Amananth Sector Study, Part I and II

AMANANTH(TRI-FP) – Tuesday evening, Dr. Q’son of the Research Board led pilots on a multiple part exercise designed to explore travel and anomalies and various ways to reach the new sector determined to be between Aman Hook and Inner Aman.

At least thirty pilots showed up representing a variety of squads and factions to assist Dr. Q’son. Many enthusiastic pilots showed up a bit ahead of schedule and were treated to a recap of Aewl’s experiences several months prior regarding travel associated with anomalies. After a quick debriefing of the night’s activities and goals as well as proper insurance disclaimers by Dr. Q’son, the group set out.

Given there is no visible anomaly in Inner Aman, the group was given the task to perform a large spiral scan of the area starting from the beacon. Aewl was able to collect the data from this task and transmit it to Dr. Q’son, despite the slight pandemonium that ensued shortly after arrival.

Shortly after arrival at Inner Aman, the group was set upon by sentients. In a display of advanced tactics, the sentients handed the expedition more casualties than the group was able to collect in dead sentients at first. Not wasting a moment, when the group had the data, they departed from the area.

“The real reason for this report is to update TRI on the status of the sentient conflux situation. Sentients in the recent past have not been utilizing their full capabilities (speed, dodging of ammo weapons, coordinated targeting), and have been attacking in larger c7 and c10 class ships which are significantly easier targets for our pilots than the tiny kraken hulls.

The sentients we faced tonight, however, were a disturbing change from the status quo of late. There were a large number of kraken, approximately 6, though it was difficult to keep track as they seemed to reappear fairly quickly after we dispatched them. The kraken displayed the ability to coordinate fire on a single target perceived by them to be the greatest threat. New Dawn Fleet Commanders Havik and ZeroZ95 combined for 6 total kills and as such, were ‘singled out’ on several occasions by the pack of kraken, escaping into neighboring sectors after taking armor damage on a couple of occasions. These kraken also used a device similar if not identical to the Amananthii PWD100 modx. Plus, they used their great speed and quickness effectively to dodge ammo weaponry, to circle fight with their featherfire-like lasers, and to draw small groups of us away from the bulk of the fleet,” remarked ZeroZ95 in his debriefing report afterwards.

From this ambush at Inner Aman, the expidition refueled, rearmed, and reassembled at Aman Hook. ZeroZ95, Commander of New Dawn, took this picture out in the field of the action in Aman Hook.

“At Aman Hook, we had several tasks. Pilots were requested to head to the middle of the anomaly, stop, and jump. At slightly more danger, pilots were requested to approach the anomaly at an angle, and attempt a jump without stopping.

The following pilots were able to complete these tasks at Aman Hook and return datasets for study:

This by no means discounts the many pilots, such as SHUG, who graciously volunteered their assistance as guards to me and those performing the experiment last night, or the many other pilots such as Rhembrandt, Ghannadon and Ithariel who bravely volunteered to jump inside the anomaly, even after seeing the slight mishap of -Silver- go before them. Additionally, I do apologize for the slight mangling of pilot TL’s name over the course of the evening,” said Dr. Q’son. “The station was a bit noisy as we were introduced, and combined with my unfortunate sounding accent, things come out a bit mottled on occasion. It was nothing personal.”

GrimFalcon’s data has yet to be retrieved, and will be collected from Quantar Core later this evening if it is available. GrimFalcon also made the dive into the anomaly, and according to Dr. Q’son, “GrimFalcon made it the furthest into the anomaly before disappearing completely. When he disappeared, there was much confusion and for several moments afterward, everyone was busy fighting off sentients. Cydrone made a noble effort to get them to stop, but unless my eyes deceived me, they were set to fire upon him too with little regard for his words. I warned him he should leave. Fortunately, he heard.

As we all headed back to Amananth, it was then the full impact of what happened to us out there set in – GrimFalcon had gone in, yet he had not come out. Aewl attempted another jump before returning, however we would not return until we were certain pilots had ceased efforts to jump inside the anomaly.”

According to a report filed by Aewl, “GrimFalcon’s pod showed up at Quantar Core shortly after but did not automatically open as usual. With quick thinking, Milkman broke into the pod and discovered an uncouncious, burnt and bleeding GrimFalcon. Medics were quickly called to the scene. While taking him to the medical facility, GrimFalcom momentarily awoke yelling about the “Dark…. it’s all dark.” He also grabbed Milkman by the throat and started to choke the life out of Milkman. Frinzo arrived and helped the medics subdue GrimFalcon. After being secured, GrimFalcon is now in a coma at the Quantar Core medical facility.

