Fablemi Out, Talut In – as Hyperial Chief Justice

UUNN Newswire

(Hypsos, Hyperial)  In a shocking turn of event, The Directorate has named Graham Talut to the post of Chief Justice, replacing the two-term incumbent Sandrich Fablemi effective 120.4.1.

“Prince” Fablemi was thought to be a heavy favorite to retain the position, but he has always been known for his erratic behavior and his claims to be from an ancient royal bloodline. Some believe this caused him to lose credibility and fall from favor with many members of The Directorate.  Fablemi’s rise to fame and power started as a jump-pilot known as “DT,” flying for Solrain — but he quickly became a personal agent for President Kelvin Rauder, who was responsible for his quick political rise.

The 69-year-old Talut served four terms as Governor of Hyperial Station from 95, until 111 when he retired and was replaced by Commander H.A. Nelson.

Quantar Celebrates Nowruz

UUNN Newswire

Today, the people of Quantar are celebrating Nowruz (“The New Day”), a day when they celebrate nature and the gifts of Hamalzah:  khulem, letafayim, ratafan and  hagiinarah.  This translates as “word, family, bread and stones.”

“Nowruz is about harmony, balance and renewal,” said Gov. Queliar Neamru II of Tripoint Station.  “It’s a day of peace and celebration that we are happy to share will everyone.”

Hyperial Unveils New Food Production Facility

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) Hyperial revealed today that its recent Faction Mission succeeded in the completion of a next-gen food manufacturing facility.  “There is no need for hunger manfoodany more,” announced Dr. Viggio Ragne, Special Representative for the Office of the President.  “Our manufacturing facility is completely scalable and will be able to meet even the highest of demands.  And all of the raw materials needed will be available right here.”

“Our Bioscience Engineers have developed the advanced cloning and hydroponics technologies necessary for this manufacturing wonder.  We invite all to make great use of it.”

It is unclear at this point how the Hyperial manufacturing facility differs from the one on Wake Station, which has been in operation for decades.

Cromforge Consolidates Cap Production

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) announced today that it is consolidating its advanced capacitor production at Tripoint station.  “This is just a continuation of what we started in 118,” said company spokesperson Cila Rotup’uh.  “There’s just not enough sales to support the production and inventory levels we have been maintaining.  The inventory levels going forward will be more than enough.”

No corresponding layoffs have yet been announced.

Cromforge Enterprises was originally founded in 32 AT, and is currently the second-oldest corporation after Tens & Piney.

Serus Calls-Out Octavius on Prosthetics

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(UUNN HQ)  Dominic Serus, TRI Corporation’s Vice President of Defense and Security (TRI-DEF), today called out Octavius on its lax attitudes toward Prosthetics trade.  “We didn’t make up the rules here,” said Serus.  “Octavius, Quantar and Solrain all agreed to outlaw Prosthetics trade.  We patrol, we scan, we arrest … and Octavius just lets the stuff sit on its Market floor.”


“It’s bad enough we had an Emperor [Atticus Septus] who was using the stuff,” continued Serus who is Octavius by birth.  “If the factions are not all together on this, I think we need to re-evaluate our role.”

Prosthetics exports from Hyperial were outlawed by the Factions in 107.2 after testing indicated that they included organic tissue of questionable origin.