Message Deciphered, But Intention Still A Puzzle

by Jezaret Nolynn
from the TRINN Archive

SOLRAIN CORE (TRI-FP) – On Friday night, TRINN received the following code and put out a call for able codecrakers to take their hand at it.


The message was reportedly intercepted late Thursday in Evening’s End and the decoded message reads as follows:

Identification: Operative 113
Effort Modification
Accelerate all operations.
Primary imperative: terminate all TRI-R operatives.
Recovery of hybrid biomaterial highest criticality.
Secondary imperative: initiate Q’son threat assessment.
Adjusted threat index of 7 warrants elimination.

Shortly before this message was published, Dr. Q’son resigned from TRI Research Board. A few hours later she was killed. On Sunday, six researchers were found dead. No further comments from TRI Research have been made about the killed scientists.

Our thanks go out to Sundowner and Anguish for staying on top of this story and keeping us informed.

Dayalu’s Fate Discussed

by Jezaret Nolynn
From the TRINN Archives

OCTAVIUS (TRI-FP) – Friday evening, Amananthii Dayalu, raised as a Quantar, returned to space following the Tahir’s proclamation of “Quantar First”.  Upon his return, he learned of his heritage, and proceeded to head towards Amananth station, repeating the words “magis . . . magis . . . magis.”

But before his he was able to get to Amananth, he was accosted by Octavian forces — severely weakened using a Thief weapon, and then taken into custody.

“Although TRI has been strongly encouraging us to bring Dayalu into TRI custody hourly, it is our collective opinion the Empire will be in charge of any and all investigations regarding Dayalu’s behavior since joining TRI. As such, we see no need to turn Dayalu over to TRI. For his assistance in retrieving Dayalu, Ridgeway has been awarded the National Honors of Octavius. A substantial medal, we feel he has more than earned the right to it by keeping the Empire’s best interests at heart.

The final decision of course of what happens after this is up to Dayalu. TRI notwithstanding, he is a sentient life form and should be treated as such, with all the freedoms that should entail. For his safety and to prevent further degrading ‘hunts’ on his life, for the time being Dayalu has been transported to Cinatus, where Emperor Cineon has assigned top people to work with Dayalu. His location beyond that is currently undisclosed for safety reasons. We assure the Quantars and Amananth that Dayalu is being treated quite well,” read a statement from the palace of Emperor Cineon.

“Quite frankly, we’re disappointed with the Octavius, regardless of the reasons they captured Dayalu. Empire-centric or not, we believe we have all missed out on an important opportunity to learn more about Amananth. We were more than willing to let Dayalu return to Amananth, as he had not been aware of the reasons behind the power he possessed. It was our hope through this we would be able to open more channels to Amananth through our encouragement and support. Dayalu should be returned to Quantar at once, so he may rejoin his family and proceed with his destiny,” stated Vazir Jarwahaal.

Hyperial and Amananth had no comment.

TRI Research Scandal Uncovered!

by Jezaret Nolynn
from the TRINN Archives

TRI HQ (TRI-FP) – The following release from TRIR was received via automated delivery today from the office of Dr. Giovanni Castillo, Acting Director of TRI Research.

It is my sad duty to announce, as Acting Director of TRIR and the official in charge of ongoing investigations into misappropriation of funds, that we have uncovered a great deal of disturbing information regarding the so-called “black-research” project involving the recombination of Human DNA and Conflux bio-matter.

Although a large number of records have been destroyed or erased, there is now enough evidence for us to indict Dr. Nevin Yrral, currently suspended Director of TRIR, on charges of treason, espionage, and unethical behavior. Dr. Yrral has betrayed the trust of pilots, his superiors in TRI, and his fellow researchers. Continue reading

TRI Research Misappropriated Funds Breakthrough

by Jezaret Nolynn
from the TRINN Archives

TRI HQ (TRI-FP) – TRIR Acting Director Dr. Castillo today announced that the first major “break” has surfaced in the investigations into misappropriation of research funds.

Although some details are currently being withheld due to concerns over pilot security, Castillo stated that a number of “black-research” projects have been discovered within TRIR. These projects have apparently been funded by the diversion of other, legitimate, project funding, through special charges including ‘external consulting’ which at first glance appear to be legitimate. Continue reading

Pilots Concerned About TRI Research Speak Out

by Jezaret Nolynn
from the TRINN Archives

TRI ASSORTED (TRI-FP) – TRI pilots have determined they need to take Research into their own hands, with the call for many pilots to end the Economic Affairs Office (EAO) freeze on current TRI Research budgets.

Billed as “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, RazorsKiss organized a meeting for interested pilots earlier this week to gather together and discuss a proposal originally presented towards Octavius Prefect Porcius Versalus. The proposal called for the formation of “A consortium of squads from all factions will comprise an investor’s board, and thus fund TRIR’s other sections, as well as wisely distribute and invest the funds required at their discretion.”

The meeting itself was large, and hinted at many approaches to the situation, but no real solutions were decided upon. The results of this meeting were then organized into four talking points for pilots to further discuss.

  • TRIR Proposal Continuation
  • TRIR: Investment
  • TRIR: Representation
  • TRIR: Management

The EAO had “no comment at this time”.

TRI Research: Where “Surprise” Is A New Way of Business

by Jezaret Nolynn
from the TRINN Archives

TRI HQ (TRI-FP) – The surprises keep coming for TRI Research. This evening, Acting Director Castillo announced that, after heated negotiations, the Economic Affairs Office (EAO) has agreed to restore partial funding to TRIR under TRI’s emergency relief funding procedures. Although exact figures were not available, the totals available are said to be approximately 20% of TRIR’s normal budget.

“Obviously, reduced funding means reduced capabilities,” stated Acting Director Castillo. “Nonetheless, I am grateful that the EAO is committed to helping TRIR continue operations during the difficult times which will be brought on by these investigations.” Castillo went on to explain that two of the popular programs benefiting from the funds would include the Conflux studies headed up by Dr. Q’son, and the Communication projects headed up by Dr. Calsux. Continue reading