Full Transcript of Miners Days

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core) – The office of the Third Tahir, Dr. Silas Tashawar has released the full transcript of this weekend’s events. It is formatted in the manner in which it was delivered live–2 lines at a time–due to the limitations of TRI communication channels. All words belong to Tahir Tashawar excepting for Part 3 of the Parable of Karadron which was delivered by Ambrosius of The Brotherhood.

  • Opening Remarks:

Shalim Masaafirah. Greetings fellow pilots. Yes, I say fellow pilots because several weeks ago, I quietly accepted the ultimate challenge and joined the ranks of the jump capable.

For the Quantar, our faith in Hamalzah is so much larger than just the old texts.

It’s the air, the soil, the minerals, the planet, the space around us, the asteroids, the great gestalt of being Quantar. The oneness. Commune.

I was drawn by the chance to commune with Hamalzah on a whole new level and avail myself of the opportunity whenever my duties as Third Tahir allow.

As for that, most know that I was elected to the Fa’hil Memta as Third Tahir late in AT 111 after the shameful assassination of First Tahir Queliar Neamru in January of that year.

Prior to that, I was honored to serve on the supervisory board of Venurian Prospecting Ltd. We are proud that Venurian has partnered with the Qua’it tahir on this occasion

to help supply the gifts that will be used later for The Gifts to the Gefiirah segment of our holiday. But that is jumping ahead in our sequence of events.

Right now, I am privileged to read Section 1 of the Parable of Karadron. Please bear with me a moment while the ancient text is brought up. Thank you shregin’ah.


  • The Parable of Karadron

Part 1

A mighty man was Kardaron. His shovel was bigger than any other man’s and His chisel was always kept sharp.

Bold was He, and never any fear knew as He ranged over sky and mountains searching for the rocks and stones that brought His tribe and family comfort.

He knew red rock made iron for ploughs and swords. He knew green rock made copper for light and heat. And he knew all the other rocks for the benefits they brought to Him and His own.

One day, as He was sleeping in a rocky valley after working the faces, Hamalzah came to Him in a dream and spake unto Him. “Kardaron! Heed me!”.

And the sound was as of the rolling of thunder. “Search ye in the skies for one you cannot see. Take him into your carriage, for he will bring great wealth unto you.

There are things to know from him that you will never know unless you find him. When you have found him, you will recognise him again, and see many more of his kind in the Heavens.”

And Kardaron woke from His dream. Hamalzah’s words had confused Him and He knew not what to do. He returned to His home-hearth and spoke of His dream with the Wise Ones of the tribe.


Part 2

“Do not leave us Karadaron!” urged the tribe. “You are strong, and your right hand breaks rocks, and your left hand gives good fortune. Should you leave us on this quest, we shall be ruined.”

But Kardaron’s heart was true, and He heeded the words of Hamalzah, and set forth to journey the sky. And there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on his departure.

It came to pass that Arkan, a Demon of Horridahl saw this, and came unto the tribe in Quantar form to tempt them away from Hamalzah. “Look how the mighty Hamalzah takes away your

strong right arm, and your generous left arm! Is this truly the work of a God?” he said unto them. And they were weak, and he was strong in his oratory.

And they grew angry with Hamalzah, and set out to look for Kardaron. They looked into their oracles to see where Kardaron had gone. They saw Him in the sky, with his great shovel

and iron cart. As they watched Him thus, he disappeared from the oracle, despite their being nothing else to see that might cause this, and they threw themselves on the ground in despair.

“See how Hamalzah takes your greatest prospector?” said Arkan. And they believed him, for they could not see how else Kardaron could have vanished. They lamented for Kardaron and

split His belongings amongst the tribe as was their way. They tore down the effigy of Hamalzah in the Temple, and replaced it with an effigy of Horridahl in its place. And Arkan became

the leader of their tribe, taking many children and women into his service. And the tribe began to suffer great hardship, as Arkan made merry, they neglected their fields and slept often.


Part 3

Then came such a day that Kardaron returned. Not one of the tribe knew of His coming, for they had not been attending the oracles as they should.

