Postern Makes Bid for Annihilitech Assets

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Postern Associates (TRISE: PASS) announced today that it is in negotiations with Sorian Bank to acquire the patents, intellectual property and some physical assets of Annihilitech, which abruptly ceased operations in May of this year after accounting irregularities were identified (CFO Markos Theran is still a fugitive).

When it closed its doors, Annihilitech was only manufacturing two items:  the Senator long-range mortar and the Featherfire ion cannon, but over the years, Annihilitech developed some of the most destructive and powerful weapons known since The Great Collapse — among them the now-outlawed “Imperializer,” which reportedly ruptured atomic structures with high powered gravitrons.

Much of Annihilitech’s weapons R&D was done under contract to other corporations like Particle Systems, Inc. and Aristio Conglomerated.

It is unclear whether Postern intends to restart production of any Annihiltech equipment, or is simply looking to invest in the IP.


The (Unregulated) Update


Vol II, No. 11 – by Ares Kiden

Festival! 118 Roundup

Festival! always seems to be one of the most fun holidays every year.  It’s longer, it’s for all factions and there are usually lots of events.  There were a lot of events, but I seem to see a trend where just a few people participate and they get all of the prizes.  I’m not judging — I’m to blame, too.   I should have gotten at least a little bit involved.  It just seems a shame.  More people would probably equal more fun.

Historic Pub Moves

Apparently it’s hard to sell beer when hardly anyone ever docs at the station.  I don’t think we have gotten any official word on when the “new” SpaceBar will be opening on KH, but let’s drop in, raise a pint and wish TD “good luck” when it does.

Thief Production Ends

Yeah . . . having a hard time getting worked-up over this one.  Has anyone ever really used one of those things?


Thief Production Discontinued

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Aristio Conglomerated announced today that, effective immediately, it is shutting down production of its unique Graviton Displacer weapon — the Thief.

thief trade screen

Company spokesperson Josef Panuluo released the following statement:

Because of lack of sales, Aristio Conglomerated is shutting down the production of this very-unique weapon.  We’re sure there will be plenty of inventory available in markets across space to satisfy the need for this weapon for a very long time.

We will also be focusing all production of the very-popular Spitfire ion weapon to our Tripoint manufacturing facility in order to gain production efficiencies there.