Another Montona to Govern Great Pillars

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars Station) Consul Cicero Rnenta announced today that Junia Montona has been named Governor of Great Pillars Station, replacing the recently-deceased Gov. Sergio Vitus.  Junio Montona, is the niece of Agrippus Montona, who Governed the station until 112.  Vitus had stepped in to take over the position during the Catastrophe when the pressure of the position proved too much for the aging Agrippus Montona.

Junia Montona graduated from Collegia Antonia, where she received her degree in Business and an advanced degree in Industrial Psychology.  Julia began her career at TRI in the Research Division, working in Project Management and has spent her last seven years at Dorator Technologies — her most recent position being VP of Organizational Dynamics.

Montona, age 37, is the youngest person on record to govern a station in any faction.

TRI Corp. Creates Beacon Awards – Factions in an Uproar

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) TRI Corporation has announced a new program that rewards pilots who tune and hold beacons for a full 25 cycles. “Everyone has suffered by the lack of pilot motivation to tune beacons,” said Tristan Kamihira, Director of TRI-GATE. “Beacons have gone un-tuned and unmaintained for extensive stretches of time for the past year or so. This means a lot more maintenance work for us, and a lot more danger to the pilots.”

TRI has created a variety of awards:


Beacon Cumulative Count Awards

 medal92 Rainbow Matrix Awarded pilots who have tuned and held* a total of 500 beacons 50,000
 medal91 Wave Matrix Awarded pilots who have tuned and held* a total of 5,000 beacons 100,000
 medal93 Sarath’s Plan Awarded pilots who have tuned and held* a total of 15,000 beacons 300,000

Region-Tuning Awards
(These can only be earned once)

 medal85 Blue Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Solrain space 5,000
 medal86 Red Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Octavius space 5,000
 medal87 Green Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Quantar space 5,000
 medal88 Orange Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Hyperial space 3,500
 medal89 Purple Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Amananth space 3,500
 medal90 White Matrix Awarded to pilots who tune and hold* ALL sectors in Unregulated space 3,500
* “Hold” means that the beacon must remain tuned (and not flipped or re-tuned by another pilot) for 25 consecutive cycles (2.5 hours).

Solrain, Octavius, Quantar and Hyperial have all lodged formal protests with TRI Corp saying that it has exceeded its authority and is interfering with factional sovereignty. “We will vigorously defend our space and our beacons,” said Consul Nestro Zagabi of Cinatus. “And we will deal with TRI as well.”

Not even a full-day into the new awards system, witnesses have reported a number of battle markers across space.

ShaiDen Calls for Coordinated Artifact Search

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  Professor Athena ShaiDen, Chair of the Xenobiology Department at Sutonia University, today called for a “coordinated artifact search” in Amananth space.  Urging the Factional Governments to come together in coordinating a co-operative mission, ShaiDen  said, “Quite by accident we have come across two amazing and unique pieces of Amananth history.  How much more might we find if we made a concerted, focused effort?”

Dr. Viggio Ragne of Hyperial, whose commented,”TRI and its crony-factions quake in their boots when it comes to Amananth.  There are dark corners there where they don’t want any light shined.”

Arbin Mallow, long-time member of the STCC said, “Professor ShaiDen would be better served focusing on the Conflux problem instead of her hobbies.  Wake sector was attacked again today and the Repair Beam facility there was damaged.”

Representatives from the other factional governments declined comment.

GP Governor Dead. Wife in Custody.

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars)  Sergio Vitus, Governor of Great Pillars station, was declared dead today after Station Security was called to his quarters, responding to multiple reports of domestic disturbance and blaster fire.

According to incident reports, the Governor was shot with a blaster and then was repeatedly bludgeoned with an antique war axe (that was allegedly part of the Governor’s extensive arms collection).  Eden Gaia-Vitus, the Governor’s current wife (his fourth) was detained by Station Security for questioning.

The Governor was in the news just two days ago when he was stranded for well over an hour in a malfunctioning lift.

ShaiDen Calls Findings “Historic.” Makes Connections to Previous Data.

By Thane Carios

(Amananth Station) Earlier today, UUNN reported the recovery and decryption of DSS data that appears to refer to Amananth, its inhabitants and its history.  The data, recovered by Jalil Aq’tamm and decrypted by Hammer-BS read:   The Nanth stands ready for the Amanthi people. Topaya awaits, but it will take many cycles before we could hope to begin the great migration.

Professor Athena ShaiDen of Sutonia University agreed to a brief interview with us to discuss the finding.  While many people know Professor ShaiDen as a Xenobiology expert, she is also the protégé of Dr. Holly Q’son who was one of the Amananth 20.  Professor ShaiDen has always been an avid student and collector of anything relating to Amananth.

UUNN:  This is an interesting day for those who are curious about Amananth.

ShaiDen:  “Interesting” not nearly strong enough.  It’s historic!  I canceled all of my classes.  We recovered just two sentences, but they say so much. 

UUNN: In what way?

ShaiDen:  Well, we see that the people of Amananth called themselves “Amanthi.”  We see further confirmation that they migrated elsewhere.  And we hear a second reference to “The Nanth.”

UUNN: Yes, this new information certainly connects with the data decoded by pilot Narada during last year’s DSS Decryption Contest (see comments section for message decryption).

ShaiDen: Absolutely.  That data was chronologically later than this one.  In the first decryption, the migration has already been ongoing for three years, and some calamity was at hand.  Many believed that account was about Amananth because of the reference to “The Nanth,” but there was no way to be certain.  Now we are.

UUNN:  Have you spoken with Dr. Q’son about the new information?

ShaiDen: No I haven’t.  My Amananth hobby was something she was never very comfortable with.

UUNN:  Why is that?

ShaiDen:  I would not want to speculate.  That’s really her business.

UUNN:  When do you believe this Amanthi migration occurred?

ShaiDen:  No idea.  There is nothing in the text that would date it in any way.  I’m sure the original DSS container will be closely examined for that sort of thing.

UUNN:  Do you believe Dr. Q’son will open up now about her Amanthi origins?

ShaiDen: Still her business.

UUNN:  Thank you for your time, Professor.

BREAKING NEWS: Recovered DSS Yields Amananth Clues

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Possible clues about the people and history of Amananth became available today when the data from a DSS was recovered by Jalil Aq’tamm of Jalil’s DSS Salvage & Recovery, and quickly deciphered by pilot Hammer-BS.

The decrypted data read:  “The Nanth stands ready for the Amanthi people. Topaya awaits, but it will take many cycles before we could hope to begin the great migration.”

Stay tuned to UUNN for more on this breaking story as information becomes available.

Lift Glitch Strands Governor for Hours

by Kedra Brenari

(Great Pillars) Great Pillars Station Governor Sergio Vitus found himself stranded for more than two hours when an apparent computer glitch shut down elevator lifts station-wide in the very early hours of 116.1.7.

The search for Governor Vitus began when his wife reported him missing at 01:25.  The Governor’s security team was apparently not with him on the lift when it was stranded between station decks 14 and 15.  Given the early hour, most of the stranded lifts were unoccupied.  Station Ops was not even aware of the problem until the Governor was reported missing and a scan was made for his private transponder — locating him in lift 69.  Reports indicate that there were also two women stranded in the lift with the Governor, but their names have not been released.

Great Pillars Station Ops reports that the glitch has been identified and that all lifts are now safe to use.