Hypsos Holds Planet-Wide Remembrance of Dr. Kelvin Rauder

by Yaz Shanndar

(Hyperial Station) Everything on Hypsos went quiet for 15 minutes at noon today in remembrance of former President Dr. Kelvin Rauder whose 60th birthday it would have been today.

Rauder was elected on 098.4.1 and served as Hyperial President for more than 11 years up to his assassination on 109.11.5 — less than a year short of his 12-year term.  From 12:00 to 12:15 (UTC) all businesses were shut down and comm-networks went silent.  President, Drago Maximilian released the following statement.

Today, on his birthday, we remember the life of Dr. Kelvin Rauder — a man who led us through very interesting times.  He stood strong against TRI, who refused us our rights because its strings were being pulled by the faction overlords.  He opposed every Quantar attempt to undermine us.  And through it all, he lead Hyperial to become a preeminent center of manufacturing and trade.


Hyperial Leadership Speaks Out After Year of Silence

by Thane Carios
TRINN Archives

Hyperial (TRI-FP) — TRINN has received a recording of a Press Statement where Dr. (Viggo) Ragne, Special Representative of the Office of the President, said the following:

“Our beloved Hypsos still resides in a state of official mourning following the loss of President Kelvin Rauder nearly year ago. (109.11.05)

“Our peoples have endured many hardships in the intervening dark period as we have all learned to accept and come to terms with the true details of the tragic accident that took the lives of Dr. Rauder, his staff and the Senior Leadership of the General Commission.

“It is only now, as the period of official mourning draws to an end that our political offices feel it appropriate to address those who reside beyond our borders once again.

“And our address is this:

“The peoples of Hypsos and Hyperial station possess no prior knowledge of the attack within Quantars Tripoint Sector. We must also respond, at last to the distasteful claims of annexation proffered by Quantar’s Rohi Bin Hamalzahd shortly after our unifying loss last year. Needless to say such vapid claims, typifying the rash and impetuous nature of Rohi have been unilaterally rejected.

“Our great government retains is rightful position to hold claim and ownership of our territories and to govern them from our offices in Hyperial Station until such a time as we might do so more.. directly.”

This is the first official communication from Hyperial since President Rauder was assasinated eleven months ago.  It leaves some important questions unanswered – notably, any evidence of who was responsible for the assasination, and any indication of Hyperial’s stance on Amber Flame’s attacks on Quantar.