Chiara Gwen Upsets Mallow

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core Station) With an amazing 75% of the vote, Chiara Gwen has upset the incumbent and long-time STCC power-broker Arbin Mallow in the race for the Soria Speakers Chair. While many knew that Chiara’s “Sarath-connection” posed a formidable threat, her absence from politics for so many years made may wonder whether she had enough clout to unseat a long-time insider like Mallow.

Chiara Gwen Sarath will be seated today in a brief ceremony.

Polls Open for Soria Election

UUNN Newswire

sol(Solrain Core Station)  The polls are now open for Citizens of Solrain to elect a new Speaker for the planet Soria.

The incumbent, Arbin Mallow, is finishing up his first term replacing long-time speaker Demeter Garreth, who moved to the Premier’s Office in 120.  Mallow faces two challengers this year.  Dante Savatch, a dark-horse in the race is a System Security Director at T&P and has never held any political office.  The second is a shocker — Chiara Gwen (Sarath) has stepped back into the spotlight after many years.  As the daughter of Dylan Sarath (aka Sarath V), former TRI Council member and former TRI Diplomat, it will be interesting to see how much policital sway she still holds after more than 20 years.

Unlike the Premier, Ministers and Station Governors, who are appointed by the STCC, the three Speakers are democratically elected — one every year (on a rotating basis) for three-year terms.  Most consider Speaker the most powerful political position in Solrain.


Only citizens of Solrain may vote and you may vote just once.  Polls close at the end of the day on 122.7.3.

Questions Circulate as Octavius is Silent on Major Holiday

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(UUNN HQ)  Pilots, citizens and many officials have all been puzzled bu the complete silence in the run-up to the Octavius Feast of the Fallen holiday which began today.  Prior years have had varying levels of planned activities, but never complete silence — which has lead to rumors of internal turmoil.

One official on Ares Prime who refused to go on-record said, “Emperor Venticus has said before that he does not view this holiday as a party.  He believes it’s an important time for everyone of Octavius to reflect and honor in their own way . .  according to our honored traditions.  That is all.”

122.4.30 Marks a Milestone Anniversary

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) I remember 112.4.30 . . . spending a late evening, relaxing with a Solrain Stoudt, listening to JPR.  Then everything went black on Solrain Core Station.  We lived in the dark for weeks while engineering teams struggled to get emergency systems back online.  First the air scrubbers.  Then the water processors.  It was a miracle many, many more didn’t die in those dark weeks.

It seems more like a hundred years ago than ten.

To memorialize The Catastrophe once again I’ll offer this recording of Sarath V‘s final speeech on the third anniversary (he died six months later), because I don’t believe any other words would be better.

Given the significance of this anniversary, Solrain has planned no major celebrations this year for it’s annual Alkotó holiday

Flux Hunters Report C30 Sightings

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(UUNN HQ) TRI Security (TRI-SEC) has received disturbing reports of C30 Megalodon sightings in Flux space sectors C-2204 and Cynomy’s Passage over the past week. One pilot reported: “It’s a monster! It’s bigger than an Eel and faster than a Stingray. I’d barely jumped into the sector before it was shredding mymegalodon sightings 4.1 armour away. I was lucky to get out.”

So far there have been no images captured and TRI-SEC patrols have come up empty. Anyone sighting a Megalodon should exit the sector immediately and report the sighting to

All pilots are urged to avoid C-2204 and Cynomy’s — and to exercise exreme caution in the rest of Conflux space. So far, no C30 Megalodon sightings have been reported outside of Conflux Space sectors.

Tahirs React to Void Storm Statement

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The following statement was released by the Office of the Tahirs:

 *   *   *  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE *   *   *   

From the Office of the Tahirs

The Tahirs do not know the Void Storm path and do not recognize it in any way.  We alone speak for the Qua’ it tahir (Will of the People).  We believe that the statement from this alleged “Path” could very well be a Hyperial ruse with the intent of discrediting Quantar and causing dissension.  At this point, we have no intention of supporting a “No-Fly-Zone” in Hyperial space.  We encourage all faithful Quantar pilots to focus their efforts on supplying Quantar stations and maintaining proper tuning of Quantar beacons.

New Quantar Sect Calls for Quantar to Establish a Hyperial No-Fly Zone

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  A new Quantar “Path”  (i.e. sect) calling itself The Void Storm has released a statement calling for Quantar to create a “no-fly-zone” in Hyperial sectors in response to the recent Hyperial Faction Mission.

Void StormHyperial is the enemy.  They lie with impunity.  Their motives are suspect — always.  Thse who do their bidding are either complicit or fatally greedy.  The mission needs to be stopped.  The runners need to be stopped.  Hyperial treachery needs to be stopped.

To that end, we The Void Storm call for the Tahirs to establish a no-fly-zone in all sectors from The Main Gate to Hyperial Station.  We call on ALL pilots of good conscience to reject the Hyperial lies.  The other Gefirrah conspirators can enjoy their pod rides.

All details abut The Void Storm, its size, philosophy and membership are currently unknown.

Hyperial to Remember Rauder

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Tomorrow, 122.2.28, Hyperial will once again remember Dr. Kelvin Rauder the controversial President who led the faction from his election in 98AT until his assassination in 109AT. During Rauder’s years in office Lau Baude, a veteran of the Second Quantar War who Quantar called a war criminal, was apponted head of HSS … there was a coup attempt … two Quantar Delegates were abducted — and died during a rescue attempt … and the Letifer Virus was weaponized and used against Quantar as well as members of the Fourth Tribe on Hyperial.

Rauder was also suspected of having connections to the deaths of Brother Io and Dayalu.

All Hyperial businesses and comm networks will shut down on 122.2.28 from 12:00 – 12:15 UTC.

TRI Corp Lays Off Docking Comp Workers

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Wake Station)  TRI Corporation announced today that due to economic conditions it was closing down its Docking Computer factory on Wake Station.

Docking Comp“The inventory we have is just not moving,” said Sagrith Hubri, TRI Director of Manufacturing, Mercantile and Economics.  “We still have the automated factory in Ekoos Stop and that should be more than adequate to handle demand.  These things are really for our recruits — seasoned pilots should not need them.  If things pick up in the future, we’ll address it as necessary.”

Hubri confirmed that all New Recruits would still be given a complimentary Docking Computer with their first ship.