Quantar Releases Statement on Recent DSS Find

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  The Temple of Roh at Khalar Fa’el has released a statement regarding the recently-found image from the First Book of Hamalzah:

“Our Brothers have carefully examined the image of a manuscript found and decoded by two of our people.  While we rejoice in the words of our scripture, the true words of the Books of Hamalzah are not to be read by any but the Priesthood. Therefore we cannot comment on the image recently found on a DSS in Amananth space. It is hard to imagine any member of our Priesthood would allow the true Books to be copied in this way.

“Nonetheless, it is our hope that this find will call many to a new commitment and vigor in The Faith.”


Image of Early Quantar Manuscript Found

UUNN Newswire

That latest DSS recovery and encryption from Jalil Aq’tamm and Hammer-BS was an image of what looks to be a very early manuscript of the First Book of Hamalzah.


The DSS was found by Hammer-BS in The Split — the same area where he recovered the DSS with the log from Enkido Kahn, but this find appears to be far older.  The find was originally reported by on TRI-Plog.



UUNN Parts Ways with Brenari

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Less than a day after taking full responsibility for an editorial error that resulted in a very poorly attended awards ceremony, UUNN announced that reporter Kedra Brenari will be leaving the news service.

“We thank Ms. Brenari for her years of service and wish her well in her new endeavors,” said Fence, the UUNN Founder and Publisher.

UUNN has, as yet, not named a replacement for Ms. Brenari.

UUNN Time-Mistake Causes Ceremony Confusion

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Today’s ceremony for the transfer of the Enkido Kahn Log DSS and the awarding of the Emperor’s Emissary medals was tarnished by a mistake by UUNN who published the ceremony time as 16:00 UTC, when it should have been 15:00 UTC. because of this error, Hammer-BS — discoverer and decrypter of the DSS missed the ceremony entirely.

“We feel horrible about this,” said UUNN Founder and Publisher, Fence. “Especially for Hammer-BS. He played a huge role in this history-making affair, and he deserved to be there for the honors. This won’t happen again.”

Since many people missed the ceremony, the following is a transcript of the Emperor’s statements.

In-Station during the transfer of the DSS

This moment is historic for our people, and all I can say is “thank you.” I know you are not from Octavius . . . and you were not out there particularly looking for our history. Nonetheless, the two of you, because of your efforts and talents, have done something special for Octavius and something very special for me .

So I want you to know how personally grateful I am – not as an Emperor, but as someone who, a little boy, idolized Enkido Kahn and who read stories about him and emulated him in play with his friends.

Please go ahead and initiate the transfer.

Now let’s head outside to do the “official” stuff.
Awards Ceremony Outside Outpost Station
Welcome Octavius! Welcome Quantar!  . . . and Solrain.

Aveg et Honore!

Today we celebrate both glory and honor.

We celebrate the glory of one of the great heroes of Octavius, whose voice has come back to us through the ages. We honor the pilots who have made this possible.

In the year 38AT, Enkido Kahn – one of the great heroes of Octavius and a revered son of Cinatus – made one of the great discoveries of our era.  He made a decision to divert from his mission of scanning anomalies for jumpgate construction and investigate a dim star . . .  He took a great risk, and he changed history with his discovery of Amananth.

Because of the efforts and talents of two pilots, Hammer-BS and Jalil, his voice has come echoing back to us through the years . . . from a time on the eve of his great discovery.  We hear his determination, his dreams and his doubt. And our hero becomes a REAL person to us.  And so today, we celebrate the reality of Enkido Kahn and we honor Hammer-BS and Jalil.

To that end… It is my honor and my pleasure, to present the Emperor’s Emissary medal to Hammer-BS and Jalil.  Their efforts have made Enkido Kahn alive to us again. And their generosity bring the remnants of his log back to us so that we may remember and honor him better.

Aveg et Honore to Enkido Kahn!
Aveg et Honore to Hammer-BS!
Aveg et Honore to Jalil!

There was also a bit of excitement shortly after the Emperor had docked at Outpost when a pirate name Huzzah made his way toward outpost Sector and was fought primarily by pilot Clanlord and the station’s defense drones, but with Jalil actually landing the kill-shot.

Enkido Kahn DSS to be Returned to Octavius

by Kedra Brenari

(Cina, Cinatus) Consul Nestro Zagabi announced today that the DSS that was recently found in Amananth space (The Split), and had its data recovered and decrypted by Quantar pilots, will be returned to Cinatus – the birthplace of the Octavius hero Enkido Kahn.

“This DSS is an Imperial treasure,” said Zagabi.  “It contained the log entry from one of our great modern heroes, just weeks before one of his greatest accomplishments.  We are arranging to have the DSS delivered to Emperor Cineon this Saturday (116.3.19).  The Emperor will be personally receiving the DSS and speaking to the pilots who discovered it and recovered its precious message.”

“Emperor Cineon has also made the unprecedented decision to immediately present the Emperor’s Emissary award (which is usually only presented during the Feast of the Fallen holiday) to pilots Hammer-BS and Jalil – both for making this unparalleled find, and for being so accommodating and generous in returning it to us.  We welcome anyone who would like to join in Outpost Station sector us in celebrating this great find, and in honoring these two pilots who have made this all possible.”

Emperor Cineon is expected to be arriving at Outpost station around 16:00 UTC  with the transfer of the artifact shortly afterwards.  The presentation of the Emperor’s Emissary awards will take place outside Outpost Station after the DSS has been transferred and the Emperor has had a chance to speak privately with Hammer-BS and Jalil.

Tripoint to be the Center of Nowruz Celebration

UUNN Newswire

(Kapenja, Perasca) Tripoint Station will be the host for this year’s Nowruz celebration with will be happening this Sunday, 116.3.20.  For the past several years, Quantar Core has hosted celebrations, but the Fahil Mem’ta decided that a change was needed, so Governor Queliar Neamru II.  was called upon to lead the holiday.

Nowruz (TRI Databank link) is a very simple holiday without much in the way of “official” activities, so the role of the hosting station is typically to have lots of food and drink on hand for the celebrants.  Most Quantar celebrate Nowruz by enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends.