TRI Shaken By Factionalists

From the TRINN Archives
by Demosthenes

SOLRAIN CORE – TRI executives and partisans have been shaken by reports that a group calling itself “Cruentus Legio” has splintered from Octavian Escort Command and begun open attacks on Solrain shipping in a direct effort to provoke a factional war.

Cruentus Legio – meaning “Bloody Legion” in an archaic Octavian dialect – has been blamed for recent destruction of Solrain traffic in Tranquillus Minor sector as well as a present blockade at Solrain Core. Its goals appear to be related to impeding continuance of construction work by Solrain on TRI-supported station enhancements. There have been claims that Cruentus Legio has blamed its parent organization, OEC, for appeasement and other crimes against the Octavian Empire — for a “failure” to fully support efforts to revive the Empire by attacking its “enemies” directly. Continue reading