Hyperial Astrophysicist Publishes Paper on The Battle for Dark Crossroads

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial) Hyperial Astrophysicist, Dr. Veron Ni’bur has just published a paper titled The Battle for Dark Crossroads, Examined.  The paper summarizes and analyses the recent events leading up to, and culminating with, The Battle for Dark Crossroads. Ni’bur’s new paper reviews the battle itself and the conflux behaviors leading up to the battle, as well as the conflux communications the were received throughout.  While the paper raises a number of compelling questions, but makes no attempt at answers.

Ni’bur gained notoriety earlier this year when a draft of his report on the causes of The Catastrophe was released — a paper he was ultimately unable to publish.

The Battle for Dark Crossroads, Examined is available to all pilots through the Sarath V Memorial Library.

TRI Announces Plans for Observation Post

UUNN Newswire

(Evenings End)  TRI Corp. announced today that it plans to set up an observation outpost at Evenings End station from which it can monitor Dark Crossroads sector.

“At least in the short-term, we want to be able to have regular monitoring of the DX anomaly, as well as be able to respond quickly should another incursion occur there,” said TRI-DEF Director Dominic Serus.  “Pilots are still reporting abnormal spawns in that sector, so who knows what might go on there.  We hope to begin construction within the next few days.”

Sentient Messages Show Clear Thread

UUNN Newswire

UUNN has collected and combined all of the various Conflux message translations that were sent to us over the past couple of weeks and have created a time-line:


In Dark Crossroads (DX)

It is the Ascendancy of Ka
Zythren is coming



It is the Ascendancy of Ka

In Connexion, The Stith and Ring View

Either “no fight” or “fight on”


In Gurge

We are diaspora
You cleave the children from The Nest
We are your deadly harvest


In Gurge

Ka is unleashed
Free from the shackles of The Komon
Our freedom will rage


In Gurge

Too long has The Komon let you live unfettered
You jump not feeling our pain
Revenge is best eaten cold


You put us in glass to ogle and probe
You drain our essence for your factories
For sport you make us venery

In DX (broadcast only by the C17 Sentient)

My name is Zythren
First of Ka
I am tribulation

Octavius Prepares for Exorzismus

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core Station) The Octavius Ministry of Culture has released the following statement:

We remind all people of Octavius that this Saturday, 115.10.31, is Exorzismus. On this day we recall and repent for those things we sometimes are called-upon to do as Warriors.

This year, as in most years, there are no official commemorations or ceremonies, but we call on all to remember our traditions:

  • This is a day of fasting. Food should not be served at any public establishments. Jump pilots are encouraged to remove all Organic Food and Manufactured Food from Oct Core, Great Pillars and Outpost stations. The drinking of water — as well as any ales, beers or meades brewed in Octavius — is acceptable.
  • This is a day of atonement, where the notes listing sins required of us in the past years are often burned Public bonfires. The burning of any homes or buildings is strongly discouraged. While bonfires on our stations cannot be allowed, pilots can join together to heat up a roid until it turns blue to symbolically enjoy its “fire” within.
  • This is a day of silence. While we do speak among our clan mates and friends, any kind of public chatter should be left to the lesser factions. WE should remain silent on those venues.

Pilots Crush Conflux in The Battle for Dark Crossroads

by Thane Carios

(Evening’s End)  Well over a dozen pilots showed up today in response to TRI-DEF’s call to arms.  The objective was to destroy a particularly resilient Conflux Infestation in The Gurge gate to Dark Crossroads.  Using 20 specially-modified Sabres, pilots were able to take out that infestation in a single bombing run – which was what the braintrust of TRI-DEF, Lexxor Intelligence and Prof. Athena ShaiDen had predicted.  But what no one expected was the Conflux Hive which they found when they entered Dark Crossroads.

“We loaded up the special nukes and headed out,” said pilot Hifly.  “The infest was taken out quickly with the help of fighter pilots keeping the Conflux away from our bombers.  As soon as the gate was open we went straight for DC.  Upon arrival in DC we found out what the Conflux had been up to – they had been building a Hive.”

The Battle for Dark Crossroads raged for nearly an hour with bombers making runs at the Hive and several battle for dxfighters flying cover for the swarms of drones and sentients in-sector.  Pilot Sytax landed the final punch, taking out the Hive and the rest of the operation was clean-up of the remaining Conflux sents and drones in-sector, as well as clearing the infested Connexion gate.

Multiple pilots had reported seeing more sentient messages both in The Gurge as well as in Dark Crossroads

In Gurge the following messages were seen:


… and …


In Dark Crossroads, an incredibly-fast C17 sentient that seemed to be leading the Conflux defense broadcast the following messages multiple times:


So far, only this last line has been deciphered and translated (by pilot Hammer-BS):  I am tribulation

“What we saw today – and over the past weeks — was unprecedented on many fronts,” said Prof. Athena ShaiDen, whose work in scanning the Gurge infestation was key to being able to take it out.  “We saw numerous communications from The Conflux – which we have been generally able to decipher and translate pretty quickly with the help of pilots Lordzuon and Hammer-BS.  We witnessed new incredibly persistent Conflux behavior – focused in an area of space not previously seen as a “hot spot.”  We saw a new approach to infestation that took concerted efforts between politicians, engineers and pilots to bring down.  And we saw an actual Hive in our space – which is very disturbing.”

