TRI To Downsize, Cede Control To Factions

From the TRINN archives

By Rafel Solamis
TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In a surprise statement from the TRI
Executive Council, TRI will be downsizing its operations, and ceding more
control over to the factional governments.

“As part of a multi pronged approach to more closely align TRI with
the needs of its pilots, we are taking several immediate steps to grant more
control over day to day operations to local and factional governments, who are
better suited to serve their pilots.”
The initiative includes the following key actions:
*- Effective immediately, ownership of all TRI owned buildings in
Solrain, Quantar and Octavian space is transferred to their respective factional
*- TRI Research is being significantly scaled back, with Conflux Studies
being totally shutdown, while Material Sciences’ budget is being slashed by 90%.
Conflux Studies and Material Sciences activities will be outsourced to factional
agencies, and/or private enterprise, with TRI Research providing coordination
and oversight only.
*- TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography has also received a massive budget
decrease, and like TRI-R, is having its mandate changed to move towards
coordination and oversight of factional agencies.
*- TRI-RMD is receiving a significant budget increase.
*- TRI Economics Office is receiving a slight budget increase, to allow
it to better monitor economic conditions.