Rumors of Second Collapse

Planet Jumpgate News Archive

By maddogjt – News Corporation
Loyally serving Her Empress Tarrs

*** News Corp. Breaking News ***

TRI scientists have detected large pulses of energy originating from the center of the galaxy. Although they don’t know the cause of this energy, all observations have matched what little record of the strange readings preceding the Great Collapse. Scientists fear that the electromagnetic wave that recently struck us and destroyed all electronic records may be just a precursor to a much greater disaster.

If all scientists predictions hold true, shockwaves may be hitting us in just under two galactic standard months. The results of this may be just as catastrophic as the Great Collapse. Current jump points may cease to exist and others may come into existence.

It is rumored that TRI has been working with the faction governments and knowledge what little knowledge they have on the effects of the first Collapse to prepare new ships that should still be able to travel through space, as well as re-equipping our current designs for future travel.

In response to rumors of this future disaster, thousands of pilots have flocked to TRI gene centers to undergo the genetic alteration necessary to travel in space. It is becoming a common belief that this genetic alteration will allow people to survive the forces involved in such a catastrophe, as recent scientific findings have show that those of our ancestors that best survived the Great Collapse had many genes in common with those currently being modified by TRI.

None of this is being confirmed by TRI and their only reply to our inquiries has been to feed us their usual line “Genetic modification is not for all. Only if you are willing to dedicate yourself to a life in space, should you undergo the procedure.”

Although TRI has denied these claims, a small fleet of long-range TRI probes were recently detected leaving know space and heading towards the center of our galaxy. It is for this reason that this reporter believes the rumors to be true. We at the News Corporation will do our best to keep you informed of any new revelations.