The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 5 – by Ares Kiden

This issue has turned out to be *** The Hyperial Issue *** … because, well, I guess the rest of the factions are just pretty boring!

Hyperial Building Destroyed

It started with a series of explosions at the already-damaged Phosphorous Nanoproducer that began on the late Dr. Kelvin Rauder’s birthday.  Then a pilots decided to repair that producer — and that sparked a see-saw battle with Quantar pilots (primarily Ambrosius) lobbing nukes at the building; and a group of pilots from various factions led by GrimGriz attempting to defend and repair the building.

Along the way there was lots of taunting, insulting, challenging and general deriding going on.  There were even a couple ship-to-ship battles.  In the end, the building was destroyed — but that has still not put an end to the debate over whether the building had housed a secret Hyperial GenMod laboratory.

We may never know. Continue reading


The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 4 – by Ares Kiden

Septus Autopsy Yields Shocking Results

Although there has been no official report, I have heard from trustworthy sources that an autopsy was performed on the recently-deceased Emperor, and the results were pretty shocking.  It appears that Septus has been kept alive for some time with the aid of illegal Prosthetics and other dangerous drugs.  Some have suggested that, if this is true, then Septus technically lost his legitimacy to rule when his natural organs (allegedly) began being replaced.

DSS Data Raises Questions

An individual going by the name R. Cain has been asking questions about DSS and has put some interesting (but not conclusive) data together.  What he has found is that most of the DSS that have been recovered and deciphered are not pre-collapse artifacts.  In fact, only 35% of them (at most) are pre-collapse.  Given that fact, he goes on to question whether other artifacts may also be of more recent origin … which would then open of a whole new set of questions.

I had hoped to get Jalil Aq’tamm’s opinions on this, but he has not responded to my questions. Continue reading

The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 3 – by Ares Kiden

High-Level Meeting News

At the risk of annoying my colleague (and editors), I think Thane may be having a slow news month.  Meetings between Faction Leaders (Garreth), Bankers (Prescott) and Corporate Execs (Dorator) don’t seem to be a very big deal to me.  If these kinds of people didn’t have meetings, what else would they do with their time?

Do You Have Questions About Great Collapse?

There’s a guy over on this channel who seems to be suggesting there may be some facts about The Great Collapse that have been buried for some reason.  I always accepted that the extended dark age in the aftermath of the event is the reason we have so little understanding.  Any other conspiracy theorists out there?

What’s Going on With Prosthetics?

I don’t understand what is going on with Prosthetics.  They were declared contraband years ago, but there is still a black market for some reason and my sources tell me they are selling for over 4.2 million credits to the right buyers.  Who is buying these and why?


The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 2 – by Ares Kiden

Conflux Score Lucky Hit?

Inventories were damaged and production was disrupted when Amananth Station was attacked by a Conflux C10-s on 119.1.9.  The damage was caused by a deemed “lucky hit.” Call me skeptical, but I think I would look into station defenses more closely before writing this one off as “lucky” — or maybe the next “lucky hit” will target nukes (i.e. BIG boom) — or take out a big chunk of the remaining, irreplaceable Antiflux inventory.

In this instance it was Flashfires, Guardians and Whistles that took the hit — and a quickly addressed Faction Mission to repair things was completed in just a few days (nice work, folks!). Continue reading

The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 1 – by Ares Kiden

Five Years

Very little has gone on since the last issue, but I just had to do an Update to talk about the fifth anniversary of The Restoration.

On 113.12.28, Jumpgates were reopened — just about 20 months after the event we know as The Catastrophe, that disrupted gates, fried databases and destroyed a lot of other infrastructure.  Although it was not as deadly or cataclysmic as The Great Collapse, it shook all of the pilots and all of the factions to their core, reminding all just how little control we have over the immense stellar forces that wash across the galaxy and how easily governments, cultures, infrastructure and people can be wiped away.

So now we stand here five years later.  And while some have returned to taking things for granted, I believe that the vast majority of us appreciate every jumpgate, beacon, station and ship because we know how easily it can all just disappear — or at the very least — be rendered unusable.

Happy fifth anniversary of The Restoration to you all.


The (Unregulated) Update


Vol II, No. 11 – by Ares Kiden

Festival! 118 Roundup

Festival! always seems to be one of the most fun holidays every year.  It’s longer, it’s for all factions and there are usually lots of events.  There were a lot of events, but I seem to see a trend where just a few people participate and they get all of the prizes.  I’m not judging — I’m to blame, too.   I should have gotten at least a little bit involved.  It just seems a shame.  More people would probably equal more fun.

Historic Pub Moves

Apparently it’s hard to sell beer when hardly anyone ever docs at the station.  I don’t think we have gotten any official word on when the “new” SpaceBar will be opening on KH, but let’s drop in, raise a pint and wish TD “good luck” when it does.

Thief Production Ends

Yeah . . . having a hard time getting worked-up over this one.  Has anyone ever really used one of those things?


The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol II, No. 10 – by Ares Kiden

Hives Busted.  Roids Cooling

It all started on 7.20 when pilots reported that asteroids were not cooling after being mined.  It ended on 10.26 when the final hives were destroyed and ‘roids began cooling again.  In the interim there were five Faction Missions, that started on 7.20, 8.10, 8.22 and 9.23.  These included missions to re-program Quantar beacons, Hyperial data collection, a series of Octavius anomaly scans, Solrain commodity stockpiling and Amananth beacon monitoring.

And while all of this was going on, there was a brief period of rapid infestations activity, with some of the infestations seeming absolutely impregnable.

On 9.9 — after the fourth Faction Missions — TRI Corporation’s Research Division called on pilots to tune ALL beacons to one color (ended up being green).

And once all that was done, there was a call to destroy all Conflux Hives in five targeted sectors.  I’m not going to repeat what has already been reported on this, but kudos to the pilots who didn’t just walk away frustrated and complaining — who brought this drama to an end on 10.26.  Your rewards were well-deserved.

***** BUT ***** Continue reading