Last-Minute Award Announced Amid Controversy

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Outpost)  In  a very unusual move, an additional medal has been added to the list of medal179Festival awards.  The awards committee has decided to posthumously award the Sarath’s Rage Medal to pilot Wilson.  Sources who declined to be named indicated that the award was hotly debated — primarily because of Wilson’s squad (The Gang) and it’s predilection to collect certain fees from unwilling pilots.

“With him it was always about the orphans of Octavius,” said long-time friend and colleague, Liet, struggling to contain his emotions.

The Sarath’s Rage medal is awarded to “individuals who have had a long career as a combat ace.”  Along with being posted to Wilson’s pilot record, the medal will also be presented to his wife, Mrs. Wilson, with the sincere condolences of the entire pilot community.


Tahirs Unveil New Award

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  After nearly two weeks of delays — and apparently some internal heated debates, the leaders of Quantar have announced that several pilots would be awarded for their support of the recent destruction of Hyperial’s jump-ship test program, and it’s (alleged) Genetic Modification research lab.

Chrysalis Campaign RibbonThe new award, the Chrysalis Campaign Ribbon, is being awarded to pilots who supported the extended campaign by Quantar — some of it apparently covert — to derail and destroy what Quantar is calling, Hyperial’s renewed attempts to circumvent the co-operative program developed by the other factions — and managed by TRI Corp. — for Genetic Modifications and jump-ships.

Recipients of this unique ribbon designed specifically for this “campaign” were:  Ambrosius, Blonder, Crackhead, Eismann, Hammer-BS, Jalil, Nereid, Roidrider and Valmagier — several of whom had recently been called “terrorists” by Hyperial Special Representative Dr. Viggio Ragne.


Octavius Wraps Up Uneventful Holiday

UUNN Newswire

(Outpost Station)  The festivities are over, most of the celebrants have regained sobriety, the maintenance crews have finished putting Outpost Station back in order and through it all there was little news, issues or fanfare about the latest Feast of the Fallen 117 holiday.

This years highlight was Emperor Cineon’s appearance in Outpost sector to do the Recitation of Heroes.  Although it would not seem notable, Cineon’s Recitation was interrupted by a Sentient Conflux attack in 114 and Clements IV was assassinated as he was beginning his recitation in 115. Last year Emperor Septus decided that the better part of valor was discretion, and did his Recitation from the Palace Grounds on Martius. Continue reading

Quantar Celebrates Drone Destruction

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  While Hyperial has remained stone-silent, Quantar has been openly celebrating the destruction of the Rauder-1 drone jump-ship.  The Holy Office of the Tahirs has just released the following statement:

Farishaba ‘at Hamalzah!  Today we honor Valmagier, a highly-decorated Solrain Optimus, who successfully destroyed the Hyperial drone jump-ship Rauder-1 in Inner Cloud.  Admittedly he struggled with the decision whether to destroy this ship or to report its location to our enemy.  But Hamalzah was good and led our brother Hammer-BS to the location as well — which crystallized the decision for Valmagier.

For his efforts, Valmagier will receive the highest award we give to otherworlders — Quantar’s Flame.  We hope he wears this as proudly as he wears his many other Qyuantar's Flamecommendations.  In addition, Valmagier will received the promised rewards of 20 millions credits and a CM-4 . . . as well as out most sincere thanks and deepest blessings.

And we would be remiss if we did not recognize Hammer-BS for his part in this as well.  He is a loyal brother who works tirelessly for the good of Quantar … and for all.  It was his presence that was ultimately the catalyst for the destruction of Rauder-1.  Therefore, we are honored to present him with the Quantar’s Flame medal as well.  Shalim, Brother!


Pilots Rally to Repair Transceiver

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Pilots rallied yesterday to repair the damaged Subspace Transceiver in The Subspace Tansceiver - Narrow CanalNarrow Canal, to try and restore KTRI broadcasts to Solrain pilots.  According to our reports, most of the work was done by four pilots:  hifly, JokeR_GdI, Nafcon and Valmagier.  All four have received the Keval’s Thanks award for their efforts.

Now that the transceiver is fully repaired, TRI Corporation is working on reactivating it to restore broadcasts.  It is still unknown what originally caused the damage to the transceiver.

Hammer-BS Receives Keval’s Thanks

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  STCC Minister of Citizenry, Aljia Keval, broadcast a speech today announcing medal111today that the STCC is awarding the Keval’s Thanks medal to pilot Hammer-BS, for his work in completing the recent Solrain Faction Mission to rebuild the Sabre Missile Factory in Cornea sector:

On 116.6.28 we initiated a Faction Mission to rebuild our nuclear missile production facility.  A facility that had been destroyed by Conflux attacks.  It took twenty four days to complete this mission.  This rebuilding effort required 4,000 units of Aluminum; 400 units of Gold; 3,000 units of Machined Parts;  3,000 units of Construction Materials;  2,000 units of Fiber Optics ;  500 units of CPUs; 2,000 units of Manufactured Food;  and 5,000 units of Water.

It was a BIG mission.

In fact, it was the biggest mission we have initiated in over a decade.  It required just under 20,000 units of commodity to complete.

It took us a while to tabulate the figures, and when we saw the results, we had to go back and re-do all of the calculations, because clearly there had to be an error.

But when we re-counted, the result were the same. 18,680 units of the commodities required for this mission were delivered by a SINGLE PILOT!

Well I’m here today to tell you that the pilot’s name is Hammer-BS, and for his absolutely extraordinary effort, the STCC is awarding him a medal that was given my name name, many years ago — and so it give me a very special honor to present Hammer-BS with the Keval’s Thanks award.


Octavius Awards Announced

UUNN Newswire

(Etruscera, Martius)  Although there was no official awards ceremony held during the Feast of the Fallen holiday, the Octavius Ministry of Culture Announced today that Emperor Septus I has approved the nomination of pilots Clanlord, Woofe and –LoneSrk- to receive the Emperor’s Emissary medal.

The Ministry of Culture announcement said “The Emperor’s Emissary is one of the high honors awarded by the Empire and these pilots have earned it on merit – each in his own way.”