Conflux Renew Attacks on Solrain

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The Conflux have renewed attacks on Solrain assets and Solrain space, once again attacking the recently-repaired RB-3 facility and laying out a pattern of infestations to cut off Solrain from all other factions.


Image courtesy of TRI-SEC

“The pattern of infestation is a concern,” said TRI Conflux expert Carlo Adiar, MBA.  “This was a well-planned and orchestrated attack, with at least three separate sentients working in coordination — a C8s attacking pilots in Wake along with drone-swarms, a C14s infesting and a C17s bombing the RB-3.”

Because of the continued attacks, the STCC has decided not to hold any space-based events for the Reconstruction Days holidays which runs from 116.7.1 through 116.7.3 this year.  They have called upon all available pilots to work the Faction Mission to rebuild the Sabre factory in Cornea, to maintain beacons, to defend against further attacks.

New DSS Decryption Contains Early-Amananth Picture

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  The latest DSS data recovery and decryption by the “Dynamic DSS Duo” of Hammer-BS and Jalil Aq’tamm appears to contain a tantalizing glimpse of the discovery of Amananth — and includes a hyperlink leading to an early picture from inside the station.Amananth Cryopods  The decrypted message itself was a report dated 038.5.12, which corresponds with Enkido Kahn’s discovery of Amananth.  The full text of the report was:

Mission Report 038.5.12 Priority: High. Classification: Z-Restricted. We have entered the station. It is eerie in its absolute emptiness. We have been unable to access much other than the flight deck yet, but we did find one accessible section with 21 functioning cryo-chambers. They are metallic and non-transparent so there is no way to know what is inside. Review the image I am providing and provide direction on how to proceed.

According to Hammer-BS and Jalil Aq’tamm, there were ten DSS recovered in The Split — three have not had data recovered yet; four were unreadable; one was an image of a manuscript from the First Book of Hamalzah; one was the Enkido Kahn log from 038.3.5; and the other contained this report.

“This DSS was encrypted by ROT47, the Enkido Kahn DSS was encrypted by ASCII-code. But the content of both DSS was done in mirror writing,” said Hammer BS when asked to compare the two Kahn finds.

Jalil added that the data recovery on the current find was much more difficult than the one containing the log entry.

One of the more interesting and puzzling aspect of this decryption was the image of the cryo-chambers — which was not encrypted into the report itself, but which was accessed via the hyperweb link shown in the report.  When asked whether the fact that this link was still active and accessible — even after The Catastrophe — led them to consider that this report and image could be a forgery, neither Hammer-BS nor Jalil were willing to speculate.  “I have done data recovery on many DSS,” said Jalil. “This one seemed no different from any of the others.”

Continued Conflux Attacks Could Impact Solrain Holiday

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  A new round of Conflux attacks – this time in and around Wake Station sector – may now threaten some of the plans for the upcoming Reconstruction Days holiday weekend.  Another series of bombing runs have left RB-3 factory significantly damaged.  In addition, access to Wake sector was somewhat limited by infestations in Morain Harbor and Purian Lake.

“The timing is not great,” said Aljia Keval, the STCC Minister of Citizenry.  “We are continuing to discuss the best course of action for the Reconstruction Days holidays.  The concern is that this flurry of attacks could continue and we do not want to risk putting non-combat pilots in harm’s way.

“But I need to be clear,” continued Keval, “in no case is the holiday canceled.  We have billions of people living on our planets, colonies and stations.  The only real part in question is the space-based events which impact a tiny percentage of our population.”

According to recent TRI-SEC scans, the RB-3 facility is at 60% structural integrity and is currently unusable.  Pilots are encouraged to assist with repair of the structure.

Pilot Apathy Endangers Solrain

by Yaz Shanndar

(Cornea Station) Just days before Solrain celebrates its biggest holiday, a Conflux bombing sortie successfully destroyed the Sabre nuclear missile factory in Solrain Cornea Sector today while Solrain pilots remained absent.  The attack lasted from approximately 13:30 UTC until 14:36 UTC.  While Station Governor Elia del Babon authorized the launch of all station defense drones, it was not nearly enough to drive off the Conflux.  Only one pilot launched to assist the defense and he was in a tow which was quickly dispatched.

“I’m outraged beyond words.  Alarms were raised in every station and one single pilot launched,” said del Balbon.  “I launched every single defense drone we had.  I guess the next time I will have to launch myself,” she added.

In addition to the complete destruction of the nuke factory, two gates were infested – limiting access to the sector.  The STCC is urging all pilots to come help take down the infestations.  Preparations for The Reconstruction Days holidays have been suspended as the threat situation is assessed.

