Hubri Intervenes Again For Peace

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel
TRI-HQ(TRI-FP) – After the weekend’s dramatic ultimatum from Prefect Galenus, Sagrith Hubri has once again intervened, in an effort to stave off conflict and stop a potential factional war.

The Octavius government has indicated that they are willing to allow Hubri to mediate the dispute, and have placed their ultimatum, which was due to expire at midnight tonight, on hold for up to 72 hours.

No statement has been forthcoming from the Solrain government on this issue, at this time.

Quantar, Octavius Agree To Hubri Plan

From the TRINN Archives

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Both sides in the ongoing conflict have agreed to a 48 hour ceasefire, under the terms of the plan set forth by Sagrith Hubri yesterday. Quantar was the first to respond with this statement:
“It has always been our desire for peace with Octavius, yet recent events have not permitted that to happen. As laid out in the proposal from Sagrith Hubri, all forces loyal to Quantar are ordered to return to Quantar space, and remain on high alert while diplomatic channels are opened.”

Octavius responded with the following:

Octavius will adopt the proposal submitted by Sagrith Hubri. However, if no solution is reached within 48 hours, our forces shall once more take the initiative, and the fight, to Quantar.”

As outlined in the Hubri Plan, hostilities are set to end at 103.12.04 06:00 ET.

Hubri Calls For Ceasefire

From the TRINN Archives

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Sagrith Hubri, General Manager of the TRI Economic Affairs Office, today called for both sides in the current Quantar/Octavius conflict to accept a ceasefire agreement.

 “It is foolhardy and wasteful for us to fight and bicker amongst ourselves like spoilt children, while a greater enemy attacks us on a constant basis. I propose that both sides agree to a temporary ceasefire, effective as of 103.12.04 06:00 ET. If both sides agree, military pilots should return to their own faction’s space, and stay on alert status, while I will offer my services as an impartial mediator to both Quantar and Octavius, to initiate a dialog, with the hope of bringing this conflict to a swift end. It is my belief that all factions must work together as part of The Reconstruction Initiative if we are to succeed in defeating the conflux menace, and rebuilding what we have lost due to the Great Collapse.”

Neither Quantar nor Octavius have yet responded to this offer.