OPL Announces Layoffs

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars Station)  In a statement released by OPL Spokesperson Kaeso Cosmas, the Octavius manufacturing giant said it was laying off more than 3,000 workers from its facilities on Outpost and Octavius Core station.

Due to an increasingly difficult economic situation and huge inventories, we are forced to reduce expenses.  It is not something that we do lightly.  Our workers are our lifeblood and if there was any other reasonable option, we would have taken it.

We sincerely hope that the situation will change and that we are able to hire back these loyal members of our OPL family.  But without a lot more pilots using up the equipment we produce, there is just nothing else we can do.

In addition to these layoff, we will be closing and dismantling the Duelist facility in Quantar space in the very near future.

There were no specifics provided regarding how the layoff would impact production and availability of OPL products, which include the popular Guzzler and Impeler engines, and the Makk shields — in addition to Duelists.


Engineers at Amananth Give Report

by Thane Carios

(Amananth) The multi-corporate engineering team that has been at work on the problem of repairing the Antiflux Custom Producer in Amananth for more than two weeks, has released a much-anticipated update on their effort.

“Initially we focused on the data architectures because that’s what DPDQ (the Amananth uunn-bg.jpgAI system) had been doing – trying to correct the CPs own diagnostics system.  If we could have repaired that, the CPs nanos could have completed the repairs with the aid of directed repair beams,” said Chaiss Rivers, one of the team members from Lexxor Intelligence.  “Unfortunately, we were unable to make any progress on that front.  So we decided to look directly at the repair system hardware.  So far, we have been unable get it activated at all – can’t even communicate with it.

“The biggest problem,” continued Rivers, “is that this was a very well-executed sabotage.  The explosions on Amananth station apparently destroyed all of the backup data on the Antiflux systems and hardware, and DPDQ does not seem willing or able to reproduce it.  But we haven’t given up yet”

Pilot Successfully Decrypts Badly Corrupted DSS

UUNN Newswire

Pilot Nafcon was the first to submit a decryption of the DSS code release yesterday by Dorator.

“Just after the Establishment of the colony on Ares in 4093, Adm. Ryne Patten, leading the 8th Expedition, has us a…. control the military …. abolish the colony assembly and declare emperor Octavius. Patten was saying: “The Eight Expedition …. from our little planet ……… a backwater. Our ancestors were pioneers, conquering a new world. WE are the pioneers living that spirit of Ares. We are not scientist or philosoph-men………children of the warrior. Though we are far from home it is the warrior blood that drives us.

 .. no official word from the Governors on Martius, but sou ….at it is … security forces on high Alert — even though….back from Ares w …..ake”

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Dorator Releases DSS Find

by Thane Carios

(Hyperial Station) Just a day after completing its first public DSS collection efforts, Dorator Technologies R&D is releasing the decryption of one of its DSS.Malkev Dorator II

“First let me say that we are not in the business of doing data recovery and decryption for free,” said Malkev Dorator II,  Sr. Vice President of Operations.  “We have some very big clients willing to pay very well for our services.  But we are willing to do contract work of all types — for individuals, squads, organizations, factions — even other corporations. Continue reading

Dorator Announces DSS Collections

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station)  Dorator Technologies R&D has announced two opportunities for pilots to sell their DSS to Dorator for its new  Dorator Data Recovery (DDR) unit.dorator-logo

“We will have two DSS collection opportunities,” said Jalil Aq’tamm,  the head of DDR.  “We will be paying a premiums for the DSS so this is a profit opportunity.  We will buy and DSS for 20% over the floor price.  So, for instance, we would pay 132,000c for a DSS3-Rare.  Additionally, we will pay 150% of the floor price with any DSS with accompanying provenance (i.e. date and sector where it was discovered).”

Date Time Location
117.3.4 15:00 – 16:00 UTC Hyperial
117.3.7 21:00 – 22:00 UTC Wake

Dorator will be collecting up to a total of 40 DSS.  There is also a maximum of five DSS per pilot per collection date.

TRI Responds to Reports of Enforcer Attack

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) After corroborated pilot reports that a TRI-Enforcer-type ship was involved in an attack on the convoy transporting engineers to Amananth, Dominic Serus, Vice President of TRI-DEF (TRI Defense & Security), released the following statement.

TRI Corporation was in no way involved in last evening’s attack in Amananth. Two of our engineers were on the Tow that was attacked. As we have said in the past when there were alleged sightings of TRI Enforcers doing questionable things — we have just two ships remaining in our security fleet: TRI-SEC-1 and TRI-SEC-2. There are no others.

In the past we had dismissed the Enforcer-sighting pretty much out of hand since weTRI Enforcer knew it was not our ships. But now, with multiple reports from highly respected pilots, we must admit that — somehow — someone either managed to salvage one of the ships from the old TRI fleet . . . or has managed to copy the design. Neither is a very comfortable realization.

Although there are confirmed reports that the Enforcer with transponder code 303031 was destroyed, there is no guarantee that whoever is behind this may not have additional Enforcer hulls available.

We will be increasing patrols with TRI-SEC-1 and TRI-SEC-2. Any sightings of any other TRI-Enforcer “style” ships should be reported immediately.

Dorator Hires DSS Expert

by Thane Carios

(Hyperial Station) Dorator Technologies R&D announced today that it has hired DSS expert Jalil Aq’tamm to head its new Data Recovery unit.

“Mr. Aq’tamm has displayed unique skills in his ability to recover information from badly damaged data storage units,” said Rex Radic, Dorator’s Director of Communications.  “The addition of Mr. Aq’tamm immediately expands Dorator’s capabilities both in DSS data recovery, as well as in the area of general disaster recovery services.”

The new unit has been labeled “Dorator DDR” (DSS and Disaster Recoveries) and will be housed in Dorator’s Hyperial offices.

“Operating as a one-man shop just was not working,” said Aq’tamm.  “I was burned-out and broke … I was considering just giving up on the work and becoming a miner.  But Dorator came to me with an offer to provide both the resources and the income stream that I need to go on with my work.”