TRI Says “NO” to Rookie Demands

by Marak Kri Chel
from the TRINN Archive

ALL SECTORS (TRI-FP) –  Yesterday several rookie pilots filed an official protest with TRI, criticizing their ship and equipment replacement policy by essentially asking for a 100% return on all original items in case of crash or destruction. Just one day later TRI issued an unusually swift, harshly worded return:

“Our policy regarding replacement is not subject to change. We will not expose ourselves to possible equipment fraud and unfair advantage for some at the expense of others. You will continue to receive equivalent faction equipment and monetary compensation for non-faction items. Pilots have to accept that TRI is not a charity, but an organization devoted to the reconstruction of our glorious past. This means making sacrifices and trying to maintain your ships and items at all costs, while we continue to improve pod technology as a life-saving measure. Every pilot knew the rules and risks of being a reconstruction pioneer before enrolling. TRI will not tolerate any deviation form established procedure.”

The statement earned mixed reactions from the pilots.

“They do have a point.” Octavian pilot Mr. White comments, “Those are the rules and we have to accept them.”

Quantar apprentice Xikago stated: “I’d still like to see 100% replacement, but this is TRI we are dealing with. We’ll just have to accept this ruling, whether we like it or not.”

TRI Stratified Credit Values

by TRINN Newswire
from the TRINN Archives

ALL SECTORS (TRI-FP) – The Office of the Sarath, The Fifth Prime released the following statement today:

Due to rampant and unbridled counterfeiting and subrosa economic terrorism resulting in hyperinflation the monetary value of credits has been stratified. it is in the best interests of the future of the economy of the five systems that this must be done. we sincerely hope that all pilots understand this extreme measure and hope that computer systems have been updated to avoid such massive problems in the future.