Q’son Accepts Teaching Assignment

From the TRINN archives

by Zoe Vexel
AMANANTH/TRI HQ (TRI-FP) – TRI Research Board and Sutonia University issued the following announcement today:
“It is our pleasure to announce Dr. Holly Q’son will be serving as guest lecturer to the Behavioral Neuroscience Department at Sutonia University. Invitations from the Phyrra Institute of Technology and Quabaug University (and alma matter to the director) Xenopsychology Departments have also been extended to the Conflux Studies Division, and are “under consideration”, although no formal agreement has been reached at this time.

“As an Amananthii, Director Q’son is in the unique position of being able to share her knowledge with both space faring and surface dwelling students interested in learning about the Conflux,” commented Director Yrral. “We recognize the importance of educating academy pilots about Conflux before they get out here.” In addition to her scheduled speaking engagements, Dr. Q’son will oversee development of education programs (local and distance learning) at selected universities to help increase “flux readiness” of pilots.


An invitation from Dr. Q’son

Over official TRI channels, Dr. Q`son, usually a quiet figure, has made her voice heard regarding the current Amananth conflict. This reads as follows:

Now usually I stay out of politics and production, but considering this one has to do with keeping people alive as they fight the Conflux, here goes. I would like to extend an invitation to any shipping squad on behalf of Amananth (that’s shipping in, not out, thank you) to submit a bid for Cesium and Phosphorus. Let me know what your terms are, and we’ll see if we can’t work something out.