“Roidmania” Event Announced

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) After a recent DSS decryption turned out to be the diary of a Quantar miner named “Olvin.” While almost nothing is know about Olvin, TRI Corporation, decided to approach the Factions about running an event to find some of the ‘Roids identified in Olvin’s writings.  The contest will begin on 121.9.16 and is planned to go on for three days.  Details from Olvin’s journal with clues to roid locations should be coming our soon.

Prizes to the first three to identify the mystery ‘roids will be Buildkits 8, 4 and 2 for the first, second and third pilots  (respectively) to correctly identify all of the ‘roids.  There are rumors that additional prizes may be awarded if there are enough pilots participating.

“Free G” Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Launch Systems Shutdown

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  A previously-unknown hacker group calling itself “Free-G” is claiming reponsibility for the system-wide launch systems malfunction.  The group says the shutdown will continue until G.Raputin is released from Bayberry Emotional Care Center.

A TRI Station Systems & Maintenance employee who asked that we not identify her said, “We have no idea what is causing this so it’s impossible to say whether hackers have any part in it.  They could very well be bluffing just to get their crazy friend out.”

G.Rasputin’s Daring Escape Sends Shock Waves Through All Factions

by Yaz Shanndar

(Kalibas, Amanra) Infamous former pilot G.Rasputin escaped brefly from the Bayberry Emotional Care Center in Kalibas today setting off security alerts throughout Solrain, while other factions kept a close watch on the situation.g-rasputin

G.Rasputin — who regularly shouted “Hi, I’m G.Rasputin, and I am to the Solrain people as the The Chupacabra is to goats” — was a long-time favorites of guards and inmates alike, had been confined to the facility since 108 AT.

The escape plot started when Anna, his “wife” of 13 years (an escort he married just hours before his incarceration), came for her weekly conjugal visit.  She gave G.Rasputin the clothes she was wearing while changing into a spare outfit she had in her purse. G.Rasputin, who has always shaved his arms and legs, applied fake nails, put on a wig, lipstick, heels, and the outfit that his wife had left him. It was a Garden Explorer red floral print, with a deep V-neckline and a banded empire waist that gave way to a flared mini skirt. The outfit was so stunning, he was able to walk right past the guards and out of the facility without attracting anyone realizing what was happening —  collecting several personal comm codes in the process. Continue reading

Emperor Cineon to Celebrate Birthday with Antiflux Giveaway

UUNN Newswire

(Cina, Cinatus)  Emperor Cineon turns 40 on 121.7.17 and according to the Office of Consul Zagabi, the Emperor has decided to award FOUR Antiflux ECMs from the Strategic Imperial Supply Depot to each pilot who correctly names  Cineon’s father.  

Answers should be sent to cineon_imperator@tri-subspace.net by midnight (UTC) of Cineon’s birthday (121.7.17).  You may also send the answer to The Emperor directly (via F4 direct channel), and wish him a happy birthday, if you see him in space any time that day.

Please note:  Pilot Clones and Drones are not eligible for this prize.

Blue Book Quiz Answers

The following are the answers to the Reconstruction Days Blue Blook Quiz trivia event:

(1) How many planets have the people of Solrain inhabited? [FOUR – Solrain, Soria, Amanra and Hellion]





(2) What was the name of the great orbital Sorian information library that was lost in The Great Collapse?  [The Aethenaeum]


(3) What were the names of the two governing houses that preceded the current Solrain Traders and Citizens Council (STCC)?  [House of Traders (CEOs of the largest 100 corporations) and the House of Citizens (1000 democratically elected individuals)]


(4)  What major event happened in Solain space on 784.7.3 BT?  [The Oasis Disaster]



(5)  What was the name of the questionable fund-raising foundation used by infamous Sorian scientist Nero Vennimus to raise capital for his quantum tunneling research [Citizens of the Stars Foundation]


Congratulations to Hammer-BS, the only contestant, who got 4 out of 5 correct and therefore will receive the Keval’s Thanks medal and 500,000 credits.  Well done!

