Factions Weigh-In on Transport Destruction

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  After a pilot claimed responsibility for destroying a crippled automated transport ship owned by TRI Corporation, TRI called on the factions to punish the pilot.  The Solrain Traders and Citizens Council (STCC) provided the first, and most comprehensive response:

Clearly this was a capricious act by a plot more concerned with his own agendas and vendettas than the welfare of all.  We very much understand the position of TRI Corporation in trying to ensure there are consequences. But while we abhor the waste of such precious cargo, we feel that the long-standing rights of salvage are clear here.  The ship was in unregulated space.  There was no living person aboard.  The ship was clearly not under any kind of powered control.

So, while we feel that the general nature of this detestable act merits punishment, we do not believe there is any legal precedent to do so.  If any additional facts arise that change the legal circumstances , we are ready to reconsider this position.

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Hyperial Labels Quantar “Terrorist State”

by Thane Carios

(Barnard, Hypsos) After leaving a meeting of The Directorate, Dr. Viggio Ragne, the Special Representative for the President, today called Quantar a terrorist state.  “It is really no surprise,” said Ragne.  “This has been a long-standing pattern of behavior for Quantar.  They have consistently supported terrorist attacks on our people.  Rewarding criminals, terrorists and murderers is an atrocity.  We can only hope that the more principled factions will see this for what it is and take appropriate action.”

Hyperial has cut off the few communication channels it has with Quantar and has changed its official political status with Quantar to “War.”

The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol I, No. 7 by Ares Kiden

Well I went on holiday … and I stayed a lot longer than expected.  But my mom finally kicked me out so I’m back with another UPDATE!

Pilots Stay Away in Droves
The holiday crowds were in stealth-mode for this year’s Reconstruction Days with minimal participation in the organized events (“minimal” is a generous term here).  Some blame was put on the numerous protests of the recent Speaker’s election but it’s hard to believe that was the sole reason.  I really liked the “What’s Your Story” contest about The Henge.  I guess I should have entered.  I would have WON.  (My theory is that it was a VERY ancient, VERY huge trampoline.)

Landmark Election
Well the recent Solrain election for the Speaker’s Chair for Amanra was a landmark in a number of ways.  A long-time incumbent was unseated.  TWO challengers ended up tie in the popular vote, forcing a runoff in the STCC – which has not happened in a long time.  Supporters of Verhal have hit the streets in droves, with protests in boroughs and cities across all three planets.  While there has been no violence, there’s been unrest-a-plenty.  Protesters have contended that Hyperial was instrumental in influencing the election. Continue reading

Hyperial Decries Quant Terrorists

by Thane Carios

(Barnard, Hypsos)  Dr. Viggio Ragne publicly denounced yesterday’s attack in Hyperial sector: “Six Quantar pilots carried out a terrorist attack on Hyperial yesterday,” said Ragne.  “The attack was an unprovoked response to an imagined threat — and now 17 people who had worked in the production building that was targeted are now dead.

“The criminals responsible for this atrocity are Ambrosius, Crackhead, Eismann, Hammer-BS, Nereid and Roidrider.  Sadly our calls for help from the community went mostly unanswered so their vicious attacks took a severe toll.

“We are limited in our ability to prosecute and penalize — but let it be clearly known that these criminals are enemies or Hyperial and their political status here has been stripped. Now we call on Quantar and all of the other factions to do the civilized thing — bring these criminals to justice!  Make them pay for the spouses left alone . . . the children left without a parent.”

Quantar declined an immediate statement on the pilots and the attack.

Maximilian Rips Quantar and Others in Speech

UUNN Newswire

(Barnard, Hypsos) President Drago Maximilian broadcast a speech throughout Hyperial today.  While the address was long on rhetoric and short on details, it was clearly meant to internally rouse the national spirit.

The following is a transcript of the broadcast:

For many years we have found ourselves cast-out and separated.  Quantar looked to erase us.  TRI looked to control us.  Solrain looked to harvest profits and intellectual property. Wave upon wave have we endured — but not without its toll.

Now, once again, as we strive to improve ourselves, we have come under attack from the Enemy . . . first, questioning our right pursue the future, seeding  fear and jealousy throughout the other nations.  And now . . . now they DARE to make it their mission to intrude upon out sovereign space — openly and brazenly trespassing upon YOUR space . . . YOUR inheritance.  They believe we are downtrodden.  They think we are impotent.




The task before us may be the most difficult which has faced us in many years. But we all have unbounded confidence, for we believe in our nation and in its eternal values. We must all unite to contribute the bricks wherewith to build our future.

We, the Leaders and the Directorate of Hyperial will therefore regard it as its first and supreme task to restore to our people a renewed unity of mind and will. It will preserve and defend the foundations on which the strength of our nation rests. Research and technology will continue to be the nucleus of our nation and our state. Standing above estates and classes, it will bring back to our people the consciousness of its racial and political unity and the obligations arising therefrom. We will re-focus the education of our youth on respect for our great past and pride in bright future.

Triune Meeting Security Systems Hacked. Ministry of War Implicates Quantar.

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The Octavius Ministry of War has released the following statement:

An attempt to hack into the security systems for the Triune Meeting on Ares Prime.  It has been determined that the source of this cyber-attack is Quantar in origin.  We believe that the explosion at the Plutonium Factory was used as part of this attack.  With our security systems in a high level of activity, the Quantar hacker was able to find a weakness and attempted to upload a virus into our systems.  Fortunately, the unauthorized systems activity was quickly noticed and blocked.

The Imperial Triune had convened an emergency meeting.

Sunday’s Race Details Released

UUNN Newswire

(Quanus) – Sunday’s short track race will be held at Ekoos Stop sector at 1900 UTC (find your local time).

The rules are as follows:

  • Ships: PremiaXL vs Albatross vs Gust
  • No artifacts. Yes FF.
  • Albatross needs 1 unit of Machined Parts in cargo
  • PremiaXL needs Mitoria engines and 1 unit of Cesium in cargo
  • Gust needs Mitoria engines


The track is as follows:

  • Start in Omni V gate (jump out, back in).
  • Fly through the beacon (no BCU required).
  • Fly through the large hollow common roid near the beacon (into any of its 3 entrances and out of another one).
  • Fly through the docking tube of the Docking Computer CP and stop.
    • The CP will stop your ship and tell you that you don’t have the right ingredients then eject your ship, if it does not do this, you have not pulled far enough into it. Note that this CP is out of radar range from the beacon, it lies between the Ring View and Quantar Gate jumpgates (both of which you can target).
  • Dock at the Finish Line POS which is public and near the Docking Computer CP.


All participants will be awarded the Captains Commendation, 1st/2nd/3rd will be awarded the Cesium/Platinum/Antimony medals. (New medals.)