Festival! 120 Awards Announced

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The following awards are being presented to pilots who participated in the Festival! 120 holiday events:

THOUSAND WORDS CONTEST:  (No participants)

Captains Commendations are being awarded to Aeghwhyn, Hammer-BS, Lucky and Nara.  They also shared a salvage reputedly worth in excess of 30 million credits.


  • First-place: the Cesium Medal and an EB-3, 2, 1 stack go to Lucky
  • Second place: the Platinum Medal and an AB-3 go to MLDeath
  • Third place: Antimony Medal and a CM-4 go to Hammer-BS

Aeghwhyn also participated and will receive a Captains Commendtion.

Medals and prizes should be awarded within a week.  Gear prizes are placed in your Depot Station storage.

The holiday also saw the opening of the Pilots Choice Awards voting, which is continuing through 120.12.31.  All registered pilots are encouraged to VOTE!

Voting Opens for Pilots Choice Awards

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PCA 117

Voting has opened today for the 120 Pilots’ Choice Awards.  Medals for Combat, Mining, Conflux Hunting, Economy Support and Leadership will be awarded to pilots receiving the most votes — though there is a seven-vote minimum to qualify for an award.  A Pilots’ Choice Award can be given to ANY registered pilot and any pilot can vote — but just once.

ALL PILOTS are encouraged to participate by voting HERE

TRI Reports Ship Missing

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  TRI Corporation reported this morning that one of its unmanned cargo tows has stopped responding to remote commands and all telemetry has been lost.

The ship launched from Klatsches Hold at approximate 08:00 UTC and was en route to GBS Station with what is rumoured to be extremely valuable cargo.  The last telemetry was received at approximately 08:23 UTC from Zealots Refuge.  TRI Corp requests that any sightings be reported to tri@tr-subspace.net, but pilots have already begun to form search parties since disabled ships — in unregulated space, with no living crew — are considered legal salvage.

Festival! 120 Event Schedule Released

THURSDAY – 120.11.26


Every party needs beer, so pilots will have a number of “beer-sharing” missions to take on. Watch the Faction Mission board on Thursday for details.

THOUSAND WORDS CONTEST (already announced)

We published three pictures on UUNN on 120.11.13.  You pick one and write a story about it.  What is the place in the picture.  What happened there … or what will happen.  What’s it’s purpose?  What’s its secret? Is it past … present … or future?  Let your imagination run wild!  Make it long or make it short.  Make it funny or make it tragic.  It’s up to you.

Submit YOUR story to librarian@tri-subspace.net by Sunday 120.11.29 at 24:00 UTC.  If our editors select your story for publishing in the Sarath V Memorial Library, you will receive a Newtron Literary Award (aka “The Newt”) and 5 million credits.

FRIDAY – 120.11.27


SATURDAY – 120.11.28


TRI-TRAN-1 is a remotely-operated cargo tow.  TRI has lost contact with it and it’s stuck somewhere far out in Unregulated Space.  Because of the upcoming holiday, TRI may not be able to dispatch a search party for some time  — which means the derelict ship will be legal salvage!  More details regarding its route/possible location will be announced on 120.11.28.

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Hyperial Kicks off Faction Mission to Build new Antiflux CP

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(UUNN HQ) Hyperial shocked many today with the announcement that they have initiated a mission to build a new Antiflux facility, claiming “We have done what Amananth coud not.”

Antiflux production capabillity at Amananth was destroyed on 117.2.11. There were multiple attempts to restart production but all were unsuccessful. While many blamed a conflux attack, the exact causes of the explosions both within Amananth Station and outside the station in the Antiflux CP were neve determined.

Hyperial has declined further statements at this time.

Library Announces “Thousand Words Contest”

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core) It’s been said that every picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are FIVE “inspiration pictures” for the Sarath V Memorial Library’s Thousand Words Contest for Festival! 120.

Describe the place … what happened there (or what will happen) …. what’s it’s purpose? … what’s its secret? Is it from the before The Great Collapse … the more recent past … present … or future?

Choose a picture and let your imagination run wild! You can even incorporate more than one of these images into your story if you want.

(click on a picture below for a full-size image)

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Miner’s Days Awards Announced

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(UUNN HQ)  The results of the Miners Days Pure Mining Contest have been released:

  • 1st Place – Hammer-BS, with 172 pures mined, wins the Spade of Karadron award, a CM4 and 3 Antiflux ECMs
  • 2nd Place – Boelling, with 81 pures mined, wins the Keval’s Thanks award and a CM4
  • 3rd place – PRI-SEC-11, with 67 pures mined, wins the Keval’s Thanks award and a CM3

Captain’s Commendation awards will go to DSRG-r-GP; Ambrosius; Koopmans and DSRG-r-Qco who each mined-out 5 or more pure asteroids. Continue reading

Hammer-BS Wins a Close Vote

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(UUNN HQ)  In a very tightly-contested vote, Hammer-BS edged out Nessos for this year Shahir Assad Award.  This is only the second time this medal Shahir Assad - medal1031has been awarded, the first being in 118 when the award went to Tezrend.  Other pilots receiving votes were Cagle, Jalil and Spork.  Two votes were not counted — one being for a Solrain pilot and the other for a pilot not on the duty roster.

The Shahir Assad (“The Shining Lion”) is awarded to Quantar pilots who have been honored by their peers for a lifetime of exceptional service to The Children of Hamalzah.

Hammer-BS Announces Mining Race for Sunday 120.9.6

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(Quantar Core) Quantar pilot Hammer-BS is sponsoring a special Miners Days Mining Race on Sunday 120.9.6, running from 18:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC.

Full details on this race can be found on TRI-PLOG.

The Quantar Tahirs have agreed to award Cesium, Platinum and Antimony Medals for the top three contestants — and a Captain’s Commendation to all other participants.