Conflux Invade Oct Core

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core)  Octavius Core Station sustained fairly significant damage today when it was attacked by Conflux drones and sentients.

“The attack started around 22:00 when we received alerts that some of the outbuildings were being hit,” said Oct Core Station Governor Hasdrubar Carto.  “Then there were several direct nuke-hits on the station.  Our sensors showed quite a few conflux in-sector, including C0s, 3s, 7s, 14s — and probably others.  There were a lot.”

“One C14 was doing something at the energy transfer port.  I don’t think it was able to damage anything, but we have crews out inspecting the port right now.  It’s a good thing Axiomoon and Utanmadan showed up when they did.  I think things could have been much worse.”

According to Carto, the damage was limited to some external armor and one cargo bay, which took a direct nuke hit.  That bay had contained BCUs, Dreams, Featherfires, Flashfires, Lances, Mauls, Nitrogen and POS Markets.

“I don’t mean to downplay the loss,” said Governor Carto.  “But it could have been much worse.  Most of these things can be replaced easily.”


Conflux Raid Devastates Octavius Core Markets

From the TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – At approximately 8:00 pm last night, a Conflux Sentient raiding party, led by C13-S ‘Kamikaze’ and associated escorts attacked Octavius Core station, causing major damage to market stocks.

“Octavius Core station stocks were almost totally destroyed, “stated Governor Hasdrubar Carto. “Despite the total lack of advanced warning from TRI, our hard working engineers brought production back online within minutes, and we expect station stocks to recover to adequate levels quickly.

“Octavius cannot continue to suffer these attacks, compounded with the apathy shown by the TRI Executive Council and their Conflux Studies Division. If TRI continues to refuse to enhance early warning systems, Octavius shall be left with no alternative but to take matters into its own hands.”

In related news, Quantar medical staff at Corridor have indicated that Governor Sathama Randi has been upgraded to stable condition, and is expected to be back at work within weeks.

Corridor Governor Injured In Conflux Attack

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Corridor (TRI-FP) – Quantar Corridor station governor Sathama Randi is in critical condition today after a significant conflux attack against both Corridor and Octavius Core.
Shortly after 21:10 ET, sentients were identified as present in Outer Third, and headed towards Corridor station. A defense force was quickly assembled, and managed to box the sentients in at Outer Third. During this battle, a second conflux attack force was identified in Vorgus2, and headed for Octavius Core station. Octavian pilots responded to this new attack, and prevented the sentients from leaving Vorgus2. With sentient activity subsiding at Corridor, the Quantar force left the area to assist Octavian forces. This lull in the battle appeared to be no more than a ploy by conflux forces, to lure TRI pilots out of position. With Corridor left undefended, a pair of C17-S “Lamprey” sentients launched a sneak attack, destroying market stocks. A secondary explosion within the station collapsed the ceiling of Governor Randi’s office, inflicting serious injury to her.

“I am grateful for the efforts of all pilots who prevented loss to Octavius Core,” commented Governor Hasdrubar Carto. “The losses suffered at Corridor and the injury of Governor Randi is unfortunate. While Quantar and Octavius have had their differences in the past, if my staff, or I, can be of any assistance to our Quantar neighbors, they have but to ask”