Octavian Exorzismus Holiday is All About Atonement

by Kedra Brenari

Octavius Core Station – This Friday, 114.10.31, Octavians throughout space commemorate Exorzismus. It is a called a “holiday” but might be better termed a “Day of Atonement.” Traditionally it is a day when the warriors of Octavius call to mind some of the questionable things they may have been called-upon to do in battle over the past year. They remember … and then they forgive themselves – in order to be unburdened as they prepare for a new year of battle.

This year, as in most years, there are no official commemorations or ceremonies. The Octavius Ministry of Culture released the following Exorzismus commemoration guidelines from Emperor Cineon:

  • This is a day of fasting. Food should not be served at any public establishments. Jump pilots are encouraged to remove all Organic Food and Manufactured Food from Oct Core, Great Pillars and Outpost stations. The drinking of water — as well as any ales, beers or meades brewed in Octavius — is acceptable.
  • This is a day of atonement, where the sins required of us in the past years are burned Public bonfires are encouraged. The burning of any homes or buildings is strongly discouraged. While bonfires on out stations cannot be allowed, pilots can join together to heat up a roid until it turns blue to symbolically enjoy its “fire” within.
  • This is a day of silence. While we do speak among our clan mates and friends, and kind of public chatter should be left to the lesser factions. WE should remain silent on those venues.