Festival! Awards List Released

UUNN Newswire

The following awards are being given for the various Festival! Events and contests:

Pure Mining Contest

1st Place/Karadron’s Spade and CM4:  Hifly (249 pures mined)

2nd Place/Keval’s Thanks and CM3:  Hammer-BS (153 pures mined)

3rd Place/Keval’s Thanks and CM2:  Sinver (121 pures mined)

Captains Commendations will also be awarded to the following pilots for their participation in this event:  Baius, Calph, Jimbo, -LoneSrk-, Ragaril, Sweithek and Veloxi.

The Great Festival! Race

1st Place/Cesium Medal & 100u of Platinum:  Filzi

2nd Place/Platinum Medal & 50u of Platinum:  Hammer-BS

3rd Place/Antimony Medal & 25u of Platinum:  Hifly

There were no other participants in this race.

 TRI Trivia Contest

Winner/Seeker of Knowledge medal – Filzi

Hammer-BS will receive a Captain’s Commendation for participating.


There were no pilots receiving the minimum-required ten votes for any of the Pilots’ Choice Awards (Combat, Mining, Leadership, Conflux Hunting and Economics) and there were no entries either for the Storyteller Contest or the Library Lottery.

Tri Trivia Contest Questions

UUNN Newswire

The following are the questions for the Festival! Tri-Trivia Contest:

  1. We know that Sarath V was the Fifth Prime of The Reconstruction.  Who was the Third Prime?
  2. What was Jalil Aq’tamm’s FORMER employer?
  3. Who was Desigrey Hettir?
  4. Who founded the Unaffiliated Unregulated News Network (UUNN)?
  5. Who authored/wrote the story The Haunting of Station 451?

Answers to all of these questions are available through current resource sites, so you don’t need to “know” the answer — just find it.

Answers must be submitted to jgnewsnet@gmail.com by midnight (UTC) on Saturday 115.11.28.  Winners will be announced on Sunday.

Contests, Races and Missions Fill Festival! Event Schedule

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(UUNN HQ)  The full schedule for the upcoming Festival! holiday was released today, featuring a number of different holiday activities.

115.11.22 – Deadline for submissions to the Sarath V. Memorial Library’s Storyteller Contest and Library Lottery.  (Submissions can be made to librarian@tri-subspace.net until 12 midnight UTC on November 22.)

115.11.26 (Thursday) until 115.11.28 (Saturday)Pure Mining Contest.  Mine as many pures as you can during this period.  The pilot with the highest number of Pure Asteroids mined will be the winner.  The contest will run from Thursday at 00:00a UTC until Saturday at midnight UTC.

115.11.27 (Friday) @19:00 UTCThe Great Festival! Race.  Equip a Tow and get ready to haul.  You’ll receive a series of destinations and cargoes, with the race beginning at Solrain Core station and ending at The Wake station.

115.11.28 (Saturday)Beer Fest.  Every party needs some beer, so pilots will have a number of “beer-related” missions to take on.  Watch the Faction Mission board on Saturday for details.

115.11.29 (Sunday) – Award announcements.

Library to Sponsor Festival! Contests

UUNN Newswire

FROM:  Sarath V Memorial Library

As part of the Festival! Celebration, the Sarath V Memorial Library is sponsoring two contests:

Storyteller Contest – submit your own original story about jump-space.  It can be serious or  humorous .  It can be standalone or part of a planned serial.  Submissions should be at least 4,000 words.  We’ll be reading and judging each submission and will pick one as our winner.  All stories will be added to the Sarath V Memorial Library’s collection, and the winner of the Storyteller Contest will receive the Newtron’s Choice award, 5 million credits AND an entry in the Library Lottery (see below).

 Library Lottery – submit any story, guide, document, poem or comic that you may have in your possession, that we do not already have in our collection, and you’ll get an entry in our Library Lottery.  The work does not have to be authored by you, but submissions by the author will supersede submissions by another person.  Otherwise if the same item is submitted twice, the first submitter will get the lottery entry.  The winner of the lottery will receive 2 million credits and an EB-3 (engine-booster) artifact.

Submissions  for both contests must be received no later than 115.11.22 to be considered for an award.  They should be sent to librarian@tri-subspace.net.

Winners will be announced on the final day of Festival! – 115.11.29

Voting Opens for Pilots’ Choice Awards

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Voting has opened today for the Pilots’ Choice Awards.  Medals for Combat, Mining, Conflux Hunting, Economy Support and Leadership will be awarded to pilots receiving the most votes — though there is a ten-vote minimum to qualify for an award.

ALL PILOTS are encouraged to participate by voting HERE

Any awards will be presented to pilots during this year’s Festival! celebration which will run from 115.11.26 through 115.11.29.

Pilots Honored for Roles in Conflux Battle

UUNN Newswire

(Battle for DX RibbonUUNN HQ)  TRI Announced today that it is awarding a special ribbon for participation at The Battle for Dark Crossroads on 115.10.25.  This design of this ribbon is unique for this battle and it will never be awarded again.

Pilots receiving this special honor are: Abdul, Arkady, Baius, Clanlord, Drevent, Filzi, Hammer-BS, Hanbeesl, Hifly, JokeR_GdI, JR_OVK, Sinver, Sytax, and Transall.

In addition to receiving battle ribbons, two pilots are being recognized for their exceptional efforts.

Defender of the BarrierHifly is being awarded the Defender of the Barrier medal for his tireless work before the final battle, bombarding infestations and battle conflux sentients and drones. He also captured and submitted many of the conflux communications that were subsequently decrypted and translated by Hammer BS.

Seeker of KnowledgeHammer-BS is being awarded the Seeker of Knowledge medal for his extensive work on decrytpting and translating the Conflux messages.