Kardaron saw what Arkan had done to his hearth-home and was greatly displeased. He went to Temple, where Arkan sat upon a throne of bronze, attended by the Quantar, who feared him.

There the tribe saw it was Kardaron, and He had returned to them. He took His shovel in His mighty right hand, and struck Arkan. The blow was so mighty as to have laid low mountains,

and Arkan was rent asunder and sent to the four winds. “See, I have returned,” spake Kardaron. “With Hamalzah’s Light I have found that which cannot be seen.

With my right arm I have brought it back, and with my left arm I give it to you. Come back to Hamalzah, and ye shall partake of His Divine bounty, which He has given to us.”

And the tribe came back to Hamalzah, but they said “Kardaron, we thought you were lost, for we could not see you in the oracle!”. And He said unto them “I was not lost.

I have found that which cannot be seen. As black as the sky it was, and hard to see. It lies in wait for the unwary, and hidden as it is can destroy even iron carts such as mine.

The heavens have many of these dark things, and now I know their appearance, I can show you where they are.”

And he opened up his iron cart, and gave unto the tribe great wealth with his left hand, as was His way. From then on, the tribe was Hamalzah’s and His alone.

And they prospered and made merry in the Light of Hamalzah.


  • Gifts to the Gefiirah

 The Gifts to the Gefiirah is a tradition that dates back to folk legends prior to spaceflight. Back to before the unity of the tribes and the conclave. Warring tribes took this holiday

as an opportunity to demonstrate that an eventual peace was possible. They would send gifts to the Gefiirah–Outsiders–with whom their tribe was in conflict.

We continue this tradition with the help of Venurian Propsecting Ltd. and must select 2 pilots who will deliver gifts to Oct Core and to Wake station. Who volunteers?

Quantiir bena. Good luck, and may Hamalzah see you on your way.


  • The Blessing of the Shovels

Hamalzah, see your people gathered here and accept our humble prayer.  Send your blessing upon our shovels.  Give us the wisdom to use them to reap your bountiful harvest and in our faithful hands, as you did with Karadron, make them horrible and terrible to our enemies.  For what weapons do we require?  We are the Lions.  WE are the weapons.

Farishaba’at Hamalzah!


  • Awards

Shalim masaafirah. Greetings fellow pilots.

I hope you have all enjoyed the Miners Days holiday weekend. I know I have. Getting to fly with several pilots yesterday was a privilege and joy.

As we bring the official ceremonies to a conclusion, I have a few medals to awards. We of Quantar believe in humility as a people, so not many awards are handed out.

Of those few that are awarded, our highest Quantar honors cannot be awarded to pilots who are overt multi-factionalists. While we appreciate cooperation, we value loyalty.

For exceptional performance, it is the qua’it tahir, the will of the people, that Quantars Flame is awarded to pilot Hadar. Farishaba’at! Congratulations!

Next, Kevals Thanks is a generalized award that any faction can bestow upon pilots of any faction for outstanding general service. It is the qua’it tahir that Kevals Thanks is awarded…

to the two messengers of goodwill who delivered the Gifts of Gefiirah to the Solrain and Octavian nations as part of this celebration weekend. Fantome and Joker_GdI! Farishaba’at!


  • Closing Remarks

One of my duties as Third Tahir is to set the theme and organize the major Quantar holiday celebrations. This responsibility is often delegated to others. For quite a few reasons

I felt that I should take an active role. This is my first major holiday I could attend as a jump pilot. It is the first one after The Catastrophe silenced the jump lanes for so long.

Remembering Kardaron’s journey has been a fitting theme. It is a tale of one man following the right path, at great cost. And of many others turning away from the true path.

It is a tale of righteousness and redemption and homecoming. When Kardaron came home from the stars, his tribe was redeemed. We have returned at last to the stars,

and here lies the path to our own redemption. May Hamalzah grant you the vision to see the path, the courage to choose it, and the strength to walk it.

Quantiir bena, masaafirah! Good fortune, my fellow pilots!


