-=DSRG=- Announces UC-12 Initiative

UUNN Newswire

Squad -=DSRG=- has announced that it is looking to acquire 100 PC-UC12 artifacts in order to create a fleet of “repair drones.”  Between 117.2.1 and 117.2.28 (or later if necessary), –uc12=DSRG=- will be paying 3 million credits per unit for UC12s.  They are also providing additional incentive by offering special compensation to the top three suppliers:  an AB4 for the top supplier; and AB3 for the second-highest supplier; and an EB3 for the third-place supplier.


Magnetic Storage Container

Collection of the UC12s will take place at Octavius Outpost Station, where they may be turned-in to the DSRG-r-OP drone for the 3 million compensation.

UC-12s are pre-collapse artifacts found in Magnetic Storage Containers.

Pilot Clanlord, leader of -=DSRG=- should be contacted directly for additional information.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It was pointed out to us that the UC-12 is typically found in a “blue” Magnetic Storage Container.  The image in the article is from a stick photo and, unfortunately, we do not have a blue one to include here.

Dorator Hires DSS Expert

by Thane Carios

(Hyperial Station) Dorator Technologies R&D announced today that it has hired DSS expert Jalil Aq’tamm to head its new Data Recovery unit.

“Mr. Aq’tamm has displayed unique skills in his ability to recover information from badly damaged data storage units,” said Rex Radic, Dorator’s Director of Communications.  “The addition of Mr. Aq’tamm immediately expands Dorator’s capabilities both in DSS data recovery, as well as in the area of general disaster recovery services.”

The new unit has been labeled “Dorator DDR” (DSS and Disaster Recoveries) and will be housed in Dorator’s Hyperial offices.

“Operating as a one-man shop just was not working,” said Aq’tamm.  “I was burned-out and broke … I was considering just giving up on the work and becoming a miner.  But Dorator came to me with an offer to provide both the resources and the income stream that I need to go on with my work.”


Hyperial “Ups the Ante” on Mission

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial Station) Hyperial’s Office of the President announced today that it will be making a special award to the pilot who completes the current faction mission that has now in its fourth week and remains at under 25% completion.

“In order to try to combat the subversive actions of certain factions and corporations who feel threatened by our technological advances, President Maximilian has declared that thehyperial-duty-ribbon pilot who completes this very important mission will receive the very rarely-awarded Hyperial Duty Ribbon, along with a CM3 artifact.”

In support of Hyperial and it’s faction mission, the We Build it Foundation, the charitable arm of Dorator Technologies R&D, will also presenting the pilot completing the mission with a 5 million credit award.

To receive this award, the pilot completing the mission must screen-shot the Completion Message and forward it to jgnewsnet@gmail.com.

Ancient Ruin Uncovered on Perasca

by Yaz Shanndar

(Sa’ing Matar, Perasca)  The Quantar Council on Antiquities released an image of a site that has recently been found on Perasca, along with a brief statement:

A previously unknown and unexplored site has been found on Perasca.  While months and months of work lay ahead of us before we can have any hope of understanding this amazing discovery, an advance team of specialists has performed a preliminary survey and have suggests it may date as far back as 2900 BT, although the size and complexity of the structures are far beyond any other similarly-dated structured on the planet.


The site lies in a rugged section of the Jekar range, approximately 215 kilometers from Sai’ing Matar.  A team of novitiates from Wardok Military Academy were hiking the valley when they found what they believed to be a small ancient ruin — but upon entering the structure they found a cavernous subterranean structure running several stories down underground.  They immediately reported the find to their Provost, who relayed the information to the local Synod.

Although the Council on Antiquities provided no further details, historian and former jump-pilot Professor D. Karr (aka ZeroZ95) from the University of Soria at Solrain Core (USSC) was able to provide some insight:

“This is an incredible find, regardless of what the dating ends up being.  This thing goes at least five or six stories down underground.  We have never, ever seen any ancient site like it anywhere in Quantar — or anyone else as far as I know.  I can’t wait he hear more, but I suspect it might be a while.  Proper investigation will be a painstaking process and will take time.”

Hyperial Cries “Foul” on Ignored Faction Mission

by Thane Carios

(Barnard, Hypsos) Hyperial leadership has released a statement lashing out at the lack of participation the the Faction Mission they initiated on 116.12.30.

“Our mission is being undermined,” said Dr. Viggio Ragne, spokesperson for the President.  “We have seen any number of other faction missions completed within days and ours very important mission has absolutely languished – sitting at under 25% after more than two weeks.

“While other factions run missions to build some commodity or mine some ore, we offer the opportunity to move important research forward and we get NOTHING.  There is more to this than meets the eye and it reeks of Quantar interference,” he added.

Quantar’s Fa’hil Memta declined to comment at this time.