Tens & Piney Recalls Engines

From TRINN Archives
By Rafel Solamis

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a surprising move, Solrain manufacturer Tens & Piney has just recalled all stocks of their Travant Plus gravity driver engine.

“After performing extensive market research, Tens & Piney has decided to repackage the Travant Plus model engine,” stated Vivian Duvazaco. “While it is too early at this time to release any specific details, we believe that we can better match the Travant Plus engine to the market needs of our customers, thus creating a new paradigm in engine design that will allow the Travant Plus to create a greater level of synergy between Tens & Piney, and our customers, by providing a value proposition that clearly shows we have fully internalized their needs.”

Travant Plus production centers were at a standstill this evening, and existing inventory is being assembled for recycling.


Letifer Virus Claims First Victims

From TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor Station (TRI-FP) – Doctors working with patients infected with the virus unleashed by the terrorist Letifer, have indicated that ‘several thousand’ patients have now been killed by the virus.

“Despite our best efforts to contain its spread, we are definitely facing an epidemic here,” commented Tahir Penjia Neamru. “Our doctors are doing their best to make those infected comfortable, yet they have been unable to slow the spread of this plague. We can attribute the deaths of several thousand citizens directly to this virus, and unfortunately, we believe the situation will only get worse, before it gets better. I can only hope that the efforts initiated by Samsun bear fruit quickly.”

Sources within Samsun indicate that, despite the lack of improved facilities, research into a cure is proceeding, using data transmitted from volunteers on Perasca who have contracted the virus.

Daring Raid Leads To Pilot’s Escape

by Alexa A’vros

TRINN Archives

(Quantar Core)  A late evening raid by Lions of Hamalzah agent Maus, with a small group of TRI pilots as escort, has led to the escape of the Fourth Tribe’s spokesperson Hrafn.
Although opposed by several pilots loyal to Octavius, including pilots from OEC and OMC, the rescue team managed to get Maus to the prison station, where he was able to get Hrafn to his ship for a quick departure. Despite hitting a petal, Hrafn was safely returned to Quantar Core station, where he is undergoing physical and psychological therapy for the various injuries inflicted by his captors.

The whereabouts of Maus is currently unknown, after pilot Elmdor downed Maus, shortly after Hrafn escaped.

“Everyone here is pleased to see one of our own returned to us safely,” stated Governor Delphia Neamru. “Perhaps next time, Phoenix Rising will think twice about abducting innocent bystanders, and trying to extort concessions out of the Fa’hil Memta. I will personally ensure that those pilots who were brave enough to assist in this operation are suitably recognized ”

There has been no official comment from the Octavian government regarding this incident.

TRI-RMD Approves WoW V Awards

From the TRINN Archives
By Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following the recent Weekend of War, TRI-RMD Director Echo Tetsab has approved a large batch of awards for participating pilots.

All participating pilots from squad LL have been awarded Fight Club, for their decisive win. Additionally, everyone who participated in WoW V has been awarded Keval’s Thanks, for being good sports.

Pilots Hadur, AlGore and Bish0p picked up Sarath’s Wit for achieving the best kill ratio for their respective teams, while DogZilla, RavenTriem and Shadrach have been awarded Sarath’s Laughter for the lowest kill ratios.

For achieving the most rips by an Octavian pilot, Filzi has been awarded Night’s Blade.

For achieving the most rips by a Solrain pilot, Garak has been awarded Golden Heart.

For achieving the most rips by a Quantar pilot, Radi has been awarded The Mane of Hamalzah.

For organizing WoW V, Garak has been awarded Echoes of Hope, along with Mike21, mcbrmx and Radi for accepting the unenviable task of being team captains.

For his tireless efforts to document WoW V by taking pictures of everyone and everything, mordikar has been awarded TRINN Star. mordikar was also awarded Keval’s Thanks for one specific image.

A ‘Kill The Flag’ event was scheduled during WoW V, which was won by team KH. For their efforts, they have earned Cormonra’s Commendation, Sarath’s Pride and Keval’s Thanks. Team LL, who came second were awarded Sarath’s Pride and Keval’s Thanks, while team EE picked up Keval’s Thanks.

Following WoW V, Regan hosted a small free for all combat party in the open space simulator, which was won by leonard, who has been awarded Fight Club. For hosting this event, Regan has been awarded Echoes of Hope, while mordikar earned himself Sarath’s Laughter.

Conflux Attack Disables Khamsin Naval Yard

From the TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor (TRI-FP) – Damage assessment following the Sentient Conflux attack of the night before last indicates that the Quantar Heavy Miner (Khamsin) Naval Yard at Corridor station was disabled, while the Fast Transport (Whirlwind) suffered ‘significant’ damage, although is still operational.

A statement was released from the office of Station Governor Sathama Randi:

“Shortly after 9pm ET on 105.02.13, a pair of C8-S were detected at Corridor station, escorting a C13-S ‘Kamikaze’. Despite more than adequate warning from the CLAWS array of an impending attack, Quantar beacons remained untuned for most of the evening, allowing the Conflux to approach Corridor undetected.

“With the majority of active Quantar combat pilots engaged in personal activities around Hyperial space, Corridor remained undefended except for the brave efforts of Quantar pilot Nistus, who tried valiantly to defend Corridor, despite being severely outgunned. As the attack continued, a broad coalition of pilots eventually arrived to push back the Sentients – while these pilots arrived too late to save the Khamsin yard from critical damage, this timely arrival of reinforcements, mainly from outside of Quantar, ensured that the Whirlwind naval yard remained operational.

“We have already petitioned TRI for assistance to provide repairs to the damaged naval yard.”

Hyperial Offers Needed Chemicals

From TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – In an unusual move, the Hyperial government has released a large quantity of critically needed chemicals onto the station markets.

“With the upcoming Weekend of War V, we have observed that stocks of critical chemicals, especially phosphorous, have been running low, stated President Kelvin Rauder. “Hyperial is pleased to take a proactive step to assist the pilots of TRI by releasing limited quantities from our own strategic supply. for too long have Hyperial and TRI been at odds – it is time for us to work together for the betterment of all.”

It is anticipated that the released chemicals and minerals will be quickly hauled away by pilots eager to manufacture items such as Amananth’s FlashFire.

Topaz Cross Announces Quantar Relief Results

From TRINN Archives
by Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – As part of their ongoing commitment to assist with finding a cure for the virus that is currently affecting Perasca, Hyperial relief agency Topaz Cross announced today the results of a planet wide donation drive of Hypsos.

“As soon as we heard about the terrible virus that has been unleashed on Perasca, Topaz Cross sent out a planet wide request for help. The response has exceeded our expectations, and we have been able to use the donations to pledge a significant level of assistance to the building of the Samsun research facilities.

“While this pledge will no doubt help, there is still much to be done, and all of us here at Topaz Cross are confident that with the assistance of the pilots of Quantar and TRI as a whole, Samsun’s facilities will be speedily completed, and the heinous act of terrorism that released this virus will be shown to have been for naught.

“Topaz Cross will continue to monitor the situation on Perasca and provide any assistance possible.”

Tahir Queliar Neamru was quick to respond:

“As history judges us by our actions, the people of Hypsos have risen above the pettiness and bitterness shown by others, to perform a truly noble act. We thank the generosity of the people of Hypsos, and hope it will serve as an example to those Quantar pilots who would rather see our planet side citizens suffer, than accept an olive branch from an old adversary.”