TRI to Issue Awards Saturday 18:45 UTC

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core) – TRI-Corp announced today that a small number of TRI awards will be issued during Quantar’s Miners Days celebration. The brief ceremony will be held just prior to the second installment of The Parable of Kardaron at 19:00 on Saturday 114.08.30. Public Relations Director Elle Rodan said that pilots should expect a much more impressive TRI awards ceremony during the multi-factional “Festival” holiday in late November.

Quantar Releases Complete Holiday Schedule

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core) The Office of the Third Tahir today released the following schedule of events for the three-day Miners’ Days holiday:

Day 1 – 114.8.29

  • 19:00 UTC         Opening Remarks
  • ≈19:15 UTC       Recital of The Parable of Kardaron (Part One) by Dr. Silas Tashawar
  • ≈19:30 UTC       The Gifts to the Gefiirah – Quantar pilots are encouraged to come to Quantar Core in a Tow or Freighter. Two will be selected for the honor of carrying gifts to Octavius and Solrain.

Day 2 – 114.8.30

  • ≈12:00 UTC       Official commencement of the Mining Faction Mission
  • 19:00 UTC         Recital of The Parable of Kardaron (Part Two)
  • ≈19:15 UTC       Mining Excursion (running a FM mission) to commemorate Karadron’s Journey – led by Dr.Tashawar.

Day 3 – 114.8.30

  • 13:00 UTC         Recital of The Parable of Kardaron (Part Three) by Brother Ambrosius
  • ≈13:15 UTC       “Blessing of the Shovels” — This is a brief ceremony at Quantar Core where ships congregate outside the station for a “blessing.”
  • 19:00 UTC         Awards and Closing Ceremonies (Dr. Silas Tashawar)

Time Zone questions?  We recommend:   timeanddate.com

Quantar Prepares to Party

By Thane Carios

(Quantar Core) It was announced today that Quantar’s Third Tahir, Dr. Silas Tashawar, will be leading the Miners’ Days holiday that starts on Friday, 114.8.29 (August 29) and runs through Sunday, 114.8.31 (August 31).

“This is my first official appearance as a Tahir so I’m a bit nervous,” said the soft-spoken Tashawar. “While our people will be celebrating for three days, our official commemorations will be focused on honoring some of our oldest customs.”

According to Tashawar, this will include readings from the Parable of Kardaron, a presentation of gifts to the other major factions, a faction mining-mission, an updated version of the ancient “Blessing of the Shovels” and an awards presentation.

Details and times will be published separately.

Strike Force Eliminates Hive in The Disturbance

UUNN Newswire

(Amananth Station) – Today’s Strike Fleet has succeeded in destroying the hive in The Disturbance sector of Conflux Space around 20:30 UTC. The multi-factional force which overcame strong resistance from Sentients and Drones alike was led by TRI-Security Enforcer Thadeus “Ace” Adder. Some of his report has been declassified and released.

At the onset, we believed Tache Uzelin was using a Hive either in The Disturbance or possibly in First Sight as some sort of command post to broadcast his backdoor hacks of KTRI and our jumpgate network–at least the parts of it near Pulsar and Amananth–making it easier for the Flux to infest our gates. Both First Sight and Disturbance have seen unusually high Sentient activity lately. The hive in Disturbance was practically right on top of the beacon, if that means anything; plus it’s a Conflux Planet sector to boot, meaning we’d get pinched by drones coming from the hive and from the planet. Data analysis from those TRI/Faction Missions were supposed to nail down the target for us, but I like visual confirmation too.

The Sentients began the day a little before 18:30 by infesting Aman sector and putting up quite a fight. We lost a few ships. But we banged up one Sentient a bit and drove him off, and we happened to have JolietJake nearby in light fighter who was just barely able to follow him back to The Disturbance and watched him fly into the hive there. This pinpointed our target as The Disturbance hive. After 3 runs and 21 nukes or so, and another pilot or 2 shot down, the hive and anything still in it was toast. At one point, the hive sprouted globules and the drone action was so heavy that we couldn’t even target the hive…guess the radar computer couldn’t keep up.