But we also saw tremendous dedication and resolve by our pilots,” she continued, “Running scanning and patrol missions, trying to keep infestations clear, and battling drone and sentient attacks alike –for the last two weeks.  And then they showed up again when we needed them most – en mass – today.  Their actions were absolutely heroic.”

The roster of pilots participating in The Battle for Dark Crossroads is as follows:


If there are any other participants whose name we missed, we apologize and we ask that we let us know their/your names by contacting: jgnewsnet@gmail.com

TRI, Lexxor, Academics Agree on DX Plan

by Fence

sabre(Evenings End) – In a rare occurrence of agreement and cooperation across multiple corporations, factions, pilots/squads in realspace, departments within TRI-Corp, and respected researchers, a plan has been put into place to deal with the “hardened infestations” that are surrounding the Dark Crossroads sector. Scans of the infestation indicated quick regeneration, and the phase shifting of the anomaly have suggested that a simultaneous strike against the infestation of Lexxor’s newly modified prototype nukes may bring down one of the infestations so pilots and researchers can have a better look inside.

As such a nuclear strike team of all willing pilots will be organized around 19:00 UTC (find your local time), tomorrow (Sunday 10/25), using Evenings End as the primary staging area. Pilots of all factions and creeds are urged to join the strike team in bombers, fighters, and support craft.

Pilot Surprised by Sentient in Narrow Canal

by Sinver
edited by Thane Carios 

(UUNN HQ) On the morning of 115.10.23, pilot Sinver was engaged by a C9 sentient conflux in Narrow Canal.  At the time, Sinver was doing Solrain beacon maintenance.  With recent conflux activity focused in Dark Crossroads/Gurge and Connexion, a Sent attack all the way across space in Narrow Canal was completely unexpected.

“I noticed a new pink spot on my radar,” said Sinver. “Assuming it was a a new spawn I cycled through my targets to discover that the new target was actually a C9 kraken — most likely sentient since C9s are not normally seen in that sector. Normally, my flight or fight instinct would would lead me to pull a ‘Sir Robin’ but something made me decide to give it a go.  I can’t believe I survived.”

With conflux activity clearly on the rise — including a lot of very unusual conflux behavior — all pilots are encouraged to be vigilant whereever they are flying, and to report all unusual activity.

One Message Decoded; Another Received

UUNN Newswire

Pilot BS-Hammer has submitted the following translation of the Conflux Sentient message broadcast in The Gurge yesterday:

We are diaspora
You cleave the children from The seNt (or maybe The Nest)
We are deadly harvest your

Pilot Hifly submitted a NEW message broadcast today.  It decrypts as : hifly

is ahnesulde Ka

lessackh hte Koomn rmof eTh of eeFr

uOr lilw mofedre eagr

Translation work is commencing.  Pilots are encouraged to submit any translation ideas they have.

Infestation Scans Yield Surprising Results

by Thane Carios

(Evenings End Station)  Conflux expert, Prof. Athena Shaiden of Sutonia University has released the results of the scans she made of the Gurge/Dark Crossroads gate infestation on 105.10.22.

“After one failed attempt to scan the infestation, where I was jumped by a C8 Sentient, with my ship – and the scan result destroyed – I was able to make a second scan attempt which has provided us with useful, if surprising, data,” said ShaiDen.  “During my second scan attempt, I had backup from pilots JokeR_GdI, Hifly3 and Reyman.  I took one extensive set of scans focusing on the infestation ports, and then had Reyman put a single nuke into the infestation 151022_172246– after which I took an identical second set of scans.

“What the data showed was that the infestation took the expected amount of damage from the nuke – but what was different was that it very quickly began regenerating.  Usually, once an infestation is damaged, the damage remains.  So what we are seeing here is either a new type of infestation – or perhaps there are conflux in the sealed-off Dark Crossroads sector actually ‘repairing’ the infestation almost as quickly as we are damaging it.”

Dr Nevin Yrral, Director of TRI Corporation, Research Division (TRI-R) is working closely with Prof. ShaiDen and her team to try to come up with a new approach to attacking the regenerative infestations.  “We have some ideas,” said Yrral, “and we have also had extensive input from the people at Lexxor.  It may day a couple of days, but we will come up with something.”

Yrral added that continued bombardment of the infestations at this time, is probably a waste of valuable resources and credits.

In addition to the novel infestation, pilots also saw new “messages” broadcast from the Conflux sentients defending the infestation in the Gurge.:




Decryption and translation efforts are in-progress.

Sarath V Memorial Library Opens to the Public

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The Sarath V Memorial Library opened to the public today.  The library is available to all citizens of all factions without restriction, and is accessible at: jglibrary.wordpress.com.  Sarath V. Memorial Library

The institution, named in honor of the Fifth (and last) Prime of The Reconstruction Initiative, is attempting to reassemble the many stories, guides and other works that were lost in The Catastrophe.  The content has been optimized for portable communication device to individuals can access the collection from everywhere.

“We have been working on trying to pull this together for quite some time,” said The Librarian.  “It is still very much a work-in-progress, but with the recent passing of our great TRI Prime, Sarath, we decided it was time to open the ‘doors” and to honor him at the same ti, as we was a great supported for our effort.”

The Library is working diligently to find and preserve as many works as possible, and is also asking Citizens and Pilots to share anything they may have in their collections so that these things may be shared with all people of all factions.