Cornea Station to host Alkotó for the First Time

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  For the first time, Cornea will be the host station for this year’s Alkotó holiday (Saturday, 116.4.30).  Governor Elia del Babon has made a public call for pilots to bring supplies:  “Because of the current, very important, mission to produce Machined Parts, we cannot sponsor an over-lapping faction mission for our holiday,” said del Babon, “But we are asking our pilots to voluntarily bring in Organic Food, beers of all types and Ice Ore — to help prepare for the holiday.”

The governor also pointed out that there is no official event planned for the traditional “nuking of the gate” this year, all pilots are still welcome to observe the tradition by firing one or more nukes at the the Outer Depths Gate at midnight (UTC).  Pilots are warned NOT to jump into Cornea sector from The Outer Depths near that time.

For more details on the background and history of Alkotó, see TRI-Databank.


GBS Disk Documents ISU Attempt to Hack TEC

by Yaz Shanndar

(UUNN HQ) An optical disk found on GBS Station appears to include a partial recounting of an ISU attempt to hack into the Hyperweb accounts for the now-defunct TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC).

This mo ÈAÒNeoFX anA Üew other ISU members, finally found some of the TEC archives on the hype ±©Vä©Dytp:// xT T ¤d after hours of non-stop ‘hacking’ attempts we managed to get access to these archiv Ôh er a security level of ‘field supervisor”. Once access had been obtai  ° À ark agenda bec 8@ P@ h@ing clear… ] ¤] °]  is a summary of some of the mo ¼L turbing information retrieved:

“TRI Evolut  q ¬y Council (TEC) was essentially born when the gen ÿÿations for jumpgate travel were first created. Realizing th ®®®®¿® plication of ’’’’’’tic material c xì  »»»»ì   ì         volution, we study the Conflux and atte ã      0‡‡00at other useful evolution ©©©©©ò         ©owed” to advance the int ò          yžžyyŸŸ   ž    žŸy
Ÿ©  ©  ©©ò

ISU, the Independent Space Union, made GBS Station home for several years.  Led by pilot ISU LogoRidgeway in his infamous Oct ‘battle-tow,’ ISU recruited a skilled, if unruly, roster of pilots including Bronx, FS_Space, Hadur, Fetch,  NeoFX, Sephiroth, and Vagrant.   While other squads were occupied with faction wars, ISU was one of the major forces controlling unregulated space, often going head to head with TRI in the process.

The disk was found in an old ISU storage area by Torn Danton, proprietor of The SpaceBar Pub and former military colleague of ISU-member Vagrant.  Danton, out of curiosity, had the disk worked-on and the data recovered.

“I just figured it might be some of Ridgeway’s famous porn collection,” said Danton.  “Frankly I had no idea that ISU was into anything as subtle as hacking the Hyperweb.  They usually took a more ‘kick-your-ass-to-find out’ approach to intel-gathering.”

Although there is nothing in the recovered material to date it, there is speculation that this invasion of TEC’s data systems could be linked to ISU’s somewhat sudden disappearance in 104.

ShaiDen Back at Sutonia U.

UUNN Newswire

(Sutonia, Amanra)  Sutonia University has announced today that Prof. Athena ShaiDen has ended her sabbatical and will be resuming her teaching responsibilities shortly.

ShaiDen, the renowned xenobiology and Conflux expert, left her position at Sutonia on short notice two months ago to pursue her interests in Amanthi history.  DSS decryptions and Hyperial studies of the station had piqued interest and activity in Amananth research and it was rumored that ShaiDen had been pressured to limit her activities in that area — resulting in her decision to go on sabbatical.

ShaiDen unsuccessfully tried to organize a new kind of scan of Amananth station on 116.2.29 and has not been seen or heard from since.  She was not available for comment to this article.

Newtron Wins “The Newt!”

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The Sarath V Memorial Library has announced that pilot Newtron has, Newtron's Choiceironically, won The Newtron Literary Award, a.k.a The Newt.  In the end, the decision was easy since Newtron submitted the only work of new fiction for the contest .

“Pilot Newtron heard about our contest and immediately responded by submitting his entire story series — which included updates to the entire series as well as on story, Newtron and the Space Cadets — which we did not have at all,” said The Librarian.  “Several of the other stories we had in hardcopy but had not yet digitized, so with this submission we will now be able to have the entire series available in the stack in short order.  Newtron is one of the great storytellers of our time and is clearly deserving of this award.”

Ancient Gate Found in Hyperial

by April Trottel

(UUNN HQ)  It was announced today that explorers have found an ancient, and apparently functional, jumpgate in the Far Gate sector.  This ancient gate is located at 103.6, -88.1, -116.4 — about 215k from the Hyperial gate.

Pilots are asked NOT to attempt to use this gate until further exploration is completed, since jumping through could impact the gate’s stability.