Our Strike Fleet consisted of Bombers/Heavy Fighters: Fakerman, Baius, JokeR_GDI, and Narada (who got the kill shot on the hive); plus escorts Hanbeesl, JolietJake, and Fantome. Other pilots were nearby Amanan and assisted when the Sentients attacked there, but did not join the fleet action in The Disturbance.

Whether this strike will end the recent rash of infestations around Pulsar and Amananth or not, is a question that only time can answer.


Aman Strike Fleet Sun 19:00 UTC

UUNN Newswire

(Amananth Station) – With the completion of the Faction/TRI Missions to Conflux Space, TRI-Security has put out a call for all available pilots to form a strike fleet at Amananth tomorrow, Sunday 114.08.10 at 19:00 UTC. Pilots rated for bomber and heavy fighter class ships are advised to bring them; pilots of lower level will provide escort. All pilots should be ready to face stiff Conflux resistance. The target has not been disclosed due to security concerns. TRI-Sec advises that some pilots to show up early and bring more nukes to Amananth.


Conflux Resistance Ramps Up

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) – Since the start of the Faction Missions two days ago, engagements with Sentient Conflux have increased significantly. Based on pilot reports and logs, the most prolific enemy has been the c14 nicknamed “The Infester” with a few showings of “The Crazy c3” who’s erratic flight patterns and strings of octal encoded messages continue. Director Carlo Adiar of TRI-Corp’s CSD had this comment:

Preliminary analysis of the TRI-Corp Mission shows promising results. We need more pilots running the mission to help gather more data. In a fairly obvious move of one-upsmanship, the STCC has resorted to outright bribery to ensure their mission completes before ours. We are surprised so many pilots are running that long patrol, and simply put, there are no c27’s in First Sight.

Director Adiar’s reference is to the Amananth FM (see graphic below). At the onset of both the TRI and Amananth missions, it seemed that more pilots were interested in the TRI mission even though there were some mission computer glitches preventing them from taking it. The payout for the Amananth FM was boosted significantly at the same time that TRI technicians got the TRI mission working correctly. Speaker Garreth’s office insists that the original mission payout had a typographical error: a 0 was left off the end, marking a ten-fold boost.



TRI Mission Fixed; Advises Nuclear Payloads

UUNN Newswire
(UUNN HQ) – TRI-Corp Public Relations Director Elle Rodan explained (in her typical New Yigo Archipelago accent)  yesterday’s mission computer problems as more evidence of the importance of the mission to locate Tache Uzelin.

The difficulta vvith yesterday’s TRI-Corp Scanning Mission to First Sight vvas likely caused by similar backdoors to those that have caused trouble to past missions. VVe now strongly suspect that knowledgio of these systems (gained vvhile Tache Uzelin vvas TRI’s Defense Minister and head of the Honor Guard program) has enabled Mr. Uzelin to bypass our jumpgates’ infestation disruption transmitters (devices that usually give the Conflux greater difficulta vvhen they try to infest our gate system). TRI-Corp expresses remorsa that all the backdoors have yet to be closed. VVe commenda our TRI technicians vvho have repaira literally dozens of these exploitable vveaknesses over the past month. They vvish to remind everyone that new systems are built on top of old systems.

Additionally, I vvill pass along this advice from TRI-Security. Because the Aman Leap jumpgate has been a frequent targedio of infestation, vve recommend that pilots come to Amananth to run these missions vvhile flying a nuclear vvessel. Smaller ships may very vvell be ineffectua. Good luck and good hunting pilots.



FMs to Conflux Space Set

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) – Faction missions for both of the opposing views put forth by the Conflux Symposium have been started.

TRI: Director Carlo Adiar of TRI-Corp CSD believes we can gain additional information about Sentient flight telemetry with a focused scan of anomalies in Conflux space.missions

Amananth: Prof. Athena ShaiDen believes we can locate Tache Uzelin. Keep your eyes open out there pilots! Report anything suspicious to jgnewsnet@gmail.com.

Additionally, Speaker Garreth has brokered a deal with Amananth. In exchange for their help with the Patrol mission, Cornea will create more Chemicals which will help with the FlashFire situation.