TRINN Funding Restored; TRI Reform in Progress

From the TRINN Archives

by Demosthenes

(Solrain Core)  The recent hiatus in news coverage, caused by the invalidation of the original TRI Treaty, is now coming to an end. Except for some diplomatic channels and the operations of the TRI pilots, interstellar communication among the factions has suffered serious disruption as the factions continue to wrangle over issues of funding and jurisdiction for former and continuing TRI operations.

Several critical services have been agreed upon as functions of the remnant TRI Corporation that now appears to be the likely result of continuing high-level discussions. The TRI Insurance Division has already been contracted by Octavius, Solrain, and Quantar governments to provide financial services to their pilots. News services provided by TRINN have been elevated to a “necessary function” by all three member factions, and budget has been earmarked for continuation of services. All TRI construction operations, long underfunded by the factions, have halted except for ship hull manufacture and some jumpgate maintenance. Indications are that a streamlined Heavy Industries division of TRI is being considered, as well as a Research division with functions limited to Conflux studies and jumpgate technology. The TRI Defense Ministry has been abolished by the factional governments and all military powers reclaimed under native sovereignty. Military “incidents” among the factions have been widespread for weeks and comprehensive reports on these actions and their repercussions are being compiled for release.

It appears TRI will retain its monopoly on control of the jumpgate network, and rumors persist that funding through gate tolls is being seriously considered as a new corporate policy. A temporary TRI Board of Directors has been formed of division heads whose organizations are being retained during the reform, but there has been no word on the status of the office of Prime.

Further bulletins on the reorganization of TRI will be issued as information is made public.