Conflux Influx

From the TRINN Archives
by Demosthenes

ALL KNOWN SECTORS – Reports coming in from all sectors reveal a broad pattern of heightened Conflux activity. Routine questioning of veteran pilots presently reveals that the answer to “where are the Conflux showing up?” is “everywhere.” Once-safe sectors are frequently threatened by flight groups of three Conflux at a time, and more dangerous Conflux are now regularly spotted on major trade routes. A veteran Solrain pilot returning from extended leave commented, “Since when are there snails in Inner Lighthouse? I used to use afterburners just to get through a patrol more quickly, but now it’s a matter of pure survival.”

While most veteran pilots have accustomed themselves admirably to these circumstances, TRI is divided in its reaction. The Office of Pilot Affairs has opened veritable floodgates to admit new applicants to the pilot corps. This has raised mild concern in the Office of Novice Pilot Affairs. “The new recruits are typically in inferior equipment, and often have little to no opportunity for combat training before hitting the flight line,” asserted section leader Solder Ronin, “They get my standard briefings and little else. Coordinated support from veteran pilots will be needed to prevent a slaughter.”