All pilots are encouraged to submit news, press releases and tips/information to UUNN for consideration. Pilots will be compensated for published stories (excluding Press Releases).

UUNN reserves the right to choose which submissions to accept for publication, as well as to edit those submissions which are published.

UUNN strongly suggests that any submissions follow the standard journalistic “inverted pyramid” style and be no longer than 500 words. Try to make it sound like news or a press release.

Keep in mind that while pilots cannot speak for official RPCs or imply the sanction of established JG governmental or corporate entities, please do contact us if you have ideas involving one. We are eager to discuss player driven storylines.

If you have other media to submit (pictures or sound files can be accepted, no video at this time) please include an email address and we will contact you.

Please complete the following for for your submission:

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