Tripoint Engineer and DSS Go Missing

UUNN Newswire

(Tripoint Station) On 114.9.17 colleagues of engineer Jalil Aq’tamm reported him missing after he had not been seen or heard-from for three days. Aq’tamm, who worked in data storage R&D for Ayabar Corporation, was temporarily on-contract to the Qua’it Tahir to try to retrieve and decipher the data on the DSS recovered in Tictac’s Hook just over a week ago.

Although Aq’tamm had started working on his project at the Ayabar facilities last week, his colleagues initially assumed that he had moved to a different site to work on the project – but began to be concerned when messages to him went unanswered.

Quantar authorities report that the DSS that Aq’tamm was working on has not been found either at Ayabar or at Aq’tamm’s home.

Aq’tamm was not a pilot and had not undergone genetic modification for jumpgate travel.

Lothar’s Landing Evacuated

UUNN Newswire

(Outpost Station) Lothar’s Landing had to be evacuated earlier today, at about 4:00 UTC, for just under an hour, when its life support systems became in danger of immediate failure. There were no pilots docked on-station at the time and the small station staff made an orderly evacuation using the station’s lifepods.

TRI-STAT, a division of TRI Services, is under contract for maintenance and operation of all major stations – including the four “relic stations” discovered in GBS, Evening’s End, Lothar’s Landing and Klatsche’s Hold. “The systems in the relic stations, frankly, are ancient,” said TRI-STAT Director, Arold Crumwald. “The systems are patched-together as best we can. What’s really needed is a complete refit, but we just don’t have that kind of budget – and in the past few years these places have pretty much become ghost towns.”