Great Pillars Hit Hard By Conflux

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In two separate attacks yesterday, several conflux sentients, including C8-S and C17-S led direct assaults against Great Pillars and Cornea stations. While a defense force comprised of squads -=DragonEye=-, Brotherhood and Vae Victis quickly formed to protect Cornea, the earlier attack against Great Pillars was mostly undefended against. As a result, the conflux sentients were able to cause the destruction of all equipment at Great Pillars.

“Once again, TRI has shown that it favors Solrain,” stated a clearly angry Aggripus Montona, Great Pillars governor. “While Solrain forces received several hours warning, Octavius received almost no warning of this attack. Despite the Empire’s generous support of the CLAWS project, its SRI overseers repeatedly refuse to issue adequate advance warnings of attacks into Octavian space.”

Cornea station governor Elia del Babon, unsurprisingly, had a different point of view:

“While all of Solrain empathizes with the pain of embarrassment that Governor Montona must feel right now, TRI should not be blamed for this incident. I would suggest that if the Governor wishes to find the one to blame, he need only look in the mirror. On behalf of Solrain, and the STCC, I wish to offer my gratitude to all those pilots who successfully defended Cornea from this attack.”

TRI Research was unavailable for comment, citing high level discussions over unusual activity within Conflux space.

KTRI To Offer Advertising Slots

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following a 2 month trial, which offered limited advertising to key corporations, the in-ship communications network KTRI has decided to broaden the trial to also include TRI pilots and squads.

“We received a very positive response from our trial advertisers, and we are happy to extend the program to include a wider range of corporations, as well as TRI pilots and squads,” commented Sorah Nireh, head of Public Relations. “KTRI is a vital component of the TRI information network, with the ability to reach all active duty pilots. Allowing a broader range of sponsorship will allow us to maintain and enhance KTRI services without detracting from other key TRI funding.”

Pilots interested in advertising on KTRI should contact their nearest TRI Liaison.

Quantar Shares Results Of Septio Interrogation

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

TriPoint Station (TRI-FP) – In an exclusive interview with TRINN, Governor Queliar Neamru II (QN) discusses some of the promising results garnished from the interrogation of Septio.

TRINN: There seems to be some confusion surrounding the capture of Septio – could you explain what happened there?

QN: Certainly. Septio was intercepted at Hyperial station by Brotherhood pilot spork. Upon destruction of Septio’s ship, the pod returned to TriPoint, and was automatically transferred to a secure area, pending the arrival of security forces. There are some rumors of a conversation between spork and Septio at Hyperial station, but these must be untrue, as Septio has been in our custody since his ship was downed.

TRINN: The name Septio would appear to be of Octavian origin – can you comment on this?

QN: We have confirmed that Septio is an Octavian pilot.

TRINN: If this is true, how was Septio able to acquire a Quantar fighter class ship?

QN: This aspect is still under investigation, and I am unable to comment at this time.

TRINN: What have you been able to discover about the relationship between Septio and Courier?

QN: We have strong evidence which ties them both to Letifer.

TRINN: Letifer? As in the person suspected of masterminding the Quantar bribery scandal?

QN: Yes. For over two years, Quantar security forces, in conjunction with TRI Defense have been monitoring someone known only as ‘Letifer’. We believe that Letifier is the leader of a highly organized underground crime group, focused on undermining the work of TRI.

TRINN: So why are we only hearing about this now?

QN: The capture of Septio has provided us the clearest view to date into Letifier’s organization, which, honestly, we still know very little about.

TRINN: What about Courier?

QN: We are still searching for Courier, but we consider this pilot an extremely high priority target.

TRINN: Can you discuss any specific information gathered from Septio?

QN: Much of what we have learned is highly classified, until it can be verified and acted upon. However, we have learned that Courier was on a high priority mission from Letifer when he was intercepted for an unrelated crime. At the time, we were not aware of who we had in custody, and he was later broken out by some disloyal Quantar pilots, with the assistance of Septio. Courier’s mission was to deliver fake evidence of a secret alliance between Quantar and Octavius against Solrain, with the intent of raising tensions between the factions, perhaps even starting a war.

TRINN: Thank you Governor, for your time.

QN: Always a pleasure to talk to TRINN.

Dorator Threatens to Terminate Hyperial Production

From the TRINN Archives

by Rafel Solamis

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – Dorator Technologies R&D today announced they are considering closure of their Hyperial based production centers.

In a press release from Malkev Dorator, the founder of Dorator cites various reasons, including the lack of willingness of the Hyperial government to support repairs and upgrades to Hyperial production facilities after a devastating attack by sentient conflux several months ago.

Anonymous sources within the Hyperial government are said to be furious at, believing the action to be politically motivated, and directly supported by the TRI Executive Council, and the Octavian government.

Dorator has a diversified product line, including the Barrak gauss cannon, which will be primarily affected by the closure of Hyperial manufacturing facilities.

Pilots Promote Good Morale

From the TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following on from the series of activities sponsored by TRI-RMD last month, various TRI pilots have picked up the torch, and are hosting their own activities to maintain pilot morale.

105.01.06 at 9pm ET – Pilot Combat Training
Quantar pilot Radi is hosting a training course for both new and veteran pilots alike, to help hone their combat skills against other pilots.

105.01.07 – JG Tournament (2005)
RaiderOne, squad -=DragonEye=-, TRI-RMD and JPR are teaming up to bring you ‘JG Tournament 2005’. A team based series of competitions to test many aspects of pilot life, with a large prize pool to boot!

105.02.17 at 8pm ET – Weekend of War V
Being organized this time by pilot Garak, and Solrain squad -=DragonEye=-, the Weekend of War promises to be an exciting event, and a great chance to fly with old friends, and make new ones!

“We here at TRI-RMD are always pleased to see pilots host events and activities for the benefit of other pilots,” commented Echo Tetsab, Director of TRI-RMD. “I personally encourage pilots to join in these events, or even host and organize their own – we are always willing to listen and offer feedback on pilots’ ideas, and offer support as appropriate.”

Conflux Attack Naval Yard

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

Corridor (TRI-FP) – After an unusually quiet period of sentient conflux activity, the Quantar Heavy Miner (“Khamsin”) naval yard located close to Corridor station came under attack from several sentients earlier this week. Tuned beacons tracked the sentients approach from Outer Third, and pilots were able to intercept and destroy all the sentients, as well as their escort drones.

“The naval yard suffered only minor damage, and production of the Khamsin has not been adversely affected,” stated station governor Sathama Randi. “Thanks to the proactive nature of Quantar pilots in the area, who tuned beacons shortly after the Defense Condition was raised, we received some advance warning of the attack, and pilots were able to respond in a timely manner. I have requested that the Fa’hil Memta and TRI work together to provide the necessary expertise and resources to adequately protect our critical facilities from other similar attacks.”