“Blue-Book Quiz” Questions for Reconstruction Days 121

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  The Blue-Book Quiz is ON!  There are five questions to answer, and all of blue bookthe answers can be found here on UUNN; on TRI-Databank; or in the Sarath V Memorial Library.  You may even need multiple sources.

Here are the questions:

  • How many planets have the people of Solrain inhabited?
  • What was the name of the great orbital Sorian information library that was lost in The Great Collapse?
  • What were the names of the two governing houses that preceded the current Solrain Traders and Citizens Council (STCC)?
  • What major event happened in Solain space on 784.7.3 BT?
  • What was the name of the questionable fund-raising foundation used by infamous Sorian scientist, Nero Vennimus, to raise capital for his quantum-tunneling research?

Some of these are pretty easy . . .  some will take a bit of research.  Remember you will have to use one or more of the sources mentioned above.  Answers must be submitted to STCC@tri-subspace.net by 24:00 (midnight) UTC on Saturday 121.7.3.

The awards:

  • All five answers correct: Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits
  • 1 to 4 answers correct: Keval’s Thanks medal and 500k credits
  • 0 for 5: Captain’s Commendation

UUNN will publish links to the answers at the end of Reconstruction Days after winners have been announced.

Reconstruction Days 121

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Reconstruction Days 121 begins this year on 121.7.2.  It is Solrain’s biggest holiday celebrating the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative and festivities on-planet and in-space last for three days , with one day for each of the SRI’s “Three Laws of Pioneering.”

  • The Rediscovery of the Galaxy
  • The Search for Arcane Knowledge
  • The Repopulation of the surviving planets

Those three laws of pioneering later became the basis for the first TRI Charter.

Solrain Pilots, along with pilots from other factions, are encouraged to organize their own events around these themes.

In addition, Tens & Piney Systems is sponsoring this year’s “Blue-Book Quiz.”  Five Solrain trivia questions will be published here by 10:00a UTC on 121.7.3 so be sure to check UUNN.

Answers must be submitted to STCC@tri-subspace.net by 24:00 (midnight) UTC on Saturday 121.7.3.

The awards will be as follows:

  • All five answers correct: Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits
  • 1 to 4 answers correct: Keval’s Thanks medal and 500k credits
  • 0-for-5: Captain’s Commendation

Feast of the Fallen Begins 121.5.28

(Ares Prime) With Empress Iulia refusing to participate in the Ministries Rotation, Ares Prime has offered to host this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday, which runs from 121.5.28 through 121.5.30.

Day of Remembering – 121.5.28

While Emperor Venticus will not lead a live Recitation of Heroes, he has called for all citizens of Octavius to submit their own remembrances for him to release publicly through UUNN.  Submissions should be received prior to the beginning of the holiday.

Day of Battle – 121.5.29

The Bleeding Skies — All Octavius is called upon to tune beacons RED across Octavius — and throughout all space — for the entire day.

Members of the lesser factions are welcome to challenge those actions.

Day of Feasting – 121.5.30

All are urged to enjoy to good company of family and friends to celebrate Heroes past, present, and future.

Solrain Celebrates Alkotó as Everyone Remembers The Catastrophe

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Today marks the ninth anniversary of The Catastrophe when an energy pulse swepth through space, shutting down critical systems and severely damaging much of the infrastructure, initiating a dark year and a half as the factions struggled to rebuild.

As with every year since 114, the anniversary overlaps with the Solrain Alkotó/Founder’s Day holiday although Solrain has planned no space-based celebrations this year.

Former Quantar Journalist Found Dead

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  Well known journalist and news personality Jagur Brikkor was found dead on Quantar Core yesterday.  brikkorBrikkor, who changed pronouns in 101 AT had been living a relatively quiet life as Salome Brickhouse.  Quantar officials have not released cause of death but there are rumors that she died of unnatural causes.

Brikkor’s career at Jumpgate Today crumbled when very compromising images from his brief affair with pilot Ultrabitch became public.  Shortly after this, he transitioned to Salome.  She worked as a media consultant until she retired in 117 AT.