Jammer Prices Crash

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core Station)  In the wake of yesterdays accusations by STCC Speaker, Arbin Mallow, Jammer prices have crashed, falling over 80%, and and production was temporarily shut down.

Lexxor Intelligence released the following statement from its CEO, Dr. Danson Da’Mayo:

In the wake of yesterday’s allegations, Lexxor decided to immediately shut down production of the Jammer ECM.  We are in the business of marketing excellent Jammertechnology and would not want our reputation or our products reputations marred by criminal misuse.

While we have once again opened the production facilities, we are carefully evaluating the future of the Jammer — especially now that its prices has fallen to levels where we would lose money on each item produced.

Dr. Elin Araad called Spealer Mallow’s statements “irresponsible and unfounded.”

Elden Prescott III, Sorian Bancorp’s Chairman Emeritus said, “Speaker Mallow’s decision here was rash and unfortunate.  A person in his position has to measure what he says in light of the potential for serious economic impacts.  He had cost a lot of people a lot of money and that can be a dangerous thing.”

“It’s moronic,” said Malkev Dorator of Dorator Technologies.  “Technically and production and trading effort could be used to hide a money trail.  Or maybe it’s not moronic and Mallow has decided to use his position to manipulate markets for his own gain.”

Unofficial sources say STCC Premier Demeter Garreth has called for an emergency meeting of the STCC.

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