Conflux appeared to have “chased away” all the pilots from Aman Hook. The sentient Conflux also were observed appearing first near the anomaly in Amananth, and then moving outward.

Many pilots also remarked about the odd frequency of “sounds” being heard last night during the attacks. Regarding sounds in space, one of the members of the Research Board had this to say: “Sounds in space? Actually, the sounds being heard by pilots are the output of a sophisticated computer system which translates graviton emissions into a format humans can more readily react to and understand, similar to how radar converts electromagnetic waves into a format we can grasp. Since missile launches trigger certain predictable graviton emissions, as do explosions, as do engine thrusts, these emissions in turn become predictable sounds. A standard in all TRI ships, many pilots opt to replace the TRI-issued graviton-to-sound translations with customized alternatives.” No explaination for the patterns of Conflux sounds was offered.

Currently, the mission at Amananth appears to be almost complete.

“Clearly from the progress made out in Amananth we should have the necessary results to proceed forward with our search for scientist Aeolsah. It is true that the returns of data to the Research Board have been slowed down; we are investigating reported instances of hacking by agents of the IHS. I have to say it is not as bad as what those rumormongers tend to say, though, thanks to continued efforts by squads such as DSA. We are a bit behind schedule, but I think we’d all rather be accurate than fast anyway,” remarked Dr. Q’son. “We’ll see.”