Frinzo and Milkman retrieved the logs from GrimFalcon’s pod. The logs indicated that he had made a jump in between sectors. A copy of the logs was transmitted to Dr. Q’son. Then the logs were placed under lock and key in DDZ secure facilities.”

“After many helpful pilots assisted me back into the station at Amananth, we called it a bit of an evening as we waited for updates from DDZ and Quantar Core, and compared notes and experiences,” added Dr. Q’son.

Printouts from Amananth station indicate damage from the anomaly to the TRI ship resulted in the following:
Steering mechanism – steering misaligned, response time slowed
Targetting – Targetting system functioning at 10% capacity
Radar – Non-functional
Shields – shields damaged, but operable
Windshield – cracked, but fused in place. Entire windshield must be replaced, recommend disuse and self-repair attempts with glue guns and mini-soldering style lasers in future.
Communication system – increase in static, wire repair needed. Visible corrosion. Recommend monthly scan and cleaning, due to heavy use.
Pod – operational, life support systems damaged
Weapons – damaged, tendency to fire at random
Brakes – perfect condition
Safety Belt – perfect condition
Music systems – Music CD stuck in player due to collision impact with station has been removed. Unable to identify music, sample collected for Library.
Drink Mug holder – missing. Cannot diagnose cause, will be replaced.

Dr. Q’son is expected to head to Quantar Core today after ship repairs are complete to visit with the injured pilot if possible, collect the data from GrimFalcon’s jump inside the anomaly, and make a final recommendation to the Cartography Department. Construction of the new jumpgate is expected to take place shortly thereafter.


AMANANTH(TRI-FP) – Continuing our report on the Amananth sector, we bring further results from Tuesday night.

One apparently overlooked factor is the three storms appearing over the course of the evening and moving directly through Aman Hook. No signs of lingering effects from these storms have been detected, but an increase of storms moving through Aman Hook has been reported. Weather advisories for Amananth sectors have been issued and will remain in effect until the end of the week. Additionally, with the disappearance (and reappearance) of GrimFalcon, new questions were raised about the possibility of survival of scientist .

“Although the situation of a pilot supposedly disappearing into anomalies is not unique, it also does not appear to be a widespread problem. Let’s not make it one, or let our imaginations make too much of what has been reported,” remarked Zhilaa Katdinal. “TRI advises all pilots to stay out of any known anomaly. They always have, but I feel given the circumstances we need to remind pilots of this. Simply put, the ships aren’t designed for it. There are reasons why protocol must be followed, and why the addition of gates is essential to our expansion efforts. Yes, we will build a new gate, and are waiting for the Research Board’s final recommendation on where to do so. TRI thrives on teamwork, you know.”

However Dr. Q’son has a bit of a disagreement with Director Katdinal’s comments. “Supposedly? No, we have data that proves it happens. The Cartography Department will take the data whatever way we can get it, I might note. Pilots should be aware the anomaly in Aman Hook is more dangerous than it appears on the surface and be careful, however. Through our work Tuesday night we learned even more about what ships can and cannot handle with regards to anomalies, but as I said then and will repeat: they are a lot more durable than people like to think. This new data we’ve gathered allows for engineers – such as Dr. Mithis – to start development on technology based on our results. This will benefit everyone. TRINN readers should know the gates we make will not last forever; the ships we fly need to be improved in light of that fact. We also know the conflux are capable of using our current gates. The implications of that are not something we should dismiss lightly.”

An increase of conflux-related transmissions was noted during Dr. Q’son’s expedition, and the fact despite repeated attempts of getting them not to attack, the sentients paid the efforts little heed.

“Ah, the Conflux. There are some pilots who are closer to the truth than others would like to think,” Dr. Q’son said, letting out a smile.

Reports indicate repairs to Dr. Q’son’s ship have been completed, as well. “I didn’t get to Quantar Core yesterday. My ship wasn’t entirely finished and I ended up catching up on a few movies I hadn’t seen. I did call over to Quantar Core to check on the progress of GrimFalcon. Data’s about as processed as it’ll get without GrimFalcon’s logs, though.”

GrimFalcon remains in critical condition.