From the TRINN archives

by Zoe Vexel

Earlier today Amananth(AI) issued the following statement:

“Amananth has always valued the relationship we have held with TRI, specifically the Conflux Studies Division. Regardless of Dr. Calatorius’ Octavian birthplace, he is as welcome at Amananth as any TRI Research official.”

Director Yrral was quick to comment. “TRI Reseach is, as always, grateful for Amananth’s support for our efforts against our common enemy, the Conflux. All of us here at TRI-R are encouraged by the acceptance of Dr Calatorius by Amananth, and we look forward to the results of our continued good relationship.”

Q’son resigns, new TRI-R CSD Director named

From the TRINN Archive

by Zoe Vexel
AMANANTH/TRI HQ (TRI-FP) Dr. Aulus Calatorius has been assigned to head up TRI Research Conflux Studies Division, to fill the post recently vacated by Dr. Holly Q’son, after she announced intentions to maintain a permanent teaching post at Sutonia University. Dr. Calatorius has previously worked as an independent consultant with both Dr. Q’son and Dr. Mithis, and currently maintains offices at Octavius Outpost station.

Dr. Nevin Yrral, Director of  TRI Research, had this to say about Calatorius,

“In the best traditions of the Conflux Studies Department, Dr. Calatorius has previously shown his ability to think outside of the box, and generate very creative solutions to near impossible problems, such as his theories on adapting repair beams to scan sentient conflux, which ultimately led to the capture of a sentient. His previous work with TRI-R Directors was exemplary, and his leadership will make a great addition to the TRI Research team. Once the final administration issues are out of the way, Dr. Calatorius can resume CSD’s work at Amananth.”

Body Found at Quantar Core

TRINN – Recovered from DSS
by Zoe Vexel
The body found last week at Quantar Core station has been formally identified as that of Malum Ionus, a well-known and often outspoken High Priest of Quantar. The body, although badly decomposed, was identified by DNA testing and dental records.
A brief statement was issued by the Tahirs:
“The death of Malum Ionus is truly a tragedy for Quantar. We join all of Quantar in mourning his departure, but we take comfort in the knowledge that Hamalzah watches over him now.
“Brother Io’s death is no accident, and those who are responsible for this heinous act shall be brought to swift justice, according to the ways of Quantar.”
Unnamed sources within the Quantar internal security service indicate that the investigation is focused on Brother Io’s previous dealings with elements of the Octavian government.