OPL Recalls Capacitors

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core Station)  After several incidents where pilots reported that its largest-selling capacitor had malfunctioned, Octave Propulsion Labs (OPL) has recalled all of the Pints on the market.

“The Pint has been one of the most-chosen capacitors for over two decades now,” said OPL Spokespeson Kaeso Cosmas.  “And it’s been highly reliable for a very long time.  But pilots have to be able to discharge their guns and we just have to have 100% dependability.  Hopefully we can re-start production soon.”

Pilots with Pint inventories on their stations are encouraged to sell them back at their closes Octavius station.

OPL stock dropped more than 17% on the news.

Drama Builds in the Aftermath of RB-2 Facility Attack

by Thane Carios

(Quantar Core) A Quantar-sponsored mission to rebuild the RB-2 facility began unexpectedly this morning:

The Tahirs have called for an emergency mission to rebuild the RB-2 factory that was destroyed by Hyperial terrorists. Please be aware that members of Edwin Reece Industries are Hyperialist terrorists and should be considered enemies of all.

The rebuilding effort is expected to take quite a while given the few number of active pilots these days and the complexities of the construction.

Although Quantar has laid the blame squarely on Edgar Reece Industries, E.R.I. has gg inquisitionsuggested that the attack was the coordinated work of a rogue employee and a member of Quantar squad The Brotherhood, releasing the following interrogation transcript.

Sources have also indicated that Solrain Premier Demeter Garreth and E.R.I. foundar Edgar Reece will be meeting on Cornea Station on 120.7.21 sometime around 20:00 UTC.

Hyperial was asked for a statement regarding the attack on Quantar.  They declined to make a formal statement and simply replied: “It’s such a shame.”


Cromforge Consolidates Cap Production

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Cromforge Enterprises (TRISE:CROM) announced today that it is consolidating its advanced capacitor production at Tripoint station.  “This is just a continuation of what we started in 118,” said company spokesperson Cila Rotup’uh.  “There’s just not enough sales to support the production and inventory levels we have been maintaining.  The inventory levels going forward will be more than enough.”

No corresponding layoffs have yet been announced.

Cromforge Enterprises was originally founded in 32 AT, and is currently the second-oldest corporation after Tens & Piney.

Serus Calls-Out Octavius on Prosthetics

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Dominic Serus, TRI Corporation’s Vice President of Defense and Security (TRI-DEF), today called out Octavius on its lax attitudes toward Prosthetics trade.  “We didn’t make up the rules here,” said Serus.  “Octavius, Quantar and Solrain all agreed to outlaw Prosthetics trade.  We patrol, we scan, we arrest … and Octavius just lets the stuff sit on its Market floor.”


“It’s bad enough we had an Emperor [Atticus Septus] who was using the stuff,” continued Serus who is Octavius by birth.  “If the factions are not all together on this, I think we need to re-evaluate our role.”

Prosthetics exports from Hyperial were outlawed by the Factions in 107.2 after testing indicated that they included organic tissue of questionable origin.


Lexxor Releases Drone Photos

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Today, Lexxor Intelligence released a series of photos taken by a drone packed with one of its specially-modified Maul missiles.

In addition to the dramatic photos, Lexxor said it has also received other sensor telemetry, which it is sharing with TRI Corporation for analysis.

Lexxor’s specially-modified Maul missiles were used by pilots GrimJack and Kanthakeh to take down the final Conflux Infestation on the Quantar Gate/Inner Storm jumpgate on 120.2.21.

Corridor Audit Results Released

UUNN Newswire

TRI-Corporation has released the results of its audit of all activity on Corridor Station on 119.10.5:

TRI Corporation’s Security (TRI-SEC) and Station Ops (TRI-SSM) divisions completed their investigations into the RF Transceiver production issue.  We have determined that the Faction Mission did, indeed, result in the delivery of the commodities required to produce RFTs.  We have also determined that RFT manufacturing did take place.  The reason why the Faction Mission did not appear to successfully result in RFT manufacture is that the items manufactured appeared to be immediately purchased, and therefore did not appear on Market Tracking systems.

The remaining question revolves around the purchaser.  Systems show the purchasing ship as an Octavius tow with the transponder XTR-v1059.  That transponder was registered to a ship destroyed in one of the very early conflux attack in 100.6 AT.

We are continuing our investigation, focusing on possible system-tampering, and remain confident that we will identify the true purchaser.


TRI May be Concerned about Pulsar Gate

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  At a recent trade conference, Sagrith Hubri was overheard saying that he pulsar gate infestwas concerned that the long-standing infestation may be inflicting permanent damage to the gate from Pulsar sector to Pulsar Gate sector.  Hubri is the Director of Sector Assets for TRI Industrial & Business Services (TRI-IND), which is responsible for maintenance of gates, beacons, subspace transceivers and other non-station infrastructure.

TRI Corporation has not responded to our requests for a comment.

Lexxor Recalls Jammers

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Lexxor Intelligence (TRISE: LEXI) announced today that it has recalled most of its Jammer ECM inventory due to a serious flaw that can result in the unit exploding when bombarded with certain EM frequencies. Jammer

The Jammer was Lexxor’s response to the Plasma Wave Defense system (PWD100).  Although the Jammer was lighter and allegedly easier to use, it was never broadly adopted by pilots.  Some have suggested that the recall is simply a marketing ploy to create interest and boost prices.

Black-Market Factory Shut Down

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  TRI-Security, under contract from Tens & Piney shut down a black market SportLP power plant factory on Lothars Landing today after it was exposed in a news clip by pilot GrimGriz.

GG news

“It was not much of an operation there,” said TRI-SEC officer Layton ‘Scorch’ Morrison.  “The perps took off and we destroyed the equipment they had there.  It took maybe 15 minutes.  Not sure I’d use on of those SportLPs.”

It’s not clear why black-marketers would select the SportLP as it is inexpensive and fairly plentiful.

Dorator Announces Production Plans

by Yaz Shanndar

(Octavius Outpost)  Dorator Technologies R&D has announced its new manufacturing and distribution strategy in the wake of the recent acquisition the manufacturing rights Dorator Logofor several pieces of TRI Corp equipment.

“We have decided to focus most of our production and distribution from two locations,” said Malkev Dorator II,  Sr. Vice President of Operations.  “We will be focusing our weapons production at Octavius Outpost station.  It will be the sole manufacturing outlet now for the Barrak, Cobra and the Flail.  The only exception will be the Hammer, which will continue to be manufactured in Solrain at Wake station.”

“Regarding the new acquisitions,” said Dorator, “the Nightwatchman radar, TRIC-1 Capacitor, TRIP-1 power plant, Vector engine and Warden shield will now be manufactured exclusively at our Hyperial Manufacturing facility.”

“We are also very excited to announce that we will be testing the first non-faction manufacturing operation at Klatsches Hold where we will be making the Drop Tank refueling system.”

According to Dorator, the Drop Tank test facility is now operational.  Other manufacturing changes should be moving forward over the next two weeks.