ECONOMY REPORT: Commodity Shortage Begins Affecting Equipment Production


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 4


Commodity shortages are beginning to have an impact on equipment production, though as yet there appear to be no “critical” shortages.

JGCentral reports that five base commodities, including Carbon, Cesium, Palladium and Water currently have universal inventories of fewer than 1000 units. Cesium is generally available through the NanoAssembler in Amananth station sector, but the Carbon shortage is bound to quickly begin impacting missile production.

Miners are encouraged to increase ice and semifluxor harvests as quickly as possible to avert a commodity crisis.

TRI Establishes Defense Status Guidelines


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 4


Based on new data available from the CLAWS system, TRI has established a new pilot warning system consisting of five Conflux threat categories:

TRI Defense Condition 5: There are no known threats, although readiness training should be performed. Risk of attack is low.

TRI Defense Condition 4: A non-specific threat has been detected, pilots should be on alert for anything unusual. There is a general risk of attack.

TRI Defens:e Condition 3: A threat has been detected, and there is significant risk of an attack. Pilots should be on heightened alert, and key sectors should be actively patrolled. Beacons should be tuned to provide the earliest possible warning.

TRI Defense Condition 2: Risk of an imminent attack is high. Non combat pilots should exercise extreme caution, while combat pilots should be in flight, and ready to actively engage enemy targets. Private and secure communications channels should be primarily used for command and control operations.

TRI Defense Condition 1: An attack is in progress. All pilots are requested to respond to the attack. Emergency personnel should be pre-positioning to respond. Non critical station personnel should move to sheltered areas.

This new simplified pilot warning system is expected to help in maximizing efficient response to imminent threat of Conflux attacks.

Solicidal Paranoia Leads to Amananth Equipment Blockade


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 4


Squad SoLiCiDaL has decided, based on information that they have allegedly recovered, to close down Aman space and to prohibit any Amananthii equipment from being hauled out to the other faction and personal stations.

“Due to recent information discovered on a rusty DSS, Amananth is now off limits to all TRI personnel. Our recent discovery shows that the Amananthi government is in league with the conflux. This cannot be tolerated. Aman leaders have given access to TRI space in exchange for technology secrets that make Amanathi equipment far superior than that of other factions. They fill their fat bellies with the blood of TRI pilots.

Purchasing Aman produced equipment is supporting the conflux menace. Henceforth, all TRI pilots entering Amananth space will be turned back, until further notice. If pilots persist, they will be dealt with accordingly.”

SoLiCiDaL has claimed that the blockade will end if Amananth agrees to share the secrets of its production with the other factions. While the Solrain government (STCC) expressed support of this initiative, the Quantar Fa’hil Memta and the Octavian Empire have opposed the blockade — each in their own way.

Octavius Denies Allegations; Initiates Response

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – As the situation surrounding Amananth rapidly degrades, the Octavian Empire has seemingly taken a preemptive strike against the proposed licensing of the movement of Flashfire technology by the STCC.
“Why the STCC would even think that we would want to enter into any sort of alliance with Quantar is incomprehensible,” commented Tesios Muca. “I am sure that once this ‘evidence’ is made public, it will be seen for what it is – a fabrication by the STCC, and nothing more.

“The STCC is clearly manipulating the situation to obtain an economic stranglehold on certain key technology, starting with the Flashfire. This situation demands a strong and decisive response – a response that will come from the Empire, if the STCC continues down this misguided path.

“We will not strike first – the STCC has already done that by relocating Flashfires from Octavian space to Solrain space, yet, their thinly veiled attempts to weaken us will not succeed. Likewise, it is obvious to us that all Quantar wants is to expand their territory by Annexing Amananth space by false friendship. Therefore, effective immediately, Octavian forces are commanded to interdict any non Octavian ship carrying large quantities of Flashfires outside of Octavian space without the express permission of the Empire. Interdicted ships should dock at an Octavian station, where they may sell their Flashfires at market rates. Octavian cargo pilots are instructed to ensure that Octavius core station is regularly stocked with Amananth technology, including Flashfires.

“This order will remain in effect until the STCC revokes its recent edict, and Quantar ceases its expansionist policies for Amananth space.”

STCC Expands Blockade; Blames Quantar and Octavius

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement issued from the office of STCC Premier Cristofore Parce, the STCC has announced a formal expansion of the blockade around Amananth, citing a secret alliance between the Quantar and Octavian governments as the cause.
“Irrefutable evidence has come into our possession that the Quantar and Octavian governments are about to enter into a military alliance in order to combat Solrain pilots who are blockading Amananth space. In addition to a military alliance, both Quantar and Octavius are readying a covert operation to implement economic sanctions again Solrain by hindering the movement of key Amananth technology into Solrain space.

“The STCC can not and will not stand by and let this happen. Effective at midnight on 104.11.01 large shipments of Flashfires will require a license issued by the STCC. Any ship found in Solrain, Amananth, Hyperial, or neutral space carrying more than 10 (ten) Flashfires in its cargo hold without a license is subject to diversion to a Solrain station. Failure to divert will be seen as an act of aggression, and may result in the destruction of both ship and cargo. Any ship interfering with this action is also subject to summary destruction by Solrain forces.

“Solrain cargo pilots are requested to move all Flashfires to Solrain Core station.

“All pilots loyal to Solrain are automatically granted licenses under this program. Other pilots may apply for a license by contacting the STCC.”

Quantar Responds To STCC

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – The Fa’hil Memta was quick to respond to a recently announced escalation of the Amananth situation, with this brief statement being issued by Tahir Queliar Neamru:

“The Fa’hil Memta categorically denies the accusations laid down by the STCC. We invite the STCC to present its so called irrefutable evidence, and issue warning that should the STCC proceed with this foolhardy escalation of hostilities, we shall be forced to respond in kind.

“We shall do everything in our power to prevent this explosive situation from escalating any further, but the Fa’hil Memta will not stand by and ignore factionally sponsored piracy upon Quantar vessels.”

Octavius CSD Plans To Enhance CLAWS

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

(TRI-FP) In a brief statement by the Octavian Ministry of War this afternoon, plans were laid out to unilaterally enhance the CLAWS sensor arrays located in Conflux Space. The plans call for an additional sensor array to be constructed close to Pulsar Gate, with the intent to capture additional advance warning messages, to be relayed to the array in Pulsar.

“It is time for the Empire to move out from behind the coat-tails of TRI, and to provide for our own factional security,” reads the statement. “As shown by the attack last night, TRI can not be trusted to provide a timely warning and ensure our pilots can respond in time. In addition, it is now obvious that TRI has been keeping critical information regarding the placement of CLAWS arrays from the factional governments, so it falls upon the Octavian Empire to take the next step, and finish the CLAWS project, where TRI has failed once again.”

Conflux Attack Custom Producers

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ) A pair of C17-S sentient conflux swept into Great Pillars station sector late last night, and started to attack the Duelist science station located there. Although multiple pilots responded to the attack, the sentients were able to disable the station before moving onto to Omni IV, where they were quickly dispatched by TRI pilots. However, the Duelist custom producer in Omni IV also suffered minor damage, and was shutdown for a short time for automatic repairs.

“Unfortunately, despite the Defense Condition being raised, a significant number of beacons remained untuned last night,” commented Dr Nevin Yrral, Director, TRI Research. “This enabled the conflux to approach mostly undetected, and minimized the warning time we were able to provide. Pilots are urged to keep beacons tuned, so as to provided the earliest possible warning of an attack, as well as the most up to date tracking information.

“The damage to the producers was minor, and both were operational shortly after the attack. However, we suspect that this is a prelude to a much larger offensive against key equipment sites.”

Calatorius Leaves TRIR-CSD

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ) The following announcement was received from Dr Yrral (Director, TRI Research) moments ago:

“Earlier today, Dr Calatorius resigned as the Director of the Conflux Studies Division, citing personal reasons. His resignation goes into effect immediately, and I will be acting as Director of CSD on an interim basis, until we find a permanent replacement. All of us here at TRI Research thank Dr Calatorius for his hard work, and wish him well on his future endeavors.”