Renowned Conflux Expert Dies

Thane Carios

(Lepsia, Cinatus) Octavius announced today that Conflux expert Dr. Aulus Calatorius died this morning with a statement from Emperor Cineon I:

Aveg et H’nore, Octavius! Today we lost a great hero.  Aulus Calatorius died this morning at his home.  Calatorius lived a long, honorable and prolific 81 years, serving Octavius and The Reconstruction Initiative in the defense against the Conflux.  He was one of the pioneers in Conflux Research, working with his colleague Dr. Holly Q’son to try to understand the Conflux to try to give us all and advantage in our battles against them.  He was largely responsible for the development of C.L.A.W.S . – the TRI array of sensor we had to provide early warning against attacks.

Aulus Clatorius has passed through Avernus to feast with our ancestors  — heroes all.  Aveg et H’nore.

Calatorius began his career with TRI-R CSD, taking over as its head when Dr. Holly CalatoriusQ’son resigned in 103 but left just a little more than a year later, shortly after the break-in incident at TRIs Conflux Containment Center in Inner Aman, citing personal reasons.  He resurfaced as Conflux Expert at the Octavius Ministry of War not long after.

Calatorius  had avoided the public eye for many years .  Although he did not officially retire until 114.7 he was not often seen or heard from since well before The Catastrophe.

Venurian Relocation Plans Revealed in Decrypted DSS

by Thane Carios

(Corridor Station) A recently-decrypted DSS has turned out to be an internal Venurian Prospecting memo that outlines it’s “Project Exodus” – a plans to relocate its headquarters and major production and R&D facilities from Quantar Corridor Station to GBS sector.

The DSS containing this information was discovered in Hook of Roh by pilot Hammer-BS; data was recovered by pilot Jalil; and the recovered data was decrypted by pilot Hammer-BS.  The full decrypted text of the memo follows:

Project: Exodus
Distribution: Select Board Members; General Partners

Investigations are under way to move manufacturing of advanced mining products from Corridor station to GBS Sector where we plan on building a brand new production facility. The new facility will initially be producing an improved ML-Amp. We are hoping to begin the mission to move all required construction components to GBS Station by Q0.12.1.

Although the initial moving and launching costs will be high, we foresee significant long-term tax savings and much wider distribution opportunity. Additionally, by having an operation outside Quantar purview, we create an opportunity to pursue more aggressive and unfettered R&D.

Although we know the sitting members of the Fa’hil Memta will strongly oppose this move, we have a highly placed, powerful ally within Quantar, and our ally has approached QSSP, one of the largest, most influential squads and hopes to gain their support for our effort in exchange for our support of their new base of operations in GBS.

We will keep you fully apprised as Phase I efforts continue.

While the memo has a date of October 7, the year is missing.  The memo does mention that squad QSSP has a “new base of operations in GBS”  and QSSP has been largely inactive for quite some time.

Requests for an interview at Venurian Prospecting have gone unanswered.   Anyone with information regarding roughly when QSSP was basing its operation at GBS should contact


Conflux Cut off Octavius; Damage Chiropteran Yard

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  A coordinated attack by Conflux Sentients today successfully cut off Octavius space — and once Octavius was isolated, a C10s Bomber commenced with attacking the Chiropteran Naval Yard.

Only a single Octavius pilot launched to defend Outpost sector, and he successfully destroyed the Sent Bomber.  None of the Emperors were available to comment on the lack of defensive response from their pilots.

Infestations were strategically placed in Dark Gateway (Greater Locks and Diluted Reaches), Far Point (Light Crossroads) and Octavian Shore (The Gurge) to isolate the faction.  They remain in-place at this time.


Library to Add Image Collections

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The Sarath V Memorial Library announced today that it has created a new area for Images.

“We saw a need to expand the media in our collection and images seemed to be the right fit,” said Head Librarian H.E. Jenkins. “In this collection, we will accept painthe-silent-watchmantings, art photographs and historically-significant photographs. We have already had one donation
and hope to see more donations coming in soon. As with our other media, we look to the people to be our primary source for new material. We hope people will come by the enjoy our collection — they can even copy digital prints for their own collection without any fee.”

The first piece in the collection is the well-known watercolor The Silent Sentry by Tannir Cayge.

Octavius Awards Announced

UUNN Newswire

(Etruscera, Martius)  Although there was no official awards ceremony held during the Feast of the Fallen holiday, the Octavius Ministry of Culture Announced today that Emperor Septus I has approved the nomination of pilots Clanlord, Woofe and –LoneSrk- to receive the Emperor’s Emissary medal.

The Ministry of Culture announcement said “The Emperor’s Emissary is one of the high honors awarded by the Empire and these pilots have earned it on merit – each in his own way.”