TRI-IND to Mothball “O” Gates

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(Solrain Core Station) TRI Corporation, Industrial & Business Services (TRI-IND), Sector Assets Division announced today that it plans on “mothballing” a number of gates throughout space.  “This is a cost-cutting move,” said Tristan Kamihira, Director of Sector Assets for TRI-IND.  “With the current number of pilots on duty these days launch fees and insurance fees have plummeted.  We just can’t afford to keep all of these gates maintained for so few people.”

According to A. Trottel, a TRI Sector Assets Engineer, a careful traffic study was done and the decision to shut down all gates for sectors beginning with an “O” was actually was not arbitrary, but rather it was arrived upon scientifically.  “It just worked out that way,” she added. Continue reading

Detainee Escapes from Outpost

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(UUNN HQ) The detention room of a patient Zar-Kwon in the medical center on Outpost Station was found empty this morning, with its doors locked and all its contents in place. Zar-Kwon was best known for flying around Octavius space spouting gibberish. He was apprehended and detained in 119.5 because he was considered unstable and potentially dangerous — and unofficially because of his connections to Atticus Septuszar-kwon1_000006

Station is currently reviewing security video to try to determine how he escaped and who may have been involved, but so far it remains a mystery.

One item of interest left in the detention room was a worn, crumbled paper. It was not at all like Zar-Kwon’s usual “prophetic ravings” but its meaning was anyting but clear.

Pilots are asked to report any sightings of Zar-Kwon to

Pilot Releases Amazing Photos of Ghost Ship

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Pilot Nimdas shared images at The SpaceBar Pub yesterday that he claims he captured “a few days ago” while flying in a shield storm in Saron’s Shoulder sector.

The images, if authentic, could be the famed “ghost ship” The Holländer which has allegedly been appearing in storms, along with a garbled distress call for years. There is only one known image of this ghost ship and it was a very blurry image captured from a distace. If the Nimdas images are in fact The Holländer, it would be a huge breakthrough.

Nimdas refused to provide additional information to a TRI-SEC official, but he did mention that he tried to use a “transport beam” (which we assume means an Insight/Displacer combination) with no results.

Many say that the distress call is an echo from pre-collapse times, but most scientists have dismissed that possibility.  Some believe that finding the ship would be finding amazing new pre-collapse technologies and riches.

The first report of The Holländer’s distress call was in 106.10.

Martius Refuses Ministry Rotation

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(Etruscera, Martius)  The office of Consul Caelina Arsann announced today that Martius will not cooperate with the traditional 7th-year Ministry rotation this year.  “We have no interest in Trade.  We have no interestplanet_gp in Culture.  We are WAR.  We will remain WAR.  Because we are warriors … and nothing else.”

Since 100AT the three Octavius planets have agreed to share ministerial duties and to reshuffthe them every year.  Since 114, Ares Prime managed the Ministry of Culture, Cinatus managed the Ministry of Trade and Martius managed the Ministry of War.

Since 119 when Empress Iulia usurped power, there has been been little communiction or cooperation from Martius.

Requests for comment from Ares Prime and Cinatus have received no response.

OPL Recalls Capacitors

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core Station)  After several incidents where pilots reported that its largest-selling capacitor had malfunctioned, Octave Propulsion Labs (OPL) has recalled all of the Pints on the market.

“The Pint has been one of the most-chosen capacitors for over two decades now,” said OPL Spokespeson Kaeso Cosmas.  “And it’s been highly reliable for a very long time.  But pilots have to be able to discharge their guns and we just have to have 100% dependability.  Hopefully we can re-start production soon.”

Pilots with Pint inventories on their stations are encouraged to sell them back at their closes Octavius station.

OPL stock dropped more than 17% on the news.

Hyperial Says Antiflux Factory is Working

UUNN Newswire

hyp af factory(Hyperial Station)  Hyperial authorities have announced that their new Antiflux factory, completed on 121.1.1, is now functioning properly.  During initial tests of the factory, it would take the components from manufacturing pilot’s cargo hold, but did not deliver the Antiflux.  Hyperial has blamed the malfunction on ongoing Quantar cyberattacks on the facility.

Medal Announcements

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(UUNN HQ) While no pilots received the required minumum number of votes to receive a Pilots Choicemedal94Award for last year, in a surprise announcement, pilot Grimgriz has been awarded the TRI Order of Merit — an award given to “. . . select few individuals who have performed exemplary services to the benefit of multiple factions over the course of their entire career.”

Other receipients of this prestigious award include Drevent, FS_Falcon, Hurricane, Jump and Samwise.

Hyperial Livid Over Mission Delays

by Thane Carios

(Barnard/Hypsos/Hyperial)  Hyperial authorities, fuming over the slow progress of the Antiflux Science Factory mission, released the following statement:

This is the MOST CORRUPT mission in the history of TRI!  We have irrefutable information that this excellent effort  was actually completed by the good pilots WEEKS ago, but TRI Corporation — well-known as the puppets of Quantar — has rigged the system so that completed missions are not counting.  Our engineers are working on adjusting  our new Antiflux so that it won’t operate in Quantar ships.  It could even explode.

We DEMAND an audit of the mission computers immediately and we will not be compensating TRI Corp. for running this mission.  IF they don’t like it they can talk to our lawyers.

When we asked Dorakk Thol, VP TRI-IND, about the Hyperial allegations he said, “We closely monitor all progress.  The mission is proceeding exactly as it should.  It’s a pretty significant mission and there are just not that many pilots running it right now.  And the allegations about us and Quantar are just Hyperial baseless accusation.  They hired us to run this thing because a lot of pilots don’t trust them.  We will be paid.”

Festival! 120 Awards Announced

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The following awards are being presented to pilots who participated in the Festival! 120 holiday events:

THOUSAND WORDS CONTEST:  (No participants)

Captains Commendations are being awarded to Aeghwhyn, Hammer-BS, Lucky and Nara.  They also shared a salvage reputedly worth in excess of 30 million credits.


  • First-place: the Cesium Medal and an EB-3, 2, 1 stack go to Lucky
  • Second place: the Platinum Medal and an AB-3 go to MLDeath
  • Third place: Antimony Medal and a CM-4 go to Hammer-BS

Aeghwhyn also participated and will receive a Captains Commendtion.

Medals and prizes should be awarded within a week.  Gear prizes are placed in your Depot Station storage.

The holiday also saw the opening of the Pilots Choice Awards voting, which is continuing through 120.12.31.  All registered pilots are encouraged to VOTE!

Voting Opens for Pilots Choice Awards

UUNN Newswire

PCA 117

Voting has opened today for the 120 Pilots’ Choice Awards.  Medals for Combat, Mining, Conflux Hunting, Economy Support and Leadership will be awarded to pilots receiving the most votes — though there is a seven-vote minimum to qualify for an award.  A Pilots’ Choice Award can be given to ANY registered pilot and any pilot can vote — but just once.

ALL PILOTS are encouraged to participate